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    CoDz - PTG - Twodown ***My Thoughts***

    ...*walks in* Oh ummm...yeah I got into this in the beginning (this is maxninja btw for those who don't know), I think i was literally one of the biggest causes of the flames and hate within this site. Obviously what later happened throughout the years has bitten me in the ass very hard and i think I've deeply apologized to the site for my actions back in those days (it's been more than a year now? Man time flies ). Since then i just...left. I still played Zombies because i love the "living" crap out of it, got Ascension but i COTD and Shangri-La are still left grayed out...$30 for those two maps just aren't worth it to me for some strange reason, however Rezurrection is a map pack i am DEFINITELY looking forward to come next week. I am also going to "become" a zombie for a theme park Halloween Event in my area (Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream 2011. It's a full-blown Zombies theme this year, couldn't resist XD) Anyways, i've let it all behind me and it's been smooth sailing from then on, i talked to Ben months ago, we seem to have put our differences aside yet i haven't talked to him for months after that. Just finally glad to have this entire thing done and over with and have everyone get along with each other. Of course there will still be debacles between the groups or even within their own respective sites, but at least this will hopefully lessen that tension and strife between the two sites. Cheers and blessings, - Maxninja.
  2. Deadman91

    Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    25 solo. Yeah nothing to grand :P
  3. Deadman91


    http://kotaku.com/#!5771646/the-source- ... s-revealed Huh, so it WASN'T HL or TwoDown who were behind it... ...but a different company up in Canada that bought the rights to the site, sent out the dog tags, and have, "apparently" a sequel "project" to MW2...interesting, MUCH BETTER THAN TwoDown's attempt at a viral that i can say (in the sense that, there was no stupid person who got on forums to talk back and forth and start flaming members of respective forum of said franchise), no, just a simple countdown and dogtags. Now i'm a bit interested as to what will show up on Wednesday >__>
  4. Deadman91


    *cough*TWODOWN*cough* It's a possibility, but it has the "GKNOVA0.com" vibe to me...well, we can't really be sure until the countdown ends am i right?
  5. Deadman91

    NEW Gknova6 Update! 12-23-10

    I hate you > Because i wanted to post it first, but instead, LET ME BACK YOU UP MY BRUTHA! Yup, seems like our person is in space...or...going to space...or...SPACE :| Could mean Ascension could either be a space station (something like NASA or...a Russian space shuttle station) or a lighthouse. lol i just thought a trap could be launching a rocket and watching the zombies on the second floor burn, nice touch, no?

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