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  1. How far have you gotten?

    The character audio cuts out if you are disconnected from Xbox live during the game. I wasn't connected to LIVE in the first place. o.o
  2. How far have you gotten?

    I got to 31 solo, the only reason I died is the damned sounds for the voices dropped out... I didn't hear Richtofen say anything, I didn't hear Samantha when I got power-ups and incidentally I didn't hear the excavator breaching the bio-dome... Suddenly nearing the middle of round 31 my screen started going blurry, I Stamina-up dashed for the nearest airlock but sadly collapsed literally on the doorstep. So basically a sound bug ruined my best run... EDIT: Just happened again, I did the Cryogenic Slumber Party achievement solo and right afterwards all of the voices dropped out. The only indication I got was a rumbling from the excavator penetrating another tunnel. Not that it matters, I got my Easter Egg but still I would have liked to go on another 30+ run.
  3. How far have you gotten?

    I can hit the late twenties solo without even trying but for some reason when I play with other people we fail hard. Like when they break out all the windows in the receiving area at the start... The map takes cooperation, something that randoms lack the ability to provide.
  4. Achievements! (might be a leak)

    Where was this supposedly leaked from, sounds iffy to me.
  5. ZCODL Symbol in Trailer

    there is no definitive way a logo must be read. it's up to the intention of whoever designed the logo. obviously the thing the acronym stands for comes before the acronym itself, and so at that point it's up to whoever designs the logo as to where they put the letters in the acronym. lol people and theyr "THIS IS 100% TRUE NO EXCEPTIONS BLAH BLAH BLAH" people need to chill and admit that nobody knows anything FOR SURE until it is known FOR SURE I never claimed that that was the only way to read 'em, simply trying to prove that it's a possibility.
  6. ZCODL Symbol in Trailer

    Man logos are read top/bottom. Top being COD and the bottom being ZL. A quick Google search proves this.
  7. ZCODL Symbol in Trailer

    co-sign this... plus why get all excited about if they're gonna do a zombies movie or not anyway.. 95% of all video game movies are terrible and after being a huge Resident Evil fan and seeing them destroy that videogame storyline with the movies they made was just sad I stopped watching the RE movies after they spend ten minuets in the mansion and the rest of the film below in the facility or "Hive". They butchered those movies... It doesn't even make sense anymore. If they did make a CODZ movie I'd be happy because I'm sure they'd baby it and make sure it had all sorts of cool details and answer things. Though, turning a survival mode in a game into a full-feature movie... That would ruin it. People would hate it because they'd be forced to change things, there would be no way they'd make a three hour movie about four guys locked in a room.
  8. ZCODL Symbol in Trailer

    I doubt there's a live movie coming, that crawler just reminds me of the monitors at the zombies main menu.
  9. ZCODL Symbol in Trailer

    Provide me with more than speculation and I'll believe.
  10. ZCODL Symbol in Trailer

    Some logos read left to right, others top and bottom. So I'm unsure if it's ZCODL or CODZL. Though I'm leaning towards the latter. Either way it looks cool and I hope it means something significant. I don't think it's alien, the regular Black Ops logo has slanted eyes like that so maybe they're hinting towards Black Ops 2 with a new Zombies mode. Here's a comparison image I created.
  11. Connection between New Map and Classic Maps.

    Why not the classic maps? They didn't choose those maps randomly, they're already done and everyone's been clamoring for them to be released again. From a business point of view it's a no-brainer. They've only got to make one map and then they can cash. As for Modern Warfare, I've never liked the series. I really never played call of Duty consistently until World at War, the games made by Treyarch just feel like they're better. That and discovering zombies was just the icing on the cake. So, paying for a game that's going to get boring in a month doesn't sound appealing. When Black Ops gets boring I play Zombies, without that to do MW3 just sounds boring. You're right, I bought the last two map packs just for Zombies. I hardly even played the multiplayer maps at all, so $15 for one map says a lot about how much we love our Zombies mode.
  12. Connection between New Map and Classic Maps.

    I doubt there is any significance to it, they're simply releasing the previously exclusive maps plus one more to cram another map pack out the door before Modern Warfail 3 eats their playerbase.
  13. Traps, females, and lots of new zombie info!

    Didn't take long for this pack... At least we don't have to wait. Map looks awesome, though I don't care about MP anymore so it's going to cost me $15 for one map. >_>
  14. Is it worth buying COTD?

    Anyone who says George ruins the map either is 11 years old, sucks at zombies, can't run-and-gun or any combination of the above. The map is great, get it, enjoy it.
  15. if there is no secret tunnel...

    That's a minor issue, if you're going to pick the Zombies mode apart there are a lot of other things we could start with. For example: Magical boxes that dispense weapons Random doors costing money in the middle of a shipwreck Flying stuffed animals Meteorites that act as MP3 players Actors wearing little clothing surviving in a blizzard Etc, etc, etc... We could pick apart all the tiny little things that don't make sense for days on end if we really wanted to. I'm all for picking apart the plot but that's just a little to anal.