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  1. IW : Zombies in Space

    I guess my main question is, will they be releasing zombie maps on the expansions. If this is like the exo-zombies, then I won't be getting it either.. Now if I'm promised new maps every few months.. I'm IN
  2. The trailer is out for the new Infinity Ward zombies mode.. Thoughts?
  3. Origins Highest Round

    21, three other random players, normal difficulty. Built 3 of the staffs. 2nd game played.
  4. I am fairly confident that it is ONLY your co-op stats that count in acquiring a higher rank. That way your vs. stats are NOT counted in (grief and turned). So when figuring, check those... I am at 149.5:1 right now, if 150 brings it up to shotguns I'll update, or whenever / if ever it does.
  5. Highest Round on Buried!

    22 with two randoms and a member on here, a game error tossed us out..
  6. Hmm.. I am #500 in the world on perks bought.. Perhaps ease up on those.. Maybe I'm too 'buffed'.
  7. Thanks Murdah, looking forward to any more tips. I too normally use the 1911 on instakill. That's one thing about the BO2 maps, no 'real' training like on BO1, I think back to Ascension and Moon.. Man you had to train or you died.
  8. Good post. I just wish they'd give a formula or likes similar to what you mentioned, they act like it's top secret. I play every game my best, just obviously my play style doesn't fit their equation properly, and I don't mind adjusting it, if I knew how.
  9. Too many revives? How does me reviving people who need it effect it negatively? I never buy quick revive. I'm just a team player. Perhaps you're thinking revives means how many times I was revived, which is incorrect, it's how many times you REVIVE someone. And by downs, you're saying my K/D is too low? Cause look at how many kills I have, over a third of a million.
  10. I wish someone could enlighten me. I've compared to some of my friends with shotguns who have worse stats then me, like Way2go did above, I don't understand it. I think it's having some bad games then great games that ranks us up. Here's mine if anyone has any ideas, I'm still bowie / machete : Kills : 357,101 Downs : 2,811 (K/D = 127:1) Bullets Fired : 2,080,943 Revives : 4,232 Grenades : 47,741 Headshots 61,890 (17.3%) Deaths : 1,084 Perks : 6,325 Doors : 4,354 Hits : 1,534,451 (73.7% accuracy) Thoughts?
  11. Hells Redeemer

    A little experimenting today.. Went to bridge after start of 14.. Stayed all of 14, using Retriever only.. Stay MOST of 15, Retriever only.. Went back to Alcatraz, pit wouldn't not keep my Ax.. Went back to bridge end of 16, stayed ALL of 17, left very beginning of 18, only used Ax.. Got back and got my Redeemer.. My theory, stay one COMPLETE round, using only the Retriever, and you can get the Redeemer.. And multiple players can do it at the same time it has been confirmed, but whether or not it takes a certain amount of kills, I am unsure.
  12. Hells Redeemer

  13. I think the claymore room is probably one of the better kiting spots, you can trip the acid trap to keep alot out every few rounds. I also agree holding down the gondola is a good spot too, I even like it top side, pretty good choke point. If you get in a bind, pay 750 and scram.
  14. Death Slide glitch at the bottom of the elevator shaft

    Man, it just got me too.. I hate that glitch. They should fix it, stop worrying about putting invisible barriers and fix this crap.
  15. Sliquifier's liquid.

    Well, it's part fire extinguisher... :)