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  1. Undead Nightmare

    Tranzit hate???

    PROBLEMS I HAVE WITH TRANZIT I personally don't hate the map but don't think it's the best either. The problems I have seen with this map are as follows. MAP DESIGN The map is too "big" for my taste. Notice I put big in quotations. The reason I did this is because it's deemed off as "big" because of the fog. It's a huge map that is a pain to run in as you either go into the fog and confront the denizens, or wait until the bus comes to you which again, is just not quick enough. They try to even it out with the teleporters but fail miserably as this is random, not controlled. If one of my teammates goes down, there a huge possibility that he's not getting back up as most people like to train in separate areas, making revive attempts all that more frustrating. I don't have problem with a huge map, as long as there is actually some playing ground in the map, not just five Nacht size mini maps with a few spots here and there. That is what frustrated me the most of this map. Before it came out, they advertised it as it being a big map with some cool Easter eggs for people to find if they risked going into the fog. Maybe if they had included some more shortcuts or something along those lines, I would have enjoyed my time on this map more. BUILDABLES Now for the buildables. I understand this was the first zombies map in the game not including Nuketown since they both came at the same time, but did they really have to make the buildables so restricted? You could only build each one in a certain spot which wasn't too annoying but nonetheless deserves a mention. Another problem I have is playing solo on this map. One of the biggest problems I have with this map is trying to Pack-a-Punch. This isn't only on solo as the problem can happen on coop but it's bigger on solo. Most of the time when I put the turbine down at power and go to Town to see if the door is opened, the turbine breaks when I'm at Town from a zombie or it just doesn't activate the door. This a pain as running back and forth becomes a hassle way too quickly. The Jet Gun is the next problem on the list. Building it is just not worth it in my opinion as the pieces are all scattered and it breaks to easily. I don't know if it's a Wonder Weapon per say, but I know it's probably the worst special weapon we've had in zombies in my opinion. HONORABLE MENTIONS Lava isn't too bad as you can get used to it but it's still annoying when you use monkeys and it lands in lava, resulting in the monkey not working. Another thing I would like to mention is the color of this map. I know it makes sense for them to make it like this since its after Moon, but I'm so glad they quickly decided to change it and make the maps more bright and colorful like in Black Ops, having Shangri-La in mind. It gave the map a Walking Dead feel and was cool at first, but wore off making me realize the dull, dark colors was something I didn't like in CoDz. I think that wraps up my reasons as to why I don't like the map as much as other ones. This was a pretty long post, and it sure felt good to get it all out. If you made to the end, I congratulate you on reading the problems I have with Tranzit. Have a great day!
  2. Undead Nightmare

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    I'm not a popcorn guy but I would love to join you. Great thread by the way, MurderMachineX. I really appreciate all the effort you and anyone who helped has put in to the thread. :D
  3. Undead Nightmare

    What is your legacy?

    That was beautiful! I have to give you [brains] for that! That is probably the most passionate thing I've ever read! I hope everyone else that reads this is as motivated and touched by this as I am!
  4. Undead Nightmare

    What is your legacy?

    My legacy(which wasn't that popular ) was being the first one to find out that the Zap Guns and Wave Gun were the same gun. The Zap Guns being the main gun while the Wave Gun being an attachment. I don't post many great threads as some other huge zombie fanatics(jayghf1978 has already named a few) but I'd like to. I mostly just observe and try to read as much topics as I can. The only reason why is because I'm so caught up with school but I'm hoping I'll be able to get more major finds and posts when Black Ops II comes out.
  5. Undead Nightmare

    NGT Zombies is here!!!

    Welcome to CoDz Spiderbite! Its great to have you here and I am a fan of your videos. Good luck and I hope you have a wonderful time while your here!
  6. Undead Nightmare

    20 Questions - CoDz Style

    Is it an Xbox 360 game?
  7. Undead Nightmare

    Your current fave maps?

    1. Moon- There's just something on this map that I love. Also has the best weapons, easter eggs, perks, etc. 2. Shangri-la- Again I love it. It has amazing features, and even though the easter egg is long, I still like it. 3. Ascension- This map was incredible! The problem I have with it is that its just really boring in the high rounds AND THE MONKEYS! 4. Der Riese- Its just a classic that I will never forget. This is one of the maps that I had a lot of fun in. 5. Call of the Dead- Many people hated this map but I actually liked it. It was entertaining. Only problem, George Romero. He did keep the game exciting, though. 6. Shi No Numa- This map was the birthplace of the legendary storyline and characters we all love. It also was a very wide map that was amazing if you decided to run around. Lets not forget the Wunderwaffe. 7. Verruct- This map wasn't boring at all but I like the other maps more. 8. No Man's Land- Very exciting and challenging. 9. Kino Der Toten- This map was awesome but I realized how boring it was after map packs. 10. Natch Der Untoten- This map was very basic and fun. I don't hate it its just I like the other maps more. 11. Five- I didn't really like this map that much. I never really got into the game with it but the characters are awesome. 12. Dead Ops Arcade- Its not that I hate it its just I like classic zombies way more. I know this is supposed to be the maps that we like in order but I just want to say I don't hate any maps. I just like some more than others. I hope zombies will never end and that Treyarch can keep making the most amazing game, storyline, mode, characters,weapons, and everything else we all love from this incredible mode. ZOMBIES FTW!!!
  8. Undead Nightmare

    Moon Confirmed Info

    Exactly. This was said by the ex IGN guy and it was proven to be fake.
  9. Undead Nightmare

    The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    I've also been waiting to be in the N ikolia group for 3 weeks and finally im in.
  10. Undead Nightmare

    The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    I have also been waiting for my group request to be accepted. I'm supposed to be a Nikolia and i sent proof. I've been waiting fo three days and still nothing. I hope i get in.
  11. Undead Nightmare

    Inside Xbox/Shangri-La Trailer Discussion *UPDATED*

    I'm pretty sure the Inside Xbox video will come out on saturday but the trailer is already out so if you haven't seen it go check it out. It has a brand new shink ray gun or a gun that turns them into babies.Its AWESOME!!! :D
  12. Undead Nightmare

    Inside Xbox/Shangri-La Trailer Discussion *UPDATED*

    Most likely. I'll be checking the dashboard the most at 7
  13. Undead Nightmare

    Inside Xbox/Shangri-La Trailer Discussion *UPDATED*

  14. Undead Nightmare

    Inside Xbox/Shangri-La Trailer Discussion *UPDATED*

    I meant that would suck if it showed us nothing.
  15. Undead Nightmare

    Inside Xbox/Shangri-La Trailer Discussion *UPDATED*

    That would suck.

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