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  1. The End Cutscene Discussion [SPOILERS] [SPOILERS]

    The question DalekJD asked was "will we see them again in any capacity?" and he said yes, which doesn't mean we would wield them. Still disappointing, but just goes to show they know how to hype us up :/
  2. The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    Where should I post this for people to try and beat speedrun records? http://www.speedrun.com/call_of_duty_zombies Phozon and me have set almost every record for 2 player PaP time in black ops 1, Five is driving us over the edge of insanity right now lol. The site apparently went thru some major changes which is why the zombie times are all fairly recent.
  3. The End Cutscene Discussion [SPOILERS] [SPOILERS]

    I can't stop thinking about how lame the ending is so I made a video talking about it lol... Excuse my crappy mic and stuff, I'm not a youtuber really.
  4. The End Cutscene Discussion [SPOILERS] [SPOILERS]

    Lol you know it's bad when the general community thinks it's bad, not surprised to see you guys mostly agree. I mean, I never expected a great ending - this whole BO3 saga has been a massive tangent, introducing too many new things and not even explaining itself, let alone the previous loose ends we wanted answers for. What of the children? My guess is that the toys we collect with the Uplink ball, I mean, Summoning Key, are representative of the children's souls. Dunno why they'd be scattered round the map though. I don't understand why combining all those souls and flying into the apothicon sun would cause a singularity. And the way Sophia suddenly has dimension jump capabilities and knows what to do is absurd. I wish they had focused on Group 935 and their technology more, and that the Apothicons were never a thing. Primis, sure, that's alright I guess, but they still don't explain that either. What did Primis even achieve in the past? We aren't shown anything other than the carving of the Great War. All the ending does it let Treyarch make a new $tory where we play a$ Primi$. I can't remember who on youtube said it now but "eight years to shoot a laser out of a book at a squid?!?!!"
  5. The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    Yeah I totally agree, BO2 is where they started to make the EE's the main focus. I mean sure even in Bo1, anything new was guaranteed to be involved in the EE in some way, but now it's like the EE comes first and then they make the map around that. I have to admit though, this video by NoahJ made me smile, mainly how he actually involved the old maps lol. (also inb4 this isn't the end)
  6. The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    writing themselves into a corner is a good summary lol. It would be pretty cool if Monty was the blacked out painting, but the painting looks skinnier, the cheekbones are way more pronounced than Monty's blob of a face. That Ascension poster man... I don't like how Jason obvs is bullshitting us when he said we might get answers in reveleations... might being a definite no lol. I always hoped for Moon part two, so we could see what happens to the original crew, like are we supposed to assume they died? Not that it matters because that's all been undone via time travel now anyway :/
  7. The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    Yeah I've fallen out of love with zombies tbh. I just feel like there's no clear tone and they wrote over all the loose ends from waw thru bo2. some people (youtubers and their fans) are all emotional lol, but it just doesn't feel like this story arc has been anything to do with the old zombies. and also i bet that revelations is just going to be a cliffhanger of some kind! and i know... i hate people who say "I miss the old XYZ! You guys suck!" lol. But cmon, the only point of the original 3 games now is that it all got so messed up that maxis/ monty had to travel in time and space to undo it all, rather than writing a conclusion. Like... samantha has no relevance now other than being a child to protect. The whole Maxis vs Richtofen thing in bo2 amounted to nothing. and we wont ever learn who the blacked out face in kino was lol. and like how they had to release three videos explaining and furthering the story after gorod krovi, because this arc was a new thread. I just... he gets the souls. they go to maxis. the mission, whatever that was, is complete. and the shadowman and this new made up race of apothicons come back. What was the point of getting the souls? Now we're just fighting the apothicons again. /rant I wonder if any of you guys feel the same, are you still enveloped by the story?
  8. The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    Hii holy shit dude hall of fame! Well deserved lol. I see a lot of the old crew have got high ranks, awesome that there's all these familiar faces about! dont worry about the voting lol. I got fifth in the end, not too bad not too bad.
  9. Revelations Trailer Thumbnail

    I like the idea that in this map we feed random weapons into the 'box beam' for a reward, and that's why we always get random weapons out of the box in other maps
  10. The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    HEY EVERYONE yeah that's right i still remember this old hideout lol Revelations looks pretty sick. and im getting close to doing some of these damn easter eggs lol.... anyway, onto the REAL reason I'm here - some of you may have spotted if you're a Deus Ex fan, they're doing a design a controller contetst, and I got into the top eight. And basically, it ends tomorrow night, and I am not in first!! Voting for me (jameslyle96) would be awesome, and plus just by voting you get a chance to win one of the controllers too http://www.xbox.com/en-GB/deus-ex-controller-art luv ya
  11. Time Traveller Theory

    RIP that part of the theory... lool it's so blurry i can't really tell what the heck it is
  12. Possible Kino EE

    Can you message the guy on recent players? I played for half an hour but no dice as of yet. There are so many little things that could be part of something bigger, but like everyone's saying it's realllyy unlikely that that we've all missed this for so long lol
  13. New Kino Findings 2015

    Haha fair enough. I'll bear that in mind when trying stuff out later, thanks. I'm optimistic, but its been so long I can't believe that any sort of EE hasn't already been found. It's funny to think, it might be that someone from Treyarch played some pubs to show a handful of people how to start it off lol.
  14. New Kino Findings 2015

    No worries man, just I've seen in the past people come to make trolly posts 'omg ascension step 8 found' lol. I've always believed there was something more to Kino, I'll play later to see what I can find. Was there anything else you can remember being different/ did the other player do anything else? Like what did he shoot with the thundergun & what did they 'hit'?
  15. New Kino Findings 2015

    SDFGBHNJMKL;'# what! Can you do it again? Having only one post on your account makes me sceptical, no offense If this is legit then I am excited as monkeys