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  1. The CoD Zombies Anthology (Storybook)

    It would make sense for Morg City to be close to San Francisco rather than Chicago. While the skyline in the Cursed poster is interesting, it is probably just stock imagery used as a base for the art. I will update the story accordingly.
  2. The CoD Zombies Anthology (Storybook)

    I did not take into account the Chicago theory when I was writing, so I meant to leave it very ambiguous. The thing is, the actual phone call in SoE has the tram departing to the Waterfront District. So if the phone call is actually right after the Ferguson interview in San Francisco as it is implied, the reporter takes a direct route from SF to Morg City, which may very well be in the Chicago area. I meant to base the proximity of Morg City and the Reporter's apartment on the Reporter's accent, which gives me a vibe that he is from that general area. But now that I think about it, having him travel across the country to SF to interview one guy, then immediately go across the country again to Morg City, which is very close to his home as I stated it is kind of ludicrous. So I may do some rewrites to have him live closer to California to justify him going out of his way to find Ferguson before relocating to Morg City, across the country. If anyone knows a bit more about accents and where the reporter might be from, that may make things easier. Also, thanks for the compliments! I've been really interested in the lore surrounding Morg City recently and just had to get the story out while ideas were fresh. Things are about to start getting stranger.
  3. The CoD Zombies Anthology (Storybook)

    I decided to depart from the expected for a little bit, and started a Tales from the Multiverse arc titled "Whispers of Morg City". Chapters 1-3 can be found on the site here. I plan to do 7 chapters for this arc. Uncover the deep, alluring secrets of Morg City, a city shrouded in darkness and mystery. Follow a young reporter looking for quick cash from the mysterious Mr. Rapt, as he studies life in the bustling Morg City. Once the 7 chapters are done, I should return back to Book 2. I just needed a bit of a break and school lately has been hell on my productivity.
  4. If you wonder what the butterflies in Grief mean.

    Something I think is because of the variety of different ways the game can go. One side can lose, or the other. If everyone dies at once it just restarts. With most maps you are on a linear path that can end in death or continuation, or they are a cycle that the announcer has little influence in. With Grief, the announcer is keeping them from directly killing each other, but rather forcing them to out-survive each other in this small area. This is their own little game with its own rules, and it has a multitude of different outcomes. Anyway, that's what I think if we go with the butterflies being significant. On the other hand, they could just be a form of "hit-marker" for knifing someone on the enemy team.
  5. Is there an actual finish to the game?

    Hi! Are you new to zombies in general? Anyway, welcome to the website. All zombies maps revolve around surviving as long as possible. But the maps do have a side-quest to complete, and some maps end the game after completing these side quests.
  6. Summary of the Children and the House

    Problem here is in The Giant they talk about events we have not seen before, presumably taking place between Origins and The Giant. They mention killing other Richtofens and going to Brazil and The Moon. I think during the time Richtofen was planning to find the key with Maxis and while he was reading the Kronorium, the others were off trying to set things right without unneccesary killing, hence being angry at Richtofen for shooting himself and "changing history".
  7. Summary of the Children and the House

    This is a theory I can buy. I think it could also be these versions are the purest versions of themselves, in the sense that this Dempsey was the most patriotic and dedicated, this Nikolai was the most violent and enduring, and this Takeo was the most honorable. Similar to the show Rick and Morty where there is a Rickiest Rick and a Mortyest Morty across all dimensions, that tops all the others at what their character embodies. A question still confusing to me is where did these versions of Sam and Eddie come from?
  8. The busdriver's quotes

    The Santa Monica reference actually reminded me of an old theory regarding Treyarch actually existing in-universe because of Dempsey's fourth wall references to them, the III-Arc sign on the "Five" electric traps, and the Treyarch symbol being visible on the crystals in Shangri-La. If all these locations are meant to be Broken Arrow stations then Treyarch being one of them would be interesting given their small appearances. Anyway, I agree there is way more significance to the bus driver in TranZit than we give him credit for. I really hope with Broken Arrow facilities in the comics we see a robot of the same make as the bus driver, with arms and legs of course. I think TranZit still has a lot of mystery yet to be uncovered.
  9. Can't Duplicate Zombies

