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  1. Who got the Juggernog Edition??

    It's actually not legal right now. eBay's presale policy states that an item can't be listed unless it can be shipped to the buyer within 30 days of transactions end; and they have a plethora of circumvention measures in place to avoid confusion. Honestly, majority of the sales you see upwards of 1K are shill bidders, and you can even tell that a lot of said bidder's accounts have just been created in the last 30 days. The sales that you will actually see going through however are for $400-$550 at most. That's still high for sure, but not as bad as people are making it out to be. It just comes down to how much the person wants it. I definitely don't agree with it in the slightest, but I guess if that was my only recourse, then at least it's only double the price on average, rather than triple. Sadly scalping has been happening since the beginning of time with bartering as the primary source of resource/income and not exclusive to Collector's Editions of Video Games lol.

    They're gone guys. Congrats to any/all that saw this and got one secured!

    So noone was interested? lol

    Just be wary as it is Target, who are known for cancelling pre-orders lol. A friend of mine said that when he logged into his account after placing the pre-order it's giving off errors and stuff, so it's very possible his will get cancelled. It's worth a shot though.
  5. Good Luck Guys! http://www.target.com/s?searchTerm=Juggernog+Edition&category=0|All|matchallpartial|all+categories&lnk=snav_sbox_Juggernog+Edition
  6. Mini Juggernog Fridge's Three Tunes

    Definitely cool man!
  7. Mini Juggernog Fridge's Three Tunes

    Ah yes, thank you. I had a feeling it had to do with the Mystery Box lol.
  8. Mini Juggernog Fridge's Three Tunes

    It definteily is disappointing that it doesn't sport the Jingle lol, but I look at it this way personally; Since the hardened edition and a season pass would be about $130 for me *80 for the hardened edition so I can get the Giant Map and then 50 for the season pass* I'm only effectively paying $70 for the fridge. Even less if you consider the 3 in game skin packs, the digital soundtrack, steelbook case, high quality coasters, and art cards. So tallying all that up I'd say is at least $20, which to me means I'm paying only $50 for a really cool looking fridge with lights and sounds.
  9. Mini Juggernog Fridge's Three Tunes

    Hey all, it's been a while but I figured I would see if anyone else has watched the unboxing of the fridge *Embedded below* and listened to the three tunes that are played and was subsequently dissapointed that the ACTUAL Juggernog Tune -even just a snippet- was not included. One tune is the Round Start, the next is Samantha's Lullaby, and the final one is like a shimmering high pitched sound? I'm not entirely sure, maybe someone else knows. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm super ecstatic that we are actually getting this thing and it's my first CE that I will be purchasing as I feel it is actually USEFUL. I'm sure there are people out there that don't even give a shit about Zombies and are still buying it lol, and I'm not talking about scalpers. How much do you guys think this thing is going to weigh? From the video I watched it seemed to move fairly easily across the counter they had it placed, so if I had to guess, I would say maybe 25lbs? I don't think there will be any kind of heavy duty compressor in there lol. Lastly as an aside, does anyone have a clue what 3arc are going to do about the N4? I know that things are getting re-written so to speak, but I'd like to think that we would see some kind of conclusion to that storyline. If not I won't be heartbroken; just a little disappointed.
  10. The Partially Cyclical Omnipotent Samantha Theory

    Devoid really?, you don't know me, again, a biased and bigoted attitude. You've given me no more evidence than I've given you and you have yet to acknowledge anything I've said as any sort of possible truth and stuck to your "guns" and that it's the way you say it is. I however have implied your theory could pan out, think about that. Edit: Speaking of your attitude, I have further addressed it in my thread so that will be that, I'm done arguing this with you, good luck on your theory.
  11. The Partially Cyclical Omnipotent Samantha Theory

    That might be so, but since WAW, treyarch has failed to confirm any major theories here true, so they dug themselves DEEP, and doing this ending, can technically appease the theory crafters as it would allow them to postulate what happened in Sam and Eddies game or of it was all real or not, and if they never answer what the final ending meant then that just confirms that, I don't know, heck none of us do, but you can't say without a doubt that it just can't happen like that, I'm not saying any of you guys theories are impossible, just improbable, maybe extend that courtesy to those of us that believe it should be taken at face value. Edit: Also I can't agree on the completely pointless point; the journey is the reward, and this is all fake to begin with? So what's if matter if the games fake storyline is fake? It's just words, again...Journey.
  12. The Partially Cyclical Omnipotent Samantha Theory

    It doesn't matter though, who says that this story is told during WW2? Noone, air raids can happen just as easily in WWIII (what bo2 is basically about) and the tech point you made is extremely irrelevant, as you can't judge this cutscenes time periods date on the decor of the room and some sirens, the knowledge these kids have of events like CotD (2013) is what you need to look at, this points to a date closer to 2025 (the bo2 storyline). We can agree to disagree but one thing is fact, the theory all this could still be real is too convoluted and just doesn't mesh well, the "cop out" as most put it, is a clean slate and most believable, which is why most people are going with this theory. I wish treyarch would clear this up, because this has done no good whatsoever.
  13. The Partially Cyclical Omnipotent Samantha Theory

    Your points of air raid sirens (these can exist in any time period such as WWIII or zombie apocalypse) and lack of certain tech is irrelevant, as there's plenty of home decor that reflects all kinds of different lifestyles today, depending on parenting styles. I completely encourage your theory crafting, you seem pretty good at it lol, and am more than happy to bow down providing some real proof XD just wanted to state my thoughts on it lol
  14. The Partially Cyclical Omnipotent Samantha Theory

    Very well said and thought out but I just can't get behind a simple side game mode having so much tangled into it, I mean even if this was a full game on its own I don't think it would be this complicated lol. Also there's nothing that shows its the 40s 100% so might wanna include "it's most likely" with your statement or prove some extremely solid facts. Also speaking with the inconsistencies statement, there's a reason most flock to the simple explanation of "it's just a game, with some outside influence here and there" it's because as your thread proves it can be somewhat explained pretty well, but there's still too many inconsistencies and Improbabilities. Again, extremely well put and thought out but you gotta look at it from Treyarchs perspective to appeal to a large market, because who knows they might want to make their own IP with this one day, and if this shit takes longer to figure out than lost, there's gonna be problems lol, I mean how often has Treyarch came and confirmed any of our theories? What's that? Pretty much never? There's a reason for that, they put in seemingly random EE that people try and find a way it connects in some big grand scheme, but all in all they don't have a real agenda, hence their choice of ending. To put together a story this extravengent that some of you have come up with, it's just a lot of extra work for some possible extra sales on map packs.
  15. Not true, a few of my friends had made new accounts played motd and buried mp. Within 4 games they were both on shottys. No solo play involved! You read that wrong they were simply saying mplay isn't required to get shotgun rank, not that it was only possible with solo play.