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  1. The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    Man, I just realized how long this thread has been going. The site was a lot different back then, there was so much more activity. 1/15 was almost like a holiday.
  2. Did Anyone Play Extinction or Exo Zombies?

    I completely skipped Advanced Warfare and only played Ghosts for a little bit, but I really enjoyed my time in Extinction, even if it was only the first map. I thought the different classes were a nice touch for different playstyles to synergize with each other. I had an absolute blast playing with people like Way, Boom, and Grill.
  3. If Der Reise came out today

    The year is 2016, the final Black Ops III DLC is upon us. We've stuck by the series for years, hammering hours into Verruckt and Shi No Numa, the only zombies maps World at War produced. We gladly paid another $15 for the 3 classic maps that came with Moon on Black Ops. While many played Shadows of Evil on the launch day of Black Ops III, many dedicated fans spent hours on Asylum, a remastering of the fan-favorite Verruckt. Today, Treyarch releases a brand new map loaded with incredible new features; Der Riese. Loading up single player, a cutscene featuring 4 new guest starring characters plays. I think I've heard of one of them from that one movie that looked kinda good but nobody saw. I am forced to watch the first 3 minutes before it can be skipped. The game loads, I am equipped with a new pistol that is pretty much the same as the other six starting pistols. 5 minutes of intense dialogue ensue, the characters spout enthralling lines such as, "Where am I?" and "What is going on"? The fourth demonic announcer of the game, played by Peter Dinklage, tells me to do something for the good of all something. It is round 3, I have yet to kill a zombie. Cyborgs come from the ground. The barriers are pretty much just a decoration at this point. There are two doors, each priced at 1250 points. They lead to the same place. I look to find the power switch, which must be assembled out of 15 parts at 5 different crafting tables. In one hour of playtime I have successfully turned on the power and bought a gun. It is round 5. However, my job is not yet done. In order to buy a perk, I must kill enemies around the machine to collect their souls. I look for Juggernog, but see that it has been put in the graveyard along with PhD Flopper, Speed Cola, and Double Tap for making the game too fun easy. I opt to purchase Deadshot Daiquiri instead. The power switch breaks and must be repaired. I come across three teleporters which must be linked to the mainframe. In order to do this, I must use a beacon to transform me into "This is totally new guys I swear" mode, which allows me to shoot electricity and jump kinda high. Using the electricity I zap 12 of 37 randomized symbols, linking the first teleporter. Unfortunately for me I did not write down the other set of 12 symbols and make a mistake, locking me out of the ability to link the teleporters for the rest of the game. Oh well, at least I can pack a punch. I follow a 14 step process using a YouTube tutorial that unlocks the machine. I put my starting pistol in, and am prompted to type a 2 page essay to Treyarch detailing how the new map is fresh, innovative, and fun. For my efforts I receive the Rofl and Waffle, a set of pistols identical to Mustang and Sally. This weapon is shortly removed from the game via patch. I purchase a Gobblegum and receive a Liquid Divinium. I must wait for the weekly reset in order to obtain another. In my haste to chew my candy, I do not see the set of rockets fired at me by the new miniboss. I am downed, and am congratulated for reaching round six. Thanks for reading this silly wall of text, I just come off of a game on Shadows of Evil and decided to vent my frustrations in a more fun way. I hope I'm not alone when I say that zombies has grown to be a little ridiculous with all of the side ventures we are forced to go on for every little thing. I just want a cool sword, not an hour of boredom!
  4. Shadows of Evil: Tips, tricks and Points of Interest

    I didn't notice this thread! I'm all for it, this thread would be the perfect place for them. Good work Black!
  5. PSA: It seems going down while throwing a Monkey Bomb may crash your game, just happened to me.

  6. Pick a side *rant

    There are definitely some flaws that hurt the experience. For one, it seems you are capped at getting only two Liquid Divinium per game. I may be wrong, but I have yet to see anyone get 3. It's really annoying that someone can put in 15 minutes and get as much as I do from 40 rounds.
  7. Quick Tips

    Hey guys! There are a ton of new features in BO3 zombies, I thought it might be a good idea to share any little tricks that can may help each other out. For example, how the Bowie Knife becomes a 2-hit kill at round 10. I'll start: The Ephemeral Enhancement Gobblegum PaPs your equipped weapon for 30 seconds. In this time, you can Pack a Punch it again for 2500 points to keep it permanently. That's a gun worth 7500 for only 2500! You are less likely to lunge forward while using our melee if you hold back on your control stick as you stab. This is great for knifing hoards during an Insta Kill or a Sword Flay. If you guys have anything to share I'll edit it in to the main post!
  8. The Giant Highest Round

    Just got done with my first try at round 28, not bad! I'm loving the new mechanics.
  9. Homepage is now live

    I love having a homepage again, reminds me of the days of Black Ops! Everything on the site looks fantastic, the new theme is great.
  10. All in favor of keeping CoDz like this permanently say I.

    1. Electric Jesus

      Electric Jesus

      Weed out the OCD demographic. I like it.

    2. The Meh
  11. Anime Chat and Recommendations

    I recently finished Good Luck Girl, it was absolutely hilarious. I don't usually watch anything in the comedy genre, but this one is totally worth the watch.
  12. 5 year(ish)+ members roll call

    I barely hit that 2010 mark, so I've got 4 years on me. Like ZombieOfTheDead said, it's weird to look at the old names. What's insane to me is how much this site has changed my life over time. I met my best friends here who I talk to almost every day. Through them I met even more people, people I would have never heard from had I never chosen to post here. I think of all of the time I spent lurking here when I first found this site, awaiting Black Ops. I spent ridiculous amounts of time going through every thread I could see, finally creating an account to argue over whether or not Five was part of the storyline. You guys are the best.
  13. Lurkers Rejoice!

    I know what you mean, sometimes I find myself starting to reply but instead just stopping midway. I'm kinda sad I wasn't active for my 4 year anniversary, time seriously flies.
  14. Lurkers Rejoice!

    I haven't posted in a bit, just lurking through the forums for a while. It's been a while since I last talked to anyone, but I've been here! It got me curious, how many people are out there like me? Lurkers, now is a good excuse to let us know you're here!
  15. Insomnia

    I have the exact problem, I completely understand how you feel. My way of dealing with it if I absolutely cannot sleep is to use a device with low brightness and watch videos, play a relaxing game, watch a show etc. Eventually my eyes want nothing more than to close. It can take a while to take effect though, so don't do it too often! Most importantly, clear your mind as much as you can. Stress is the most common source of insomnia. Also, try taking melatonin supplements, they can be extremely helpful to keep you drowsy.