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    Transmission Received


    Anton Gersh: We have verified authenticity of this transmission, yes?

    Harvey Yena: Yes, Anton. A recon unit traveled to the old facility. Apparently, a survivor has been living there since the end of the war.

    Anton Gersh: Since the end of the war? Thirteen years? How can this be true? And how did we not know about this?

    Harvey Yena: Unfortunately, your guess is as good as mine.

    Anton Gersh: And his proposal? This, uh, Agarthan Device, what do you make of this?

    Harvey Yena: Personally, it sounds too good to be true, but, this isn't the first I've heard of it. Doctor Richtofen had mentioned it as well.

    Anton Gersh: Just think, Harvey. A device capable of granting that which any man desires. I simply think it and (hits a table) bang! It is reality. We could beat Americans to Group 935 lunar facility. We could become leaders of free world overnight!

    Harvey Yena: The potential... is certainly infinite.

    Anton Gersh: So he says he will construct device but first he needs... he needs us to find something.

    Harvey Yena: He says we must bring him the blood of an ancient creature. He gave us the coordinates. It's at the bottom of the ocean. Recovery will not be cheap.

    Anton Gersh: Well, we do not need the creature. Only its blood. Harvey, do not worry. The reward will pay cost tenfold. This is how the Ascension Group leads charge into new world.

    Harvey Yena: I understand, and there was one more thing. He warned us to bring him the blood straightaway. When exposed to the elements for extended amounts of time, it becomes volatile and unstable. He warned us the blood is alive.

    Anton Gersh: Let us worry about collecting it first. We will decide the next move after this, Doctor Yena.

    Harvey Yena: Of course, Doctor Gersh.


    Apothicon Blood


    Anton Gersh: I trust your trip was success?

    Harvey Yena: Like you wouldn't believe, Anton. What we found down there... The creature was magnificent, gargantuan in size. It was otherworldly. A remnant of a different age. Oh, I wish you could have seen it.

    Anton Gersh: It was at the coordinates provided?

    Harvey Yena: Yes. 43 North, 180 East. The blood has a... fluidity to it that I find fascinating. We would have investigated further, but we intercepted a transmission that the Americans were in the area. Somehow they'd been informed about the creature's location.

    Anton Gersh: Ah... these damn leaks! They will be our undoing.

    Harvey Yena: It seems every step we take, the Americans follow suit.

    Anton Gersh: Mark my words, there is a mole in Ascension, Harvey. We must strike it out before it destroys us. Get a team together, people we trust. If we are to study the blood we must make sure the Americans do not find out.

    Harvey Yena: Just study it? Anton, I think we should follow the plan and deliver the blood to the Siberian facility.

    Anton Gersh: Nyet, Harvey. We cannot. This struggle with the Americans, we cannot let them get the advantage. This blood is our only leverage. After the war and Group 935 disbanded, you came to us. You came to me. You saw a better vision for the future here than what your America was offering. We created Ascension on the principle of being better men. Of making this world a better place. If this blood is key to unlocking the future, we would be fools to not take this opportunity.

    Harvey Yena: Perhaps you are right. At the very least we can study it. What's the harm in that?


    Negative Space


    Anton Gersh: How are the experiments coming, Doctor Yena?

    Harvey Yena: Fascinating, Anton, truly fascinating. The blood… It’s not so much fluid as it is very much alive. It moves, it changes shape at will, reacts to our touch.

    Anton Gersh: Alive? How is this possible?

    Harvey Yena: I'm not sure. One theory is perhaps the creature itself was more of a vessel and that its blood is made up of million different organisms that control it. Like a crew piloting a ship. The creature died but the organisms inside survived, trapped at the bottom of the ocean.

    Anton Gersh: Is it sentient? How is it able to move?

    Harvey Yena: The blood uses negative space which exists between the molecules. This negative space provides an influx of energy, which we believe fuels the blood, giving it the ability to move.

