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  1. The Big Guy from Buried & Der Eisendrache

    Buried took place long after this map does, so I think in the original timeline once Group 935 was more or less gone with most of their facilities abandoned the Big Guy broke out what was an abandoned Der Eisendrache at that point and started wandering the world, finding himself eventually in the town of Buried where the local people locked him up and left him as the zombie outbreak swept through town. That would be my assumption if there is no other explanation provided in-game, assuming that is the Big Guy of course. He was always one of the more fascinating mysteries of BO2 to me, I really wanted to know where he came from and why he existed.
  2. Can we trust the Keepers?

    I think the "Keepers" are just that, they keep the dimensions intact. If that means helping us along the way as the O4 seek to repair the broken timelines and dimensions themselves, then so be it. The moment we step out of line and do something to cause further damage then they'll be right there to stop us. I equate to something like the time masters from the DC universe, they are more or less a neutral party that strives only to keep time in check. Their goal is not to interfere and make things turn out better for the "good people", but only make sure that time flows as it's suppose to. It seems to me that the Keepers are of the same vein here, wanting only to repair the dimensions.
  3. Moon & Der Eisendrache

    I wouldn't be surprised if either the EE in this map or a future map has us teleport to a small section of the Moon to do something, that way we don't have to have a full-blown remake and still get to visit the Moon again without having to sacrifice an entirely new map either. Basically doing something like what Kino did, but maybe with a slightly bigger area to move around in.
  4. The Official Der Eisendrache Feedback Thread

    So far I'm really enjoying it. Lots of training spots but they're kind of smaller and tighter than usual so that's a plus in my book. The bow is really cool, can't wait to tinker with that further. I'm glad to see the Panzer doesn't appear to spawn that often (only got to round 15 where I got stuck on a pole by PaP so I don't know if he appears more often later). The atmosphere is great and oh my goodness the story. I'm absolutely loving how they're tying up the loose story threads.
  5. Der Eisendrache Easter Egg Song | "Dead Again"

    I listened to it this morning at school and I enjoyed it. I don't know how to describe but I guess the best way to put it is that it feels a little more intense and personally I think it's a good song to slay zombies to.
  6. Der Eisendrache Mystery Box (SEMI-SPOILER ALERT)

    It does look like it's sitting on a flatter version of that altar, but it's probably not the same thing. I was enjoying the unique boxes too but the box has kind of turned into more of an indicator of where we are at this point. Plus it has been one of the few unchanging things up until the end of BO2. I'm sure we'll get new ones in future maps.
  7. Der Eisendrache Mystery Box (SEMI-SPOILER ALERT)

    Kind of looks like the normal box, or classic look I guess, to me. Which means they haven't dimension hopped since The Giant.
  8. Dempsey could be the Frankeinstein monster ?

    I too am curious about these apparent references as well, as I've kept up on all the news, images and videos for the map and haven't caught that at all. I also will assume that's Dempsey that was just made to look edgier and I really don't want another Ricthofen on the Ascension poster debate for this.
  9. "Tank" isn't his first name... so what is?

    I always saw it as further emphasis on his stereotypical American attitude, what with him always shouting out "Tank Dempsey!" in many of his quotes as he plows through zombies like a tank. I mean the O4 are quite literally personifications of most stereotypes of their respective countries of origin that were in WWII.
  10. My thoughts on where Der Eisendrache's story is going.

    Because of that quote I instantly understood what you're trying to say as that show is probably one of, if not my favorite show ever. It had a way of explaining super complicated concepts that (no joke intended) were way ahead of its time. And applying that to the current zombies story just made a bunch of things make a whole lot more sense to me. I can totally see where the story with the DLC maps is going now.
  11. ZA TRAILER IS HERE! (In dutchlands)

    Very pleased to see the Replacer back, always enjoyed those ads before. And very interesting to see the hounds in this map, though I'm curious as to know now if they still have their own special rounds on top of spawning alongside zombies and where the Panzer will fit in with this. If we get multiples of each all at once then we're approaching SoE territory with an annoying clutter of enemies on the map at once. I would like to see the Panzer get his own round as sort of a complete opposite challenge to the normal dog rounds (one tough to kill enemy as opposed to several weaker ones), and they kind of just switch off every 5 rounds or so. If they must have all 3 (or more if there are other yet to be revealed enemies in the map) at once maybe pushing that back to much later rounds wouldn't be as bad as a way to scale the difficulty and make it more interesting for high round challenges.
  12. My thoughts on where Der Eisendrache's story is going.

