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    The Tank Is Filling


    Groph: ... Log: 1075. Dr. Schuster und I have spent countless hours with the pyramid device in an attempt to understand how it functions. We have made little progress… until now. Today, we uncovered what looks to be some kind of tank with a glass-like front. The glass itself seems-

    Schuster: I've got you now, rat!

    Groph: Kill it, Schuster!

    (Rat is crushed, whooshing sound)

    Schuster: Did you see that?

    Groph: Look! The capacitor is illuminated, the tank is filling.

    Schuster: The machine. It seems to be activated! What did you do?

    Groph: I think we just discovered what powers this machine.


    It Is Grim Work


    Edward Richtofen: -ffin station. This is Eagle’s Nest. Status update. Over.

    Groph: Hello, Doctor. We have the shipment, and are carrying out your orders.

    (Gunshot, gasping, and whooshing as soul enters pyramid)

    Groph: It is grim work, Doctor.

    Edward Richtofen: All in the name of science, Dr. Groph. Continue until the tanks are full.

    Groph: Yes... Doctor.

    (Gunshot, gasping, and whooshing as soul enters pyramid)

    Groph: May God have mercy on us all.


    Security Protocol 935


    Groph: Eagle’s Nest. This is Griffin Station. We have an update. Over.

    Edward Richtofen: Dr. Groph, have you made any progress?

    Groph: Yes, Doctor. The machine is ready, and awaiting the conduit.

    Edward Richtofen: (Laughing) Very good, I will proceed with Operation Shield und join you shortly.

    Groph: Security Protocol 935.

    Edward Richtofen: Yes, I will dispose of Dr. Maxis and that little brat personally. Do not. Touch. Anyth-


    Intruder Detected


    Groph: Dr. Schuster, Report.

    Schuster: The tanks are full and the shields are down. The machine is humming nicely.

    Groph: Good, und what of the shipment?

    Schuster: Most are buried outside of the base. The live ones we’ve sent back to Kustover Posten.

    Groph: Excellent, then there is nothing left but to wait for Dr. Richtofen’s return.

    Schuster: Perhaps this is a good time to work on my low gravity putty in the bio-dome.

    Groph: Yes, I do believe that I was-

    (Alarm blares) 

    P.A. System: Intruder detected. Receiving Bay. This is not a drill.

    Groph: Security, report.


    P.A. System: This is not a drill.

    Groph: What? Can you repeat?

    Schuster: She’s coming right for the-

    (Samantha screams)

    Groph: Get her!

    Schuster: Get back here!

    (All running)

    Groph: Nein! Do not let her-

    (Whooshing sound)

    Groph: Dammit. Dr. Schuster, find a way to get her out of the pyramid. I will contact Edward, and let him know there’s been an incident.


    Find Dr. Maxis


    Edward Richtofen: How did she end up there? No matter, I know what must be done. In the meantime see if you can find Dr. Maxis. Perhaps he can talk some sense into her.

    Groph: Did you not deal with him already?

    Edward Richtofen: Yes, but if the child ended up there, then Maxis must be somewhere too. Find him.

    Groph: How do you propose-

    Edward Richtofen: Dr Groph, I cannot do everything for you. I leave this in your capable hands. There is much to be done.

    Groph: Yes, Doctor.

    Edward Richtofen: Oh and Groph?

    Groph: Yes?

    Edward Richtofen: I'd keep an eye out for an evil looking dog while you're at it.


    Kill Them All


    Groph: I hope this works. Schuster, power it up!

    (Machine powers on)

    P.A. System: Systems nominal. Accessing Vril Device. (Buzzing) Interface via M.P.D. active. Accessing M.P.D.. M.P.D. integrity check nominal. Awaiting input.

    Groph: Excellent, bring the sample.

    (Device closes)

    P.A. System: Analyzing M.P.D.. Creating profile.

    (Computerized Buzzing)

    P.A. System: Profile created.

    Groph: Excellent. Now, scan for targets.

    Schuster: Yes, Doctor.

    (Buttons pushed, machine powers up)

    P.A. System: Target located.

    Groph: Bring him here, immediately.

    (Buttons pressed, machine powers up, teleportation noise, Maxis grunts and falls to ground)

    Schuster: Greetings, Dr. Maxis.

    Ludvig Maxis: Schuster! I should have known. Where is that rat, Edward? Where are we? And how did you get me out of that wretched tu-

    Groph: None of that is important right now. Allow me to fill you in.


    Ludvig Maxis: Samantha, honey? Daddy is here. Come dear, please. Open the machine. Daddy will not let them hurt you anymore. Honey? Daddy knows he’s made some mistakes. I am truly sorry that you were put through so much. When your mother died, I could not bear the thought of losing you too, that’s why I kept you so close. I did not mean to neglect you, I just wanted to know you were safe from harm-

    (Pyramid opens, Samantha is crying)

    Samantha Maxis: Daddy!

    Ludvig Maxis: I love you, Samantha.

    Samantha Maxis: I love you too, Daddy.

    Ludvig Maxis: Can you do something for me? Something very important.

    Samantha Maxis: Yes?

    Ludvig Maxis: Kill them... all.

    (Shuffling, gunshot, body hits the ground.

    Groph: No!

    (Samantha re-enters pyramid, begins laughing)

    Schuster: We are doomed.


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