    The only zombie duplicating glitch that I know works is having the two keepers that spawn when you pick up an item in the room during the ritual. When it ends they will respawn as zombies.
  10. The busdriver's quotes

    Excellent analysis of the quotes, I had no idea they were actually significant. This begs the question of whether Broken Arrow was an independent organization ala Group 935, or if they were created and run by the CIA. In any case, this is all very interesting. Also, I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss the other locations he mentions: Hawaii, Grand Central Station, the Grand Canyon, Pismo Beach, Santa Monica, Harvard Yard and Yellowstone Park. I could see all of these being locations where Broken Arrow would do secret testing, except maybe Santa Monica which may just be a reference to the fact Treyarch is based in Santa Monica. I've seen some conspiracies regarding ancient races and testing at the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone. With Hawaii and Pismo they may be insignificant, but having a station near a coastline would prove beneficial in certain ways. For GCS and Harvard Yard, these are areas heavily populated with potential test subjects. Anyway, those are all the connections I could make. Another thought also came to mind, that maybe around BO2's release there was some kind of ARG planned/put into action that no one ended up going after, and clues would be in these locations. Without exact coordinates though, I don't think this idea holds much water, but it's just a thought.
  11. The CoD Zombies Anthology (Storybook)

    So I took a look back at Book 1 of the anthology, and was shocked to find that in my word processor I only filled out 52 pages. In comparison, I have filled out 92 pages for Book 2, and I'm not even halfway done. This makes me feel I have skimped a lot of good info with Book 1 and would like to go back at some point and further flesh it out. I would like to know what everyone here would like to see further expanded in Book 1? Some ideas I thought of were perhaps bringing up Richtofen's involvement with the Illuminati (Which would do wonders filling in that gap between 1939 and 1945 in the first group of chapters). I also ask if you guys feel there should be chapters explaining things like the Vril-Ya, the Aether, the Keepers/Apothicons, etc., or would that be too much for an introduction to the story when these elements won't even show up until future books. So yeah, let me know if you have any ideas for chapters or how I should further expand on certain characters. Because Book 1 is before the games I don't have a whole lot to work with outside the radios.
  12. The CoD Zombies Anthology (Storybook)

    Thank you! That's one reason I'm excited to get to Black Ops III with Zetsubou: I love describing the horror of a map.
  13. The CoD Zombies Anthology (Storybook)

    Chapter 14: "Kino der Toten" is now up on the site here. Our crew finds themselves twenty years in the future, fending for their lives in an abandoned theater used by Group 935. What horrors will they uncover in their quest to escape the Theater of the Damned? This is my favorite chapter yet and probably the longest one. Hope everyone enjoys, it was a labor of love.
  14. Chapter 14 of Book 2 "Kino der Toten" is now up on the site here. This is my favorite and the biggest chapter yet!

  15. The State of the Community...

    I agree about the Youtube community. It feels like many Youtubers were forcing themselves to play the game, and it became more of a job for many of them. And with that I think the job-like environment made many of them unnecessarily negative towards the game, thus creating more negativity in their fans. Giving up on zombies and switching to something they enjoy more is something many of them should do, and I commend Lex for doing it. Thankfully there are still a few who do care about the game AND make content for it such as RadAustins27. The ending I think wasn't entirely Treyarch's fault. It was a combination of misplaced hype, and Activision forcing an ambiguous ending so more content can be made in the future. The higher-ups at Activision have no understanding of the impact of this ending on our small community, and I don't really expect them to considering Activision's myriad of published games. I do think they should have been more laissez faire, however. I think many of BO3's shortcomings stem from zombies becoming popular enough for Activision to Corporatize it with microtransactions and story elements that cater to more games being bought in the future. I feel some level of pity for people that will only know zombies as just a cog in the cash-cow that is Call of Duty, when it started off so humble and unique. Like I said, I don't blame Treyarch or Blundell in particular. Blundell did what he could with the story he was thrown, and juggled it with the campaign. He wrote the story he wanted to tell, apart from the ending probably, and I can respect that.
  16. Best map ever

