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  1. First off, 97% of the time I play Hardcore Search, and Have done so for a very long time. In My opinion, Hardcore Search and Destroy(Hardcore modes in General) Was at its Peak in World at War. Hardcore Search in World at War Had an Excellent Pace. Slower and More Deliberate. The Kind of Pace that a game mode where you only have one life Should Have, not to mention the Hardcore Variant. This Excellent pacing was Due in part to The Much Larger, more complicated/diverse maps in World at War. Oh, And the Lack Of Unlimited Sprint. [*]Almost Every round of Search and Destroy in World at War someone actually went for the objective, or the round lasted until time limit, even on the smaller maps like Hanger, Courtyard, and Makin. Then Along comes modern warfare 2 with unlimited sprint, and smaller, flat(95%of them, not bad, just smaller) maps. Someone with marathon and lightweight could be in the Enemy Spawn within Seconds on Any Map in the game, with the exceptions being the two larger maps, which even then only took a few seconds longer. [*:pkp95jyt]Because of this Search and Destroy began to transform from a Slower paced Objective game, into Team Deathmatch with one life. Everyone would use marathon and lightweight to rush to the opposing spawn and try to kill everyone, most times never even picking up the bomb, or even thinking about going after the objective. Entire games lasted a mere few minutes most of the time. [*:pkp95jyt] [*:pkp95jyt]With some help from the smaller map design in modern warfare 2. Marathon Destroyed the Pace, and purpose of Search and Destroy, almost entirely. Now with Black Ops, Search and Destroy has slowed back down a little, with help from the more complicated maps(for the most part). [*:pkp95jyt]But the Maps Are still relatively small. Small enough that a ten second Delay on Rifle Grenades isn't enough, especially when You can just look up and Toss a Hand Grenade 3/4 the across a lot of the maps. [*:pkp95jyt] [*:pkp95jyt]And even though unlimited sprint is pretty challenging to obtain(legitimately that is), I have already experienced some of the same, Team-Deathmatch-with-one-life style of playing Search and Destroy in Black Ops, with people never even grabbing the Bomb from there spawn. I fear Marathon Pro, Compounded with Flak Jacket to make it so the rusher doesn't even have to think twice about Claymores; may have well created the Very Class that will Unravel The tentatively cautious pacing of Search and Destroy once again. I love Hardcore Search and Destroy, and I hope the Community Doesn't Destroy it. I realize that this isn't necessarily a fundamental gameplay flaw, just another thing the Community has begun to Exploit and Whore, like many other things, And it Obviously Isn't the only thing Harming Search. But with lightweight, and a non-pro Marathon that already lets you sprint for longer than Extreme Conditioning in Call of Duty 4 and World at War, Is the Inclusion of Unlimited Sprint Really Even Necessary?
  2. A pistol is a tool used to give a sniper a chance at Short Range Fighting. . . I should Elaborate, I was not trying to say this game is perfect, but as far as Call of Duty Goes, and as far as an Improvement upon modern warfare 2 goes; Black Ops is Very, Very Good. I can Agree that the Maps aren't near as good as World at War's maps, but they are infinitely better than modern warfare 2's maps. There isn't just One choke point on every map, which gives the maps a lot more strategic value. Especially in Search and Destroy. As for the Spawn system, its been the same since Call of Duty 4. Which Is a small part of the Reason the I Play Hardcore Search and Destroy Exclusively. But in the time I had to play regular mode before unlocking Search and Destroy, I didn't notice that happening too much. Luck I Suppose.
  3. Haven't had any of these problems, but in regards to this, I guess DJ Vahn said that this is not a bug. There are evidently Custom game options that allow this to happen. I haven't tested it personally though.
  4. When I first heard about the Terminal I was like Sweet, Lets go check it out. I did not Expect it to be a COMPLETE Simulation of an Actual UNIX Terminal. Imagine my Surprise when I realized my UNIX Class in College was Actually going to be of some use! I immediately started entering all the commands I could remember. Going through Directories, reading Files, and Exploring the Terminal. It was Awesome, then I remembered why I went to the Terminal in the First place: Zork, and Dead Ops. Zork is just Classic, and Dead Ops ended up Preventing my first Prestige by a few hours, after exploring the Terminal already sucked away at least an hour. Just a Few more Reasons Why Treyarch is the Greatest!
  5. Zieghail


    ^^^ Indeed, those Internet Nazi's are real. This site use to be just about the only Forum that I could access, and then a few months ago they gave the Internet Nazi's all new equipment. That means 97% Everything that even has the word "Game" Associated with it is Blocked. I have a list of about 90 Proxy sites, I've only tested about 15 of them but they are all labeled as "Proxy Avoidance" therefore they are blocked as well, But I will have to check the rest out.
