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  1. ~The Master Zombies Guide~

    I have learn quit a bit from this guide, yet im still a noob lol
  2. Black Ops was a test?

    I have read so many different things i dont know what to believe anymore... I guess we just have to find out when it comes out. I would like more zombies... I personally suck at multiplayer
  3. What Is Your Highest Round On Der Riese?

    Lmao way2g00 suicide round 50. Round 40 with 3 people but power went out so it didn't register on the leadership board. Solo Round 10 lol I'm a noob!
  4. PS3 Playdate Schedule - Sep 1

    Yay pi day... I was going to write something but i decided not to cause its mean. But Way2g00 might know what im talking about. (Acapella)
  5. PS3 Playdate Schedule - Sep 1

    Way2g00 I like that song that you played with the video. I really wish i could have been in the play date. My parents have been watching a lot of movies on netflix... Which sucks cause i cant play games on the ps3