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  1. IW : Zombies in Space

    I guess my main question is, will they be releasing zombie maps on the expansions. If this is like the exo-zombies, then I won't be getting it either.. Now if I'm promised new maps every few months.. I'm IN
  2. The trailer is out for the new Infinity Ward zombies mode.. Thoughts?
  3. Evil Dead and Nazi Zombies and Time Travel

    Hmm.. Hard to think that is all coincidence..
  4. Origins Highest Round

    21, three other random players, normal difficulty. Built 3 of the staffs. 2nd game played.
  5. I am fairly confident that it is ONLY your co-op stats that count in acquiring a higher rank. That way your vs. stats are NOT counted in (grief and turned). So when figuring, check those... I am at 149.5:1 right now, if 150 brings it up to shotguns I'll update, or whenever / if ever it does.
  6. Did you know *Buried*

    I'm not sure if it took it just for that down, or if I still have it. I will try to check and update.
  7. Did you know *Buried*

    I've got QR more than once from ghost in single game. I got FOUR quick revives total from the Ghost.. I always thought solo max amount of QR you could get was 3.. I'm guessing I could have gotten even more if I didn't kill myself.. Also an interesting note.. I went to paralyze myself off the PaP ledge, since I was committing suicide anyways.. I floated down, and there was a hole in the wall.. I guided myself in, and it respawned me outside the Gazebo, by Stamina, through the hole the zombies spawn out of up the long staircase.. It was weird.. It DID take all my perks though, and I had perma-tombstone. There may be more down there.
  8. Did you know *Buried*

    I was amazed to see the more than 3 quick revives that way2go mentioned. I made it to 60 last night solo, and committed suicide when I got my 4th quick revive from the ghosts.. Is it infinite amounts?
  9. Did you know *Buried*

    To correct some misinformation When you say the last / yellow switch will glitch and not spawn during the Easter egg sometimes is incorrect, it's actually in the maze bushes and not on a door, there but hard to find. The big guy does not die when you run him off of the PAP ledge, he immediately respawns in the jail house.
  10. Did you know *Buried*

    I would LIKE to know, can you use the paralyzer to fly down the broken spiral stair case near jug? Is there anything 'hidden' down there?
  11. Who has yet to push the button.

    I'm waiting to see if it's required on DLC4.
  12. Highest Round on Buried!

    22 with two randoms and a member on here, a game error tossed us out..
  13. Hmm.. I am #500 in the world on perks bought.. Perhaps ease up on those.. Maybe I'm too 'buffed'.
  14. Thanks Murdah, looking forward to any more tips. I too normally use the 1911 on instakill. That's one thing about the BO2 maps, no 'real' training like on BO1, I think back to Ascension and Moon.. Man you had to train or you died.
  15. Good post. I just wish they'd give a formula or likes similar to what you mentioned, they act like it's top secret. I play every game my best, just obviously my play style doesn't fit their equation properly, and I don't mind adjusting it, if I knew how.