  6. First of all I would Like to say Hello to all, It has been quite some time since I have been able to visit last. I would Also Like to Apologize for all of the unanswered PM's. Now, Lets get down To business! I've(unsurprisingly, Yet Sadly) noticed a lot of Complaining about the MultiPlayer in Black Ops, and I have to say I find it all absolutely Hilarious! Some of you may Remember This EXACT SAME THING Happened When World at War was Released. What Happened you ask? When World at War was Released, MANY people bought the Game Expecting to perform well online immediately, just like they did in Modern Warfare. Here's the thing: They didn't expect that they would have to get used to Weapons with Recoil, or Weapons that take a decent amount of skill. They Didn't Expect to have to have maps that were well laid out and actually required skill and thinking. They just didn't expect that World at War would require More Skill. So When those people expecting to dominate immediately after putting the Disk in didn't do so well, they got Mad and Stomped around and Cried. Claiming that World at War Sucked and Treyarch was a Horrible Developer. Neither of which are anywhere near Truthful Statements. So Here we Are, Two Years Later. Treyarch Releases Black Ops, and yet again people are starting up the game Expecting to instantly dominate. And they Are Not instantly dominating, Again. They Say the Maps are Horrible because they have no good camping spots. They Claim All the Maps are like one Big Maze! (The Maps ACTUALLY require thought about where to go and what to do!) They Claim the Guns Suck because they Have Recoil, and they can't run around hip firing with every weapon in the game! They Complain about not being able to use Cheap Tactics like Quick Scoping and Noob Tubes, and that Black Ops is Actually a Well Balanced Game. Because of this They are once again Saying Treyarch Is the Worst Developer Ever, and that Black Ops Sucks. Which are still nowhere near Truthful Statements. What they Fail to Realize, is that Black Ops is Harder, and more competitive Online. That Black Ops weapons, Perks, and Maps take Practice and Skill. That its Nothing like the Mainstreamed-for-noobs-and-kids modern warfare 2. What they Fail to Realize, is that Black Ops is the REAL Call of Duty.
  7. Zieghail


    Just wanted to point out that my Absence of Late is Due to the Internet Nazi's at my Work Place. They Finally blocked this Forum. :evil: Along with every single "Anonymizer" I can think of. Every day since that Fateful Day has been a long, Drawn out Affair. And because I don't have a lot of time to check the Forum at home, I havent been on Recently. As such have been missing out on a lot of great news it looks like. 3D. . . Really Treyarch? 3D? I think that piece of the Budget could be better spent. And it looks Like the Site is doing Great without me! (As if I were THAT Important) Oh and unless I'm Imagining things, the site looks Updated. Maybe not, it has been a few weeks, Either way It Looks Great Carbon! Anyway, I'll be Trying to Communicate here more often in the Future. Oh and if anyone can Help me out with these Damn Internet Nazi's I would appreciate it immensely. Farewell for now, I'll return As soon as I can. :)
  8. Lol, Bouncing Betties were Super easy to see. Sorry I just had too. I really wish the Had a Bouncing Betty Type Anti-Personel Mine in Black Ops. They are so much Better than Claymores.
  9. The game takes place in more areas than Just Vietnam. Russia, Cuba, South America, and others im Sure. There will more than Likely be a Militia Type Faction in Cuba or south America. GASP! Just realized this. WHERE Is Gary Oldman? Wasn't he on the IMDB Page Voicing Reznov.
  10. Personally I find it easy to spot claymores from a fair distance away even without sit rep, so when I tried sit rep out, and I had over a dozen red equipment silhouettes polluting my screen at all times it was a annoying. In reality though, however Hacker works its fine with me. I Hardly Used Bomb Squad and sit rep anyway.
  11. PlayStation? I Play Just about Every Night with 3 other people and Game Invites Flying all over the place all night without any problems.
  12. I voted Yes. BUT ONLY if it DOES NOT Show enemy Equipment from Across the Entire Map Like sit rep from modern warfare 2. It should only reveal enemy equipment if your fairly close to it, like Bomb Squad from World at War and Call of Duty 4.
  13. LOL! This is just one of the many Reasons Why Dual Wielding/Akimbo in any Semi-Realistic Military Shooter is Completely Homosexual.
  14. I think the most logical answer to one character having two Voice actors is Age. We already know the game will take place over a vast peroid of time, so having the characters voice change over the passage of time is the most logical answer.
  15. Indeed, I want to see the Same thing I said Almost 2 Years ago. On the World at War HQ I made a topic about Treyarch's next Call of Duty after all the Rumors came out that it would be Based in the Cold War. At the time(maybe Late November/Early December 2010), everyone thought "the Cold War was Dumb and that There wasn't any fighting that took place at all During the Cold War". I laughed at these ignorant people. Really? Their was no Actual Conflict During the Cold War? Vietnam, Korea, The 6 Day war? Those are just a few of the Widely Known Conflicts. So I made a topic on the HQ Talking about the 34("Officially") Years during which the Cold War took Place. Detailing that almost that entire 30 years had Actual Conflict and not just Weapon Races. I also Detailed how The Cold War is An Unbelievably Rich Time Period to Craft an Epic Story, especially considering the amount of Information from the time period is still Classified. I stated how Treyarch Could Easily make a great Consiracy Filled, and Theory Filled story and base it off What ifs, and Speculation and Rumors from the Cold War, and When you Consider that all those What Ifs and Specualtions and Rumors are most Likely True, at least to some degree, Treyarch Would Still be sticking to their Historcally Accurate Game Creation Roots. That Topic on the HQ was Deleted by the The Man Less than 2 hours after posting it. At the Time My Friend and I Absolutely Knew that I hit the Nail on The Head. Why Else would they Delete such a Logical, non Flame Filled Topic that only a few people had posted on? It seems that my unintentional Prediction is about to come true. So I would hope to see Conspiracies. Lots of them. And Theories Too. A few Jaw Dropping Revelations. Spectacular Music, And Lots of Awesomeness.
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