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  1. Who is excited?

    I didn't see your join date. I've never seen your account b4 so consider it not stolen.
  2. Who is excited?

    Same here, like Assassins Creed 3 WHY DID U STEAL MY NAME?
  3. Who is excited?

  4. Fattening up Zombies

    All I have to say is if they ever make a map anything like Moon again, Im smashing my disc with my xbox.
  5. Pre-Order Transfer

    If you pre-order now can you still get the hardened edition?

    If they ship the ggame out with a map like moon Im going to play the campaign then snap the disc in half.
  7. Also, guys remember Treyarch wouldn't ever let their fans down. Only Activision would do that.
  8. That's a good find. [brains] to you!
  9. It's the military version in the poster and the civilian version in the picture I posted. No it's the updated version the HK6564
  10. Well, he's not actually russian. His real name is Kyle Myers, and he's american. FPSRussia (or Dmitri) is his alter ego, where he fakes the Russian accent. I was disappointed when I found this out last year.
  11. No. It doesn't make sense.
  12. ( If they didn't have zombies, I would never buy a cod game ever again. MW3= Crap BO2(Without Z)= Crap
  13. Its the new killstreak from FPSR
  14. You don't know that for sure it could be far from the camera so it just looks small. Maybe Treyarch is trying to tell us that you can attack aircrafts with the quadrotor, cause it looks like it could be from the quadrotor's point of view. That is an unmanned drone.