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  1. Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    Thanks Pipwns. You clearly didn't get the memo about me halucinating. Good job you missed. Anyway, ignore everything I said about research. It's not important...
  2. You're Banned!

    You're banned for being so good at dead ops. You're banned for, er. No, I got nothing... Peace out... 8-)
  3. Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    Alright, listen up bastards! I have the safehouse in lockdown and am holding MyLittleHellhound hostage. You come within a mile of this place and I'll detonate my 'research'. I'm open to negotiations, I want food, water, guns and money. I have no intention of rotting in this shit hole waiting to die! You call me when you've made your choice, then we'll talk buisness...
  4. Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    Cheers Killall. I'm fine now, and have made my way to the safehouse. I've got some materials, a few wood planks and bread. Once I recover I'll be back to normal. I've found a new calling in the lab, and am looking for weakness' in the zombie's body. Should provide me and the other snipers a good advantage...
  5. Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    *Transmission Start* It's been so long since my last contact, I've been holed up in this abandoned fairground for months. I've been under seige constantly, I'm camping up a ferris wheel, but I'm low on supplies, and they're, they're evolving. Somthing is trying to scale this thing. I've held it back for a while, but I've been infected. I fear my time is short. I need immediate medical assistance, and an extraction as soon as possible. Please. I... Wait... What's that... (Static)
  6. The Face Behind The Avatar

    No, we don't. Jokes! Peace out... 8-)
  7. You're Banned!

    I ban you for not banning properly. Peace out... 8-)
  8. The Face Behind The Avatar

    Mate, check the newest posts. Peace out... 8-)
  9. The Face Behind The Avatar

    What can I say. I'm a creepy guy. Dykes has added her in his sig. What's next? A Saranex admirers thread? Actually... Peace out... 8-)
  10. The Face Behind The Avatar

    Mate, seriously, I'm joking! I'm not immigrting to Sweeden to go after a girl I don't know. Or am I? Wonder how Saranex is feeling about 2 handsome young Britains on a internet site arguing over her. Sorry. And Zombie, I thought this site was one of these ones wher you gotta be a certain age. And didn't wanna get flamed. Anyway, no problem fantisising. Peace out... 8-)
  11. The Face Behind The Avatar

    Im thirteen. Same! What are the immigration laws in Sweeden? Peace out... 8-)
  12. The Face Behind The Avatar

    Hey. How ya doing? LOL. Seriously though, you look good. How old are you? Just interested. Peace out... 8-)
  13. Best Friends...

    In case you were confused, Mareth was a zombie all along. I'm gonna write a few stories that make you think about why you kill zombies. Peace out... 8-)
  14. Best Friends...

    Penworth paced across the room, shuddering nervously, paranoid by the slightest breath. The marine was armed with a worn M1 Garand rifle, and was splattered with the blood of his fallen. Mareth watched from the dark corner, watching his best freind paching, wondering why he was worried. The Asylum was a great place for Mareth, there was meat in the kitchin, he knew everyone there, but Penworth didn't enjoy it there. He paused, detecting his best-freinds movment, poised as if to pounce, before discarding it as a mere owl. Mareth felt concern for his freind, who was sat in a corner, tearful, solem eyes fixated on Mareth. He felt the need to embrace Penworth, and got to his feet, shuffling across the dingy room towards his freind. Penworth screamed, scrambling for rifle, only knocking it further, Mareth recoiled, confused by his freinds hostility. By now Penworth was up, aiming down his trembeling sight at his ex-comrade. He pulled the trigger. Mareth moaned, but he felt nothing, his left arm had been severed at the elbow, but he didn't stop, he continued forwards, the embrace turning to blood lust, Mareth tried to pull back, but a voice urged him on, "Go on," She wisphered, "Do it" With a moan, he launched forward, barelling his freind over. Penworth franticlly clawed at his eyes, trying to force Mareth off, he shouted in pain as Mareth bit into his neck, tearing at him till he bled no more. He stood up, looking at his severed limb. The bleeding was unstopable. His time was done...
  15. Codz off topic zombie barricade!

    Just putting forward a situation, the body I found and ate was infected and I turned, and bit everyone in the tower. Quick! What'd you do! Peace out... 8-)