    Moon will always be my favorite map ever. It really sparked my interest in the speculative side of the zombies community, and I got really into the story through the many theories that came after. It had my favorite easter egg as well, which was mostly balanced (Apart from the luck based excavator step) with a very rewarding ending for the effort put in. But Origins is a close second, only being beaten because of my nostalgia for Moon, and the face I didn't appreciate Origins as much until months after it released.
  17. Hello all!

    Welcome to the forum! Good to see new faces around here!
  18. The State of the Community...

    I feel the zombies community in general will never be quite what it once was for a multitude of reasons. Reasons include Zombies is popular now - Zombies has become a major selling point of these games now, and has forced Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer to implement the mode into their games (Though I like IW's mode, I'm sure they would have rather done something original like Extinction, even if I didn't personally like it.) Because of this, zombies has started to stagnate a bit, and with more and more fans joining the zombies community, you would think it would only make things better, but instead it has created a drain on the core community. For example, when /r/codzombies started, the community was small and dedicated to creating theories and strategies to share with others. With Black Ops III, the community exploded, and the community now is really only about 30% useful information because so many people got involved. The introduction of memes and shitposts is something that I think drove away anyone actually putting in effort, only further worsening the situation. I was not on CoDz during it's heyday, so I don't know how it used to be, but nowadays I think the people who put in effort who have stuck with the franchise came here, hence the small nature of this community, which is a gift and a curse in ways. Time passes and we all lose interest - Truthfully, I stopped caring about the gameplay of zombies during Black Ops III's DLC season, and it's not because I think the maps are bad, because honestly they are some of the best in the series in my opinion, but it's a combination of being an Xbox player getting the DLC after everyone picked it apart, and that I am older now and don't really have the time. I was 13 when I got into zombies, and back then it was the coolest game EVER. There was nothing like it. But almost six years later, and I'm in college studying for my major. I've met some of the coolest people here and I enjoy spending time with them more than sitting on the catwalk of The Giant. That's not to say I don't enjoy any games anymore, I mean I'm a Master Prestige level 180+- in zombies, and I still keep up with the newest games. I just don't have the time or dedication to match up with some people online and go for high rounds or find new secrets. The only thing really keeping me attached to this fandom is the story, and a big part of that is the Storybook I'm writing. If not for that, I don't think I'd still be in the zombies community, given how sparsely these comics are coming out. Zombies has evolved and alienated some people - While I love the direction Black Ops III went, I cannot deny it has alienated many fans of the series. The story became more centralized and less community-driven. There was a shift in theme between Zielinski-Blundell. Then not to mention the many quests in each map for basic utilities. I think with Black Ops III I realized that zombies will never be able to please the entire fanbase, especially with how big it is now. With Shadows of Evil and Zetsubou the community despised the maps for the builable wonder weapons, and everything requiring many steps. Then in Gorod Krovi and Revelations the wonder weapons return to the box, and for people like me it creates incredible frustration, and Revelations in particular feels shallow with little to do because there are barely any side quests to accomplish. No matter how Treyarch does it, the community as a whole can never be pleased with the final product. So yeah, sorry for the little rant. I think the zombies community has fallen mostly in the last year or so because of a combination of the games themselves, games media attention, and just basic human attention span. Not to sound like an old coot, because I'm only 18, but we made zombies as popular as it is now, but it may be time to realize it cannot be what it once was just simply because of the passage of time and change. I'm not saying it's time to let go, but that time has to come eventually. Nothing good lasts forever.
  19. I'd like to start some general discussion on this topic as it has kind of confused me and I have not seen a general consensus on it, and that topic is: When does the Zetsubou No Shima Brock and Gary cipher take place? And in what timeline of events? Here is the cipher translation in question: Now I ask, is this freak atmospheric event something that happened after Richtofen and co. help Brock and Gary escape Shangri-la? Or is this cipher meant to imply the world thinks they died in the plane crash, when in actuality they survived, and continue through the events of the map Shangri-La? This would have to mean they knew about the location of Shangri-La before the actual expedition, which is not implausible given Brock seems to know about the zombies before the events of the map. Or is it meant to be in an alternate timeline where a freak atmospheric event occurs, causing them to actually die before or after the events of Shangri-La? And is it related to the plane we shoot down in Zetsubou No Shima? I'd like to get some opinions on the proper interpretation of this cipher because I am pretty stumped on the intended meaning.
  20. I am back :D

