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  1. Richtofen must be getting suspicious of Takeo

    IamRichtoffen, IamTakeo, Iamdempsey,Iamnikoli... wow. Lol, This is getting good..
  2. Weird Dagger Symbol! (Left from spawn)

    I'll try that tommorow and see what I can find, Tell me if you have any other marks or anything like that. Oh on topic i kinda think it looks like an adrenaline needle on some games it shows up like a shot with wings.. Oh, and Alpha [brains] for the great theory
  3. Richtofen must be getting suspicious of Takeo

    Sir, I know you are smarter than The Doctor, but he is way more cunning than you so he would probably stab you in the back and it would go a little something like this.. Sketch #1: Richtoffen- Hey takeo look the box! Takeo- Where? -looks- Richtoffen- buys bowie knife/ sickle- Takeo- scratches head -keeps looking- Richtoffen- -stabs- Sketch #2 Showdown.. Takeo- -Takes out katana- Richtoffen- -You think you can kill me? Noob. Takeo -starts rushing with Katana Richtoffen -thriows mw2 throwing knife Takeo- FUUUUUU But yeah, I think the doctor will end up being found by the other 2 characters... That's right takeo XD Btw, my other sketch was gonna be about sushi.. but that's racist Lol
  4. Richtofen must be getting suspicious of Takeo

    As you can see Takeo, not sure if this is true , but getting your gamerpicture after completing the call of the dead original characters trapped achievement, you look like a zombie, or you look like your go ze wundawaff up your ass, OR that your just very very sick. Sorry, buddy. :?
  5. What if...

    Or when you die you turn into a zombie lolz, and attack your former teammates... E.g: DIE RICHTOFFEN! Lol but we'll just have to see :D
  6. Funny Zombies Quotes

    Dempsey : Leggo my hand grenade!!! Dempsey: I FOUND IT! "reffering to the bathroom on kdt Richtoffen: Alas the doctor is too poor to buy this ( not enough money) LOL