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    Wisps (Samantha)

    Mein Father


    Samantha Maxis: Mein father was my whole world. Even when I was alone... und trapped... und corrupted by the Aether, I thought only of him. Then Richtofen took him from me. I thought I would never get him back. I did not know yet, mein papa lived. He seized control of the Aether; He pulled me from the Moon to Agartha. But then I saw the great evil in his eyes. The Aether had corrupted him. I watched as the madness consumed him... and he destroyed... the world. I did not know what to do. (Begins crying) With nowhere to turn I was forced to reach out to mein... sworn enemies. They were different versions, living in another time and place; Another dimension. The four men who once tried to kill me, became the four men who saved me... und... mein father.


    These Four


    Samantha Maxis: These four. They exist across all of time and space. Different dimensions, different Earths, different wars. They are always there. No four are truly the original. They are all just different! They all exist in their own way. But as the Aether grows und continues to corrupt, so too will their torment...


    Pull The String


    Samantha Maxis: The four are connected through the Aether. Their souls are linked to it. Interwoven and intertwined. If the universe were held together with tape und bits of string, they are that string. Pull the string, it all unravels. It falls apart. Richtofen did it. When he forged the Elemental Shard, he bound their souls to the Aether. All versions connected, linked entirely through the Infinite. Now, they are one. They give each other life. The fate of one is tied to the other.


    The Place Of Darkness


    Samantha Maxis: The Aether. It knows it must keep them alive. It knows it must bind them to their existence. This corruption that has been spread through the universe, when it was unleashed upon the Earth, it had no way of knowing it would be bound to the four. Nikolai und the others; If they succeed, Element 115, the Keepers, the corruption, everything... It will be banished to the place below creation. The place of darkness. Along with Doctor Monty.


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