    Given the connections to MotD I won't rule out hell as a possibility, what would really determine for me though is the appearance of the box in the map as that has been a pretty good indicator of where we are. I was also wondering about a quote from Dempsey in the trailer where he references time-space being ruptured (or something to that degree) and it makes me wonder seeing these features from previous maps plus with one of the specialist weapons looking much more medieval and the other more high tech that it makes me think things from previous maps (or time in general) is bleeding through the different universes and converging at this location for some reason. I believe that's one of the reasons the O4 are here, as it is known that are currently trying to "correct" the original timelines and whatnot.
  13. ZA TRAILER IS HERE! (In dutchlands)

    It could be the symbol that pops up when a power-up is grabbed, like how SoE had the Cthulu looking head and The Giant had a generator or whatever that is the PaP is inside of.
  14. ZA TRAILER IS HERE! (In dutchlands)

    So I'm stoked for this map. I very much enjoy the callbacks to MotD and Origins, though I do hope that there's enough new features in the map that they just decided not to spoil for us to let it stand on its own rather than becoming another Giant. I'm gonna go ahead and guess the flaming sparrow is received through feeding the dragon much like Hell's Retriever from MotD, as that just makes more sense than Gravity spikes to me. I'm hoping with the Panzer they aren't as annoying as Margwas and show a little variety this time around (new and old models from time rifts maybe?). I like having Dempsey front and center with Richtofen seemingly going crazy again. This map looks like it will have many different secret areas to explore as well which hopefully will add lots of juicy lore to the ongoing plot moving forward with the DLCs. The map looks promising now, let's hope it lives up to the hype.
  15. What kind of perk do you think we'll see?

    Given the medieval theme I bet it will have Ale in its name, maybe something to do with fire or ice in relation to the map?
  16. I'm consistently only getting 5 a match, which means I'm only getting 2 and a half per match and I normally get more than that like 3 or sometimes 4. Is there a cap to the amount of cryptokeys you can actually earn every match?
  17. Anyone elso can't find the Der Eisendrache theme?

    I found it by just going to the Extras section from the main PSN store menu, going to themes and just scrolling through them until I came across it.
  18. Griffin Castle?

    That's very interesting, perhaps it's a place Richtofen learned of from the "other Richtofens" or the original one specifically? Or it's this dimension's version of Griffin Station, since they built Griffin Station on the moon for it's large 115 deposits (mainly MPD but the 115 was probably a factor) and Blundell stated in the trailer this new map has a large amount of 115 and other zombie stuff that could possibly include another MPD?
  19. Der Eisendrache dragon

    I was pretty much referring directly to Margwas on that because more so than any other zombie boss they've just become too repetitive and too much of the same. They spawn in so frequently and I really only see them as a bonus 1500 whenever they do pop in at this point.
  20. Der Eisendrache dragon

    This is the only way I would like to see the Panzer return. I enjoy most boss zombies but there comes a point when they just get boring and repetitive and just more of a nuisance. Add different variations of the boss zombie on a map that require different tactics to take them down would be a fun and welcome new challenge to zombies. Shangri La kind of toyed with that idea a little and I liked it for what it tried with that, but I believe the Panzer Soldat is uniquely suited for this particular idea.
  21. This makes me happy knowing they at least in part did sort of start mapping out the zombies storyline since the W@W days.
  22. Der Eisendrache dragon

    Their 3 previous maps (not counting The Giant) have all had generic names that just more or less fit with the theme of their respective map. The naming of this map seems to be more of a return to the traditional naming of zombie maps (W@W maps plus Kino) which were all location based for the most part. This leads me to believe the name is the actual name of the castle.
  23. What do you think that will happen in the storyline?

    If the O4 die there will always be alternate versions of them out there in the various alternate dimensions. I don't know if I want to claim that the O4 will die in the next map quite yet but the fact that Blundell very clearly stated this map to be the end of this particular chapter they started is a very curious choice of words. This honestly gets me a little more psyched for the story again as even with the whole multiverse thing going on, I still get the feeling the Der Eisendrache is going to be really really good and hopefully the rest of the maps that follow too.
  24. What do you think that will happen in the storyline?

    Dr. Monty and maybe one of the other inventors previously mentioned in zombies like Porter or the man mentioned to have built the PaP machine?
  25. What do you think that will happen in the storyline?

    Well the goal seems to be getting the "children" to the safehouse (the children assumed to be the young Sam and Eddie shown in the Origins cutscene) and putting the remaining universes back to normal. Beyond that it's tough to say as it is zombies. I would like to see the O3 utilized in a similar manner to the Civil Protector from SoE, being able to call them in and have them help us out and what not (and for completing the EE too).