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    Blood Itself Is The Paradox


    Ludvig Maxis: Richtofen, are you there? (Static) Richtofen I (Static) most incredible (Static) The blood! It does far more than (static) its dimension of origin! (Chuckles) As though the paradox factor wasn’t enough! If my observ- (Static) the blood itself is the paradox! We know (Static) the body is changed at the cellular level (Static) -posure to Element 115, resulting in side effects ranging from memory (Static) and death. But, the moment a body steps through a portal, (Static) 115 (Static) different reaction. The blood, indeed all tissues, appear to mutate und then stabilize when exposed to alternate space-time realities. Und while delusions and memory (Static) are factors, the blood is imbued (Static) aetheric energy! Herr Doctor, the- (Static) searched for since the very beginning. (Static) Your blood might not only save you, Edward, (Static) change everything! I only hope (Static) survive long enough to harness it.


    A Profound Liability


    Ludvig Maxis: (Distorted voice) There we are. (Whistling) Ah, there we are, it is almost there... Ah, AH! There we are! (Laughter) Who would have thought that a rifle sight would ever be used as a trans-dimensional conduit! Ah, yes. Greetings, Herr Doctor. I have managed to use parts of your sample to boost the signal of my transmissions. However, I have yet to receive any reply from your end. I pray that I am not too late. New findings have come to light. Yes, the moment one travels through a portal powered by Element 115, their blood is changed, the evidence is conclusive. Today, I have discovered that the effect is actually cumulative. The more one travels through the Aether, the more they absorb into their bodies. While un-death does not appear to ever be a risk, the potency of one's etheric cells increases. The blood of the prisoners you sampled and that of your now frozen compatriots contained trace, but significant amounts. But your blood, Edward.... You have traveled through countless realities of space und time. Your blood is not only beyond potent, I fear it is a profound liability. We both know there are forces who would stop at nothing to attain such power. You must do all you can to keep it from them, Richtofen. Unless of course, they already have you und then all is lost.


    Already Too Late


    Ludvig Maxis: -tofen! Come in Richto- (Static) Edward, are you receiving me? Ugh, wherever you have gone, it appears to be dis- (Static) our connection through the Aether! How this is possible, I do not know. But (Static) deduce two things for certain. First, the interference cannot (Static) naturally occurring phenomenon. The energy required (Static) be too great und (Static) complex. Und second, if not natural, then (Static) someone very powerful moves against you (Static) companions. (Sigh) I pray (Static) already too late. Everything depends (Static) Summoning Key. Without it und without the souls you promised (Static) vision will never come to pass. (Static) und (Static) will prevail… As for the blood (Static) I have come to believe that (Static) your hypothesis (Static) a revelation. I will continue the work, but Richtofen, (Static) what you can to boost the signal. If you have the means (Static) antenna array would likely (Static). Stay alive, (Static) -tofen, keep them safe. With any luck, you will be here again, soon.


    Insurance Policy


    Ludvig Maxis: Richtofen! (Sigh) I now believe that either you have been killed or you are currently trapped in a pocket dimension. Worst case, imprisoned by those who mean to undo existence. In the off chance that you are still on the move, I may have a solution. The power of your blood could theoretically be used to open a portal und escape your present reality. If you can direct und focus enough energy through your blood, you may be able to tear a hole through the Aether und step through. How much blood will be required, I do not know. But given the concentration of Aether in your veins, it’s likely best to not over do it. Und there is more, (Begins whispering) I recall you mentioned something about needing protection for you and your companions. You are right to worry. The blood vials alone preserve aspects of other dimensions, yes, but if you were to ingest them, combine their Aether with your own, that would be a formidable insurance policy.


    Backup Plan


    Ludvig Maxis: (Whispering) -tofen, I must be brief. Others may now be listening. He has ears everywhere these days. The forces keeping you in that dimension know too much about your nature and it is clear to me now that their power is too great to leave unchecked. Total dimensional collapse is the only option. This is the only way they will stop hunting you long enough for you to complete your mission. By now I have deduced that you must be trapped in the Alcatraz pocket dimension. Do not be disappointed, the location of your secret lab remains a secret to most, just not me. I also know about the backup plan you have stashed away. If I may be so bold, I would recommend using it, and eliminate the threat of Alcatraz for good. I can do no more from here. Best of luck, Edward. I know you will not fail.


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