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    Day 521


    Pablo Marinus: Day 521. I still don't know how it is possible, but, late last year I awoke from a watery grave. When I swam to the surface, I found the German military base abandoned. Only the undead remained on their shores. I attempted to flee but, eh, the fog... It seemed no sooner that the shore faded behind me, it reappeared in front of me. Every attempt made to escape eh... It led me right back here. As if I was meant to be here. (Sigh) I have begun broadcasting a radio signal. I'm hoping that someone will answer and come to my rescue. But, if no one comes... I'm not sure how much longer I would survive this place.


    Day 3682


    Pablo Marinus: Day 3682... I think. Last night, I had a dream. A dream I have not had in many years. Like the ones I used to have at Der Eisendrache. I dreamed I was in medieval times. During a Great War, a war to end all wars. In this dream, I am attacked by one of the great beasts. It holds me within its grasp, about to end my life. But I am saved. Spared by a man in cloth. Not a priest, someone more powerful. He wields a staff of fire. I see four heroes stand atop of a mound. The four raise their staffs in unison, and suddenly, the knights know the war is not lost. I rejoin the fight, and fight alongside my king. For years, I had dreamed of this war. I wonder, perhaps the German's experiments warped my brain, my sense of space and time. He thought I died, but it was only that my mind had transformed. I have been here ten years. No one has responded to my radio message. Is there no one out there? Am I even on Earth? Or am I caught somewhere in between? Every time I try to escape, my raft always brings me back. This place is my… my prison. But is it a prison? Perhaps, it is more like a, a waiting room. A purgatory of sorts. Perhaps my dreams are much more. Perhaps they are visions. Of what is to come. And perhaps it is here I must wait for what is to come. They... will come for me.


    Endless Cycle


    Pablo Marinus: In my dreams of this Great War, I meet a German doctor. Oddly, he reminds me of the man who once tormented me, but his face is different. When I meet him, he is angry and frustrated. He mentions a man named Doctor Monty, saying he is to blame. This German doctor, he says he believed following Monty’s plan would lead them to secure a better tomorrow. "This was a lie", he says. This Doctor Monty, he sent the four to the Great War. It was at this moment, the German doctor said he realized the truth. Coming to the Great War did not break the cycle. It was merely the end of their loop. "We will die here," he says, "then we will be reborn again, and when it is time, we will meet once more, in Northern France, continuing this never-ending loop". "I wonder," he says, "how many times have I been to the Great War? How many times have I perpetuated this endless cycle?” “I'm tired," he says, "I have been trying so very hard to do the right thing." But for all his efforts, he had only fulfilled the prophecy of the cycle. He and Doctor Monty had forged the endless loop.


    I Think You Are Right


    Pablo Marinus: This Doctor, he tells me one more thing. He tells me he realizes that Doctor Monty is not inherently evil. "Doctor Monty," he says, "is trying to save the multiverse the safest way he knows how. By forcing us into this cycle, our story will never end. While also, his universe and his existence will be guaranteed." "I can't blame him", he says, "Doctor Monty is much like you and me. He just wants to survive. He doesn't want to risk his own annihilation." I tell him, well, if we are doomed to meet here again and again until the end of existence, perhaps there is something we can do to change that. He looks at me, with a smile, and says, "I think you are right, old friend."


    Day 4721


    Pablo Marinus: Day 4721. I think I understand. I know why I am here, why I am trapped on this, this rock. Why I have these dreams, these visions. Why I must get to this Great War and what purpose I am to serve in this... cataclysmic event of the ages. I am not being sent just to witness what happened, but it is I who helps the Doctor break his cycle. Near the end of the Great War when all hope is nearly lost I protect him while he activates a device, a teleportation mechanism. I hold back the undead as he powers it up, I give him the moment he needs to escape his fate. I ask him, "Where would you go?" He says, "There is a prison I must travel to. Hopefully, I can intercept our friends before it is too late." Before he goes I give him the elemental gem from the Staff of Fire. I had seen it used to vanquish great evil. He once used it to save my life. Perhaps it would serve him well on his new path. This, (chuckles) this is why I am here. It is no coincidence that I have also been left with the plans for the Agarthan Device. That is how I get to the Great War. I’ll need some help, but in my visions I have seen that I will have help soon. For now, I must bide my time, for my time is coming.


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