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  1. Missed Red death by 1 strange coin, this is going to haunt me now. Got that coin next day first thing when xur was gone. How you guys like red death? Is the health regen significant?

    1. Naitrax


      Yes, Red Death is great. Absolutely tears in Crucible - 2 burst to the head if all 3 shots land, nice base stability + unflinching makes it to hard to land headshots, pretty much never a 4 burst.

      The best part about though is the health regen. It allows you to win an engagement with no health and round the corner into the next one with full health.

    2. Naitrax


      The 9,7% base damage increase on Pulse Rifles also makes it very viable for high-level PvE content. If you don't have a Gjallarhorn for HM CE, Red Death makes you useful in the fact that you'll be the most survivable on the team.

    3. way2g00d


      I know that's why I wanted it badly. I spent all my coins the week before on heavy ammo from xur. :( I hope zur comes back with a enemy locking rocket if not better items ;)

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