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  1. Perhaps try and get the green avagodro there, aim this electrical beam from the laundromat at it?
  2. OK here's how I think the Church looks like a rocket... Alright in this picture the main building, or the "Spire" part leads straight down to the ground, making the front look rectangular, or thinking in 3D terms cylindrical, making it look like a rocket. The secondary building also looks like the wings, with the building being built almost halfway up the first building, which really makes it look like a rocket to me. Also, the clock looks like a window like on this: So all in all, I believe the church is a retro rocket, fitting the theme of the green run loading screen, which also seems a bit 50's to me. This looks nothing like a rocket to me, for one what would be the Spire is built into the secondary building. Also as I mentioned above, what really makes it look like a rocket to me is the way the secondary building is built.
  3. 5th area?

    In the bottom of the picture below, there is a path that arcs connecting The Farm and The Diner leading to something in the middle. Perhaps I'm seeing things or maybe there is something. Also, notice how there looks like there is a path from Town that looks like it leads to the exact area Im talking about. http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-s ... 2285_n.jpg
  4. Treyarch hinting at another EE step

    Has anyone checked the area right before the bridge? I went there trying to explore and I saw a gas station that looked like it was accessible, but I got downed before I could look :(