    Welcome back! Good to see some familiar faces around.
  21. Chapter 13 "Retreat" is now up on the storybook section of the site here. Sorry for the lack of updates, I am back in class so expect spotty updates for the time being.

    1. anonymous


      Nice that you even clarify why Richthofen says MDT in the Kino loading screen, instead of MTD. Probably just a developers defect, but you made it an element in the story

  22. The CoD Zombies Anthology (Storybook)

    Chapter 13: "Retreat" is now up on the storybook section of the site here. Now together again, our characters prepare to depart from Der Riese in a teleporter modified by Doctor Richtofen, but plans are rushed and they are accidentally thrust into a strange new setting they are not prepared for.
  23. The Origins cutscene I believe is meant to take place before Revelation, as shown by a radio where Maxis calls them just like in this cutscene. A lot of things with the children are not explained. Like it seems there is an implication that Samantha and Maxis were the first ones in the house after Origins, then a cipher in one map is from Sam's point of view saying Maxis brought her a new friend named Eddie, possibly right after Origins when Richtofen went to the house and maybe left his soul there? Then through DE, ZNS, and GK the other three children showed up. the thing with them playing with the toys and wishing it was real is quite odd since it is all real. So my thoughts are either that the children have power than they realize and set every event in motion, creating a looping paradox, or perhaps memories of the events that they play out are bleeding in and they don't realize they are real. For example, in the Revelations intro they are playing on a map of Gorod Krovi. This is right after the child Nikolai arrives, as shown in The Gift Music Video. They are playing out the story of Gorod Krovi with their toys just as the experiences of their adult versions are bleeding in. In Sam's room in Kino we see figures of the Original characters because she knows of them through the experiences of Samantha in the original timeline. Sam and Eddie have figures of the TranZit crew because Eddie just arrived and the original timeline Richtofen was commanding the TranZit crew. So long story short, they have a rough idea of who these people are because they share memories with older versions of themselves, but they just don't know these memories are real.
  24. Group 935 in Green Run?

    I feel like it's more likely the robot and the underground power station were built by Broken Arrow or a branch of the US government involved with Area 51. My personal belief is that the town was used for government or Broken Arrow testing during the 60s, causing it to become abandoned. The state that the underground area is in suggests it is not that old, however, and I think testing continued even after the population had left. Then when the rockets from Moon impacted the Earth, scientists stationed there left or died off. I think the robot being so damaged, missing its arms and having many holes in its chassis suggests its been there a while without human interference. I think it either found the old, run down 60s bus and took control, or Samuel/Russman found the robot missing its arms and legs, and helped it take control of the bus to take them around. I feel it would make sense for this to be a Broken Arrow facility given Russman was once an operative for them, and likely never strayed too far from them after he left.
  25. The CoD Zombies Anthology (Storybook)

    I have gone back to Book 1 and fixed many grammatical and continuity errors in several chapters. Nothing too major besides Chapter 12 - "Asylum" being changed to Chapter 18, to better fit the timeline of events. Also some wording is changed in the prologue since it is meant to take place after the war has ended. I have also added rough dates and locations to each chapter to hopefully clear up some confusion and better establish setting. Unfortunately many events in the story are undated.