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  1. -CrF WarMachine-

    Bad choice, Treyarch.

    I gotta disagree with you there. I just checked—there are currently 568,438 people online on Zombies. That's a lot more than 30,000. Zombies is just as important to Treyarch as multiplayer is. And everyone knows it. I say they start dropping 3 multiplayer maps and two zombies maps on the dlc's. They could do it. Especially if this dlc sells well. Actaully its about 26,000 in Zombies, and 505,000 In multiplayer overall including zombies.
  2. -CrF WarMachine-

    Bad choice, Treyarch.

    I think the map pack was an okay idea, not a great idea, but an okay idea. What some people don't realize is that there is about half a million people still playing multiplayer consistently, and about thirty to ninety thousand people on Zombies. So there is still a larger amount of players in multiplayer, contrary to popular belief. But since they did do an entire Zombies pack I would of preferred to see at least three brand new Zombie maps rather than the revamped maps. I mean its cool that they brought those classic maps to a larger audience but i would have rather seen it in a bundle later like they did in W@W, and not release it as a stand alone Map pack. Also i would like to say that I'm a bit dissapointed by treyarchs weapon selection in some of the more recent Zombie maps. Is it so much to ask of them to add an Ak 47, an M60, Skoprion, or the Mac 11. The wonder weapons are great and all but some variety in the other weapons would be greatly appreciated. I hope that the moon map will change this trend.
  3. -CrF WarMachine-

    Was anybody dissapointed when (SPOILERS)

    That would be beautiful. I think that they will still stay within the realm of Black Operations but move it over to the 70's and 80's. From Woods rescue at the end of the vietnam war to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980's. I think this era would provide alot of content for Call of Duty Black Ops II.
  4. -CrF WarMachine-

    IGN's crappy review

    Apparently!!! :lol:
  5. -CrF WarMachine-

    IGN's crappy review

    Absolutley!!! I wasnt surprised that IGN gave that score, but i was just pissed. But theyre not the only ones. Eurogamer gave it a 8/10. All the other reviewers gave them 9 or higher, or 5 out of 5 stars. So yeah i think they have beef with treyarch. Or they're getting paid by infinity ward on the side, and giving a lower score. This has happened before. Eidos did it with the first Kane and lynch. They told him to give it higher score. The reviewer said no and ended up giving it a 6.5 and got fired for it.
  6. -CrF WarMachine-

    We need your ideas for zombie shirts!

    Just keep it simple, write perk-a-cola in the front with the format of the coca cola logo. :)
  7. -CrF WarMachine-

    Number of Prestige levels is 15

    Well besides all of the normal things I think we will get CP, new camos, maybe a small discount on camos and other things that really can't give you a large advantage against the lower ranked people, and hopefully some new guns, but I think that's unlikely. totally agree with being at an advantage against lower ranked players. In an ideal world we would recieve a new gun every other prestige, new titles and even more emblems for the emblem editor. The standard extra class slot, and i love that discount idea. I think that would work wonderfully.
  8. -CrF WarMachine-

    Number of Prestige levels is 15

    What bonuses do you guys think will be given after prestiging each time?
  9. -CrF WarMachine-

    What Is Your Highest Round On Der Riese?

    45 rounds solo (could of gone farther but i was starting to get tired, so i decided to just commit suicide ). 38 rounds with three people (no glitches, all legit)

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