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    Wisps (Shadowman)

    An Invitation


    The Shadowman: Your sins serve only as an invitation. An invitation to an evil beyond your imagination. I will lead the way. I will show you the path. Only through me, The Shadowman, will you find your redemption.


    The Devil


    The Shadowman: You do realize that he's manipulated you? That's what he does! Dr. Monty is just one of the many names he's been known by. The Great Dragon? The Beast? Is this ringing any bells? Beelzebub? Lucifer? Satan? The Devil?!


    I Know What You Did


    The Shadowman: He's not even a real doctor. I would know. I know what you did, Richtofen! I know you found the Kronorium. You have suffered long enough. Why do you not embrace the cool warmth of the Apothicons? All your pain, all your suffering... could be at an end. That is what you want, isn't it?




    The Shadowman: Do you not see the power Dr. Monty holds over you?! Do you not see you are being deceived? I can help you! Only through me can you find salvation!


    Give In


    The Shadowman: You know you really should give up. Let yourself... give in. Your spirit will be absorbed into the beautiful blue light of the Apothicon Sun.


    Died A Long Time Ago


    The Shadowman: You know you died a long time ago, don't you? You saw it. Didn't you realize? Are you really so foolish as to believe his lies?


    My Apprentice


    The Shadowman: You do know that Richtofen is a friend of mine? I say friend, but really he's so much more than that. At one point, I almost considered him my... apprentice. I mean, he did stab my reporter friend, and steal the Summoning Key... But at one point he did everything I told him to. I keep hoping he'll remember the promise he made to me, so long ago.


    I Have Foreseen It


    The Shadowman: You simple-minded fools! Do you really believe you have a chance?! This universe belongs to the Apothicons! You will be consumed! I offered you the chance to enter the beautiful blue light, and you denied my mercy?! You have followed a path marked by lies and deceit! Many others have failed, why would you be any different?! This has always only ended one way! I have foreseen it.


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