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  1. Perma Jug in 15+ ? Perma PHD? What is it?

    Yo looks like Jug stays active, just did a lil test game with perma jug and 3 MS shots were no red screen in 16.
  2. PC: a) When buying the Galvaknuckles while holding the Ballistic knife, you have no more knife at all anymore (like the knifing button would be disabled). The only way to solve this is by buying Bowie, then knuckles again. When another player revives my original character, while I am in Whos Who mode, I loose a gun.
  3. Perma Jug in 15+ ? Perma PHD? What is it?

    Does that mean you keep perma jug in 15, although you hear the loosing sound, until you die?
  4. Hi, I did some game today. I noticed, that explosions seemed to kinda do lower damage to myself then usual. In addition, there were several critical situations, that should have at least given me a red screen. For example, I shot twice with my mustang, then got a hit a bit later. Normally, this leads to a red screen, but didn't. Well, to check what is going on, I just shot 3 times onto my feet with my M&S, getting no red screen. So, either it was Perma Jug or some kind of Perma PHD. I didn't wanna do further testing, cause the game was going good, and I didn't wanna mess with it. After a later down (Down Type: Had WW and QR, didn't revive myself within 45s, so QR took place and I kept the perks), everything was back to normal. I started the game with Perma Jug - *caugh* - but heard the sound of loosing it in round 15. I noticed neither an unexpected persistent upgrade gaining within the game, nor a lost of one after the mentioned down. But after that certain down, everything was back to normal. Fortunately, I streamed, so the full game was recorded. Anyone got some idea? See here: http://www.twitch.tv/tomkzombies/b/374889353 2h 6min 30s: Two Shots M&S + Hit - no red screen 2h 7min 25s: 4 hits, 1s later another one, no red screen, no death 2h 10min 10s: 3 shots onto the ground with M&S - no red screen
  5. I saw the mode first after I completed Black Ops 1 campaign I love it since the first game I did (reached round 2 or so )
  6. Played it for like 20min or so. First impression? Hell yeah! http://www.twitch.tv/tomkzombies/b/372370507 The map is very confusing at first. Even if you tell someone to explain the map to you, all you see is something like this: And you're like... wtf. After a few games i noticed, that I can only drop down, not going up - something very weird. The second day, someone finally explained me that elevators are the only way up, besides the Jumper at some places. After understanding how you travel, that there are 3 buildings, that bottom floor of spawn building is split into two areas, and so on, a lot of confuse disappeared. The looping spots are often not flat, making it hard for headshots. Or in other words, Ray / M&S / Sliquifier, that don't require aim, got promoted, while as guns that should be used more often imho (Everything with bullets, Double Tap, Head Popper) gets a bit downrated. Sad. A nice wonderweapon. Finally. A major problem stays. Once downed, you have to travel around for x minutes, until you got your perks back. It just gets annoying to wait for 4 elevators being at the right floor, travelling from your death spot to power building, to spawn building, back to running spot... Bit annoying, but at least better than in Green Run. I'm just afraid double-downs (down once, down again cause no jug = game end in solo) will stay a common issue. That's not what the game should be about. OK, who's who works against this problem, that's nice.
  7. Very interesting. Your friend could obviously rank down in 1 day, but needed several days to rank back up. In case the rank is not based on lifetime stats, that would tell, that a certain amount of games is counted, not just a certain period of time. But I'm also not sure about the whole thing here, lifetime stats or not. No clue. I got a bit confused lately, when a noob Grief clan played against me and some others. 3 of 4 had shotguns, but they didn't play super awesome. What I saw was a decent play, but nothing more. Therefore I still wonder, if and in what way Grief plays a role. Maybe the many revives you get in grief? Grief itself with the Win/Loss Ratio? Well, I gave this rank stuff up. I just play for fun now. With the new patch I downed myself pretty much about 20 times in R
  8. It's 60 friends. PC: Zombies not doing the dying animation when killed in bus.
  9. Tranzit Perma Perks / Upgrades Info

    Thanks for your research, that brings us closer to the target of understanding that stuff. I would have opened a new topic too tbh I'm still very sceptical about the headshot thing there. I can't really believe, that there are multiple stages and that it has anything to do with the guns you use. I really can't, I still think people don't notice when they loose it. Then, when they regain it, they think they have reached a second stage. But I could be wrong. The fire resistance thing looks very interesting. However, I think it's unlikely it's really there. Because after two months, I guess it would have been confirmed already if it really is there. But here again, I could be wrong ;)
  10. Round 1 to 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 M1911 and M14. Reason: M14 kills well and is super cheap. Round 4 or 5 or 6 to 13 Bowie, then Knuckles, otherwise directly knuckles. Whatever I come by first. For support, I usually pick the AK74-u or the MP5, whatever I come by first. Of course, Jug is bought as soon as I come by it. I often also buy directly Stamin Up for all the running in the first rounds. Reason: Awesome. Round 14+ While I set myself up, guns can vary. I usually focus on AR's and SMGs. The final setup is: Slot Item Perk 1 Jug Perk 2 Stamin Up or Speed Reload, whatever I feel like Perk 3 Double Tap II, if I don't use bulletgun, of course not bought Perk 4 QR solo / Tombstone coop Gun 1 Ray Gun 2 Galil Fridge M&S Equip Shield until it breaks , Jet in 50+ Nade Semtex Tactical EMP, Monkey in 30+ Reason: Perks: I don't need Reload for all cost, so I often go with Stamin for all the running and stuff. Can also be used well for my reviving strategy with gathering the train a bit away, then running to the downed. Tombstone is imho underrated, cause setting yourself back up after a down takes hours, even if its just for perks. Therefore a genius like perk if ya ask me. The Galil seems to be the best gun besides all that explosive stuff, so I use it. The Ray is just awesome. The M&S is as well just awesome, but dangerous, therefore I use it only in the fridge. Other guns, like DSR50 or RPG upgraded are just not handy. Voice of Justice needs close distance, so I leave it. I usually have enough ammo, therefore I need no wallgun. EMP is handy for a lot of things, but in 30+ once you are set up and at your train spot, Monkeys come in better to recover from downs.
  11. Common, you claim you have decrypted the code, but you never post proof. You know what I think? Either you just troll everyone, or your mummy is not giving you enough attention and now you try to get it here by inventing interesting information.
  12. Zombie buffs?

    Just wanted to throw in, that you do not have to behave as dumb as an AI zombie Infected and stuff showed, that it is surprisingly well possible to flank and hit a gunned player as the dummy zombie.
  13. Am I missing something about Semtex?

    Matter of preference, nuff said. If I don't have the Semtex in Round 5 I feel lost.
  14. Passed now the 150 K/D barrier with the latest round 52 game. No shotguns. AAAA!!!! Recent K/D 3 days is 439, seems not to take place. Grief stat still negative (L>W, 5loss-3win or so)
  15. The grief point is very interesting. May a positive Win/Loss be required for Shotguns??? Welcome to the board zombiehunter ;)