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  1. The Church is a Rocketship (Edited First Post With Pictures)

    And on this topic, I think it's safe to say EE is over till DLC...
  2. BirdDog Dan Tranzit EE next step train station |Update|

    BirdGod Dan once said "Correct! The elements were synthesized in a certain laboratory in the nations Capitol, which will eventually tie in the DLC for Paris, Copenhagen, and Area 51. -Sedan" So are we to ACTUALLY believe you can give out the names and locations of the DLC and your "Treyarch bosses" are cool with THAT, yet you are bound by law, and by those "treyarch bosses" of yours, to keep quiet about the EE? BTW... have you guys checked out the "weird" entity in the lava pit?? :roll:
  3. Another Rank predicting thread/theory

    Me and my buddies played for a week after launch and ONLY played custom games on easy (To get the hang of the maps) We all ranked up and I end the week with 5 tallies and Blue eyes in my skull before going on vacation. When i returned, still had skull, no blue eyes, and only one tally :evil: . After a week of playing again, I'm back to Blue eyes with 5 tallies on the basic skull emblem 8-) . I do think the "tallies" are an indication of how many days in a row you have played, as for the "symbol" (Skull, Skull with knife, ect.) I honestly have no idea how that works...
  4. NASA Moon image AS11-38-5564

    great theory n pics
  5. Written Steps for the Big Bang Theory Easter Egg (w/ pics)

    Nope, One person in the group has to have the ensemble the cast easter egg from COTD and the shangri-La Acquire the Focusing Stone for the Moon EE to work. I think the problem with the OP was a member of his group only had the COTD EE done. In that case, Richthofen WILL spawn with just the Golden rod and NOT the focusing stone, and hence, why i think he couldn't put it between the plates