    Anton Gersh: Do you still believe this blood is suitable for our primates? For rocket testing?

    Harvey Yena: Absolutely. The blood gives them rejuvenation abilities, making them more powerful, stronger. If a monkey is on the brink of death and given an injection, it makes a full recovery in a matter of minutes. The only trade-off is they become more angry, hostile, even violent in some cases.

    Anton Gersh: Is this a problem?

    Harvey Yena: It's manageable. But I'm confident monkeys given an injection of this blood will survive space flight.

    Anton Gersh: Wonderful news. I think we can move on to the next phase of the program. We should prepare a serum for mass production. Can you tell me more about this negative space?

    Harvey Yena: We really don't know much about it, except that it does not exist in this dimension. Maybe a gateway from another. One of our men has theorized it might even be a black hole of sorts.

    Anton Gersh: Send what research you've done to myself and our weapons team. Be sure Yuri Zavoyski is included in the brief.

    Harvey Yena: Of course, but I will remind you we need to be careful. We've noticed the blood has been changing composition as if reacting to all our probing and prodding.

    Anton Gersh: Reacting? How so?

    Harvey Yena: I'm not sure how to explain it, but it feels like the blood's getting... angry.


    All Is Not Lost


    (Crowd of people shouting, banging sound)

    Harvey Yena: Comrades, that is enough! (Crowd silences) Now as it stands we must account for the facts. Two days ago, one of our research facilities was attacked. All personnel are dead, with the exception of Doctor Gersh and Doctor Zavoyski, who are both still missing.

    Scientist 1: What about four intruders?

    Harvey Yena: We do not know. They have not been recovered. Now, I know what Doctor Gersh and his work meant to this organization. However, all is not lost. We must remember that.

    Scientist 2: All is not lost? We have no leader! Who is going to lead us now? You? An American? (Scoffs) Nyet.

    (Crowd laughing)

    Harvey Yena: I'd remind you to think before you speak, comrade. I am one of the founding members of this organization, and you are someone who has forgotten their place in it! I am not saying I should lead it. Frankly, I would rather not. I would leave it to the Committee to find a suitable replacement. However, with Americans, Broken Arrow grows stronger by the day and we must act quickly if we are to stay ahead of them.

    Scientist 3: What is it you are proposing?

    Harvey Yena: Some of you may remember four years ago a contact at an abandoned Group 935 facility reached out to us. He promised to construct the Agarthan Device for us, provided we brought him the blood of the beast. We never brought him the blood. Instead we used it to fulfill our own needs. I propose I take a small crew and deliver the blood as promised to our ally in Siberia. With the Agarthan Device in Soviet hands, we will not only end this Cold War overnight, but we will bring humanity together and create a better world.


    Happy New Year


    Harvey Yena: This is Doctor Harvey Yena, it's the 1st of January 1964. Happy new year. We are 15 minutes out from the abandoned Group 935 Siberian Facility where I will deliver the blood as promised for the creation of the Agarthan Device. After I have secured it, I have arranged for rendezvous with my handler, who will take me back to American soil. (Sigh) It's been nearly 20 years. I can hardly remember my former life. After Group 935 disbanded, I had a choice. Come home, or turn to the Soviets and bury myself in the heart of their organization. I chose the latter. When again would America get such an opportunity? But there was a moment back in '45 right after McCain was discovered where I thought Doctor Richtofen had discovered the truth, that I was a spy. (Chuckles) He, he, he was right, of course. But it turned out Doctor Richtofen had his own problems with Group 935. (Sigh) It's time to go back home. Darn it if I'm not excited to eat a hot apple pie and catch a game of baseball!

    (Siren blaring)

    Harvey Yena: What the...

    (Door opens, someone running)

    Sailor: Sir, it's broken containment!

    Harvey Yena: What on Earth is going on?

    Sailor: The blood, it broke containment. It started attacking the guards!


    Harvey Yena: Follow me, we need to move, now!

    (Zombie groans)

    Sailor: Sir, no!



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