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    I think those things are for the rocket, i heard something about it being accesible or launchable, im not sure though just rumours i heard.
  2. Giggle

    What Will The New Power Weapon Be??

    I see 2 (3 if the sabertooth 360 is diffrent then the original one) new weapons sabertooth_360_upgraded_zm sabertooth_360_zm sabertooth_upgraded_zm sabertooth_zm tesla_gun_upgraded_zm tesla_gun_zm I've already put an entire Topic on this, and even i wasn't the first to do that. So people who are on the forums regularly should know about this. I have already let out things about the Sabertooth. However i would rather have the DG-2+DG-3 back than a new weapon... DG-2/DG-3 Are awesomesause
  3. Giggle

    What Will The New Power Weapon Be??

    Well... Maybe its the Sabertooth . The Ak-47 had a file which was with zombies, it also had one which had MK which some people said meant Master Key, which was an undermounted shotgung. But in the Unused weapon files for zombies there was a Sabertooth and a Sabertooth 360 bot with upgraded version. Someone suggested that the Sabertooth might be some sort of Lightsword, and when it is out of ammo i guess it'll becoma a Sabertooth 360 with which you can hit the zombie in his face. OR It is the Magic Pink Cowbell! :D
  4. Those scrapped maps were MP maps, so they probably have no connection to zombies. Also, there is no way of knowing that the pentagon MP map was scrapped then turned into a zombies map, thats just someone on the call of duty wiki making speculations. Also, the under water number station cant be Ascension since The number station was under the Rusalka, which was out at sea in Cuban waters. And since they speak Spanish in Cuba (Amirite?), the title of the map couldn't be "Ascension." Yes, but the theory might be quitte right about the map "Five", however the fact that it was completely indoors might've done it. But maybe therefore they used it for zombies. It would've been nice though, the Heroes underwater to find something about Numbers or something. Than zombies have come onto the boat (idunno how but whatever) Then they are trapped underwater and they can ascend to the deck of the boat or something. :P
  5. Giggle

    The True identity of the Thief!

    See, I wouldn't know anything from the singleplayer campaign that has yet been put into zombies. Maps or area's at the most. I haven't seen any player from the campaign in zombies yet, so i think it unthinkable that Clarke is in there so i think it's just some texture.
  6. It might not be relevant, but on this call of duty wiki site there were scrapped maps, of which a few were about the very last campaign mission. The underwater number station. Maybe it is in there, the Woman in the starting sequence Clearly States: "Ascension". I don't think i'm the first to mention this, but it can still be a probability since "Five" was first a multiplayer map which has been most likely removed but the again used as a Zombies map. Then all the Zombie maps in WaW were MP Map based. So i think a MP map based on Kino might be released in a further Map Pack. But i think that the map Ascension might be in the Underwater Number Station. (I'm not the first one to say this, probably. So ehm... yeah don't hate )
  7. Giggle

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    After reading everything here, i saw thos lists of numbers some had a location behind it. What if, all thos numbers are known locations of Nova Gass attack planned, because when in the campaign, in one mission u take pictures off this map of the USA showing all the red circles of Gas Attacks, maybe it might be a lot of work but if someone could make a good picture and compare the location with those found with the numbers, you might get to something.Just my idea i dont know anyone posted this somewhere but i just wanted to tell.
  8. Giggle

    47093- EBOLA.

    I have yet another theory, because my bad eyes have seen 47893 the first time i looked at it. Now when i googled that i found something about some Biological thing called: IMP-3 which i have no idea what it is, it is not a DIrect link. It's some sort of catalogue and 47893 is the Product code. Might lead to something new, might just be a dead end. Edit: Link: http://www.scbt.com/datasheet-47893-imp-3-n-19-antibody.html

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