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    Alcatraz Opens


    The Warden: (Sipping) Ahhh. Today is a red letter occasion. I sit in my sanctuary, brandy in hand, overlooking my prize. My prison. Mine. A temple of concrete and corrupted flesh, tilting on the axis of hell itself. (Chuckles) It is beautiful. (Chuckles and coughs) I can’t recall the last time I indulged in spirits. They appear to have gone to my head. "Congratulations and good luck!" So thoughtful of the DOJ to send me a bottle after all their posturing and blathering and delays, delays, delays! (Breathing) But now the island is open, a full year early, thanks to me! And its true purpose, our purpose, written in the apocryphal pages of history, pulled from the flames of ignorance! (Exclaims in pain) Gah! (Static) Glass! (Grunts, chuckles) The first drop of blood. Of course, it should be my own… (Grunts) Not too much now, not yet. (Yawns) Early to bed tonight, tomorrow I will be reborn.


    With Or Without The Illuminati


    The Warden: Ugh, what am I doing wrong? Nothing! Every interpretation by every scholar I have made real, in flesh and blood, and still the dark ones remain silent! They are deaf, blind, and dumb where ever it is they reside in the fabric of reality! Have I not bled the wicked? Have I not placed the markers on the proper lines? What more? What more?! I am tired... and I have grown so very disturbed, waiting for the release that was promised, but I fear will never be delivered. Because they do not exist! Now, wretched are the thralls who despair in darkness! Wretched! Wretched! WRETCHED! The work will continue with or without the (Static) Illuminati! All they do is talk and scheme and pass judgement on methods that they deem unorthodox! Well to hell with their protection! I will awaken this island. Even if it takes every last soul in her walls! If I fail, I will be locked in here and soon join them all in Hell. (Sigh) The result is the same.


    A Trap For Another


    The Warden: (Static) No! (Static) Contraption!

    The Shadowman: Hear me.

    The Warden: Yes, yes, I can hear you! Apologies, my Lord. I am here!

    The Shadowman: Calm, faithful Warden, calm. I bring glad news. The world that you seek... is near at hand.

    The Warden: Oh, thank you, my Lord! Thank you! I have done my best to prepare the way. Please, where are you now?

    The Shadowman: Hidden. Trapped. Waiting.

    The Warden: I, I, I see. T- Tell me what I must do.

    The Shadowman: Four souls in your possession, four arriving soon. With the first, you will transform the island. Salvatore DeLuca, "Finn" O'Leary, Billy Handsome, Al Arlington.

    The Warden: Salvatore, Finn, Billy, Al. Yes my Lord, I- I- I know these names.

    The Shadowman: Their sins shall be their undoing. Their eternal punishment through your sacrifice will ensnare another. His ultimate reckoning.

    The Warden: A trap for another? Forgive my ignorance, Lord, but how will I know what to d-

    Stanley Ferguson: Sir, it’s me, Stanley. We have a situation.

    The Warden: Damn the situation, Ferguson, you handle it! I am not to be disturbed!

    The Shadowman: Wait... Listen.

    Stanley Ferguson: I am real sorry to interrupt your prayer, Sir, but there’s been a murder up on the roof. It’s Al Arlington.

    The Warden: Arlington?

    Stanley Ferguson: Yes, Sir. Part of some kind of botched escape attempt. We’ve got Sal Deluca and his two cronies in custody. Looks like it was them.

    The Shadowman: I’ll be right there.

    The Warden: I’ll be right there.


    Richtofen Shall Suffer


    The Warden: (Clears throat) My Lord, I entreat thee to speak. I have done as you asked. The remaining three of the first four shall die by electric chair this evening. And soon after I shall join them. I- It will be glorious in this new realm, Lord, I- I- I have no doubt, but... but I confess. I- I am afraid. This form is weak and has taken to drink... but I do cling to it still. Please... grant me the strength to-

    The Shadowman: (Chuckles) Grant you the strength? Oh you poor pathetic wretch. I will grant you nothing until your dea- (Static) You know this.

    The Warden: Yes, y- yes my Lord, of, of course! My life is part of the disease, and the disease must be purged! I... I rejoice, that that day has come!

    The Shadowman: But you are a base disgusting creature that cannot help fearing for its own skin. It is not your fault.

    The Warden: (Sigh) Thank you for saying so, my Lord. Truth be told, I long for the miracle that will release me.

    The Shadowman: That's a good lad. You have been an adequate servant (Static) therefore you will continue to serve after the corruption. (Chuckles)

    The Warden: Such an honor... for me.

    The Shadowman: Hm, not an honor. A purpose. Your life’s sentence, waiting for Doctor Edward Richtofen to walk into the trap.

    The Warden: The Doctor... I have heard mention of him amongst the Illuminati. What would you have of him?

    The Shadowman: His blood holds great power. You will harness it all and open the way to the paradise below.

    The Warden: I swear, my Lord, it will be done.

    The Shadowman: And one more thing.

    The Warden: Name it, my Lord.

    The Shadowman: Spare him no pain.

    The Warden: Yes... Richtofen shall suffer...


    The Time Has Come


    The Warden: The time has come. The sponge is wet on my crown. The cap screws tightened. The switch in my hand. (Laughter) I'm going to burn! (Laughter) Oh, the fools. They want justice for the toll I have extracted from this forsaken island?

    Stanley Ferguson: Sir? There's some men from the Bureau here. I stalled them as long as I could but they're on their way to your office now. What do you want me to tell 'em?

    The Warden: Justice! Ha ha! There is no such thing. There's only the will of the Dark One.

    Stanley Ferguson: Okay... Uhh, I'll just tell 'em you're not feeling so well then, yeah?

    The Warden: Do as you wish. Run. Hide. Beg for absolution, and perhaps he will be merciful! As he has been with me...

    The Shadowman: Shhh... Do not weep my dear warden.

    The Warden: My Lord, you're here.

    The Shadowman: Of course. More or less. The threshold awaits, my friend.

    The Warden: Yes... (Clears throat) Yes! The threshold. One last flash of light and the sun shall vanish into the sea...

    The Shadowman: And the darkness?

    The Warden: The darkness shall spread, for every fibre of creation, it shall spread!

    Stanley Ferguson: Listen, I told you, he ain't here. Went to see some special doc' on the mainland. (Knocking in background) You guys are wasting your time.

    The Warden: I shall be its instrument…

    (Slamming on door)

    Stanley Ferguson: Oh come on, guys, cut me a break!

    The Warden: I shall bleed the chosen few...

    The Shadowman: Better hurry!

    The Warden: The gateway will open and paradise will fall.

    (Electric chair begins to whir, door slamming continues, Warden is electrocuted)


    (Door is knocked down)

    Stanley Ferguson: Uh, yeah, see there? What’d I tell you, nobody's home... Nothing here.


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