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  1. Hi guys,GkNova6 is updated, have a good find !
  2. And im angry because my shoes are blue
  3. First I want to listen and critique later, but if you look at the video stop at 0:47 First Strike DLC, and you will see the new clothes Dr.Richtofen, he is wearing, I think, a space suit, but because he is using that ?? , perhaps a new mission of the Illuminati? if you guys want to see this video, is this topic /forum/viewtopic.php?t=5581 You may look better Sorry for the english :mrgreen:
  4. Talking about song's, in five, eminem song ( wont back down ) have some relation with this map ??
  5. "No one can see me and I have lost all my feeling and i won't die alone" can mean: Samantha is dead,but she is a ghost and wanna revenge from richtfofen "THIS HOUSE IS NOT MY HOME" maybe bear room cannot be samantha room "NO,more forgivness,NO,and this reason is I know i won't die alone" the bear talking with samantha ?? "I HAVE RETURNED" zombies !?!?! "They are waiting for the second coming again" can be jesus ! "BRING ME 115" WTF?? "I'M THE END and I CAN TASTE IT I'LL JUSTIFY HATRED I'M THE CHOSEN ONE LEFT HAND OF ALL THATS SACRED" I dunno why left hand but end of the world and the survives are dempsey,takeo,nikolai and richtofen "And everything dies, look to the skies, to see the end of all creation again" experiences of Maxis turning zombies, look to the skies maybe the dark sun from der riese,all humans turning zombies(?) "I've lost all form of unity... Where has my life gone ? I'll bring you doom that you can see and bring you down to see you bleed" samantha died and dunno where she goes, and "bring u down" when need to be revived maybe ? CAPSLOCK= evil voice numlock=good voice
  6. i think they steal points too, because on DOA the monkey's steal's the gold,in first person can steal your points i dunno :mrgreen:
  7. I was searching for videos on youtube channel GKNOVA0 and i found this video, and says about one site http://www.h1o2u3s4e5s6.com/ and i can access can be a maybe a clue and here is the video http://www.youtube.com/user/GKNOVA0#p/u/41/XGqEuF8uteo so have fun ^^
  8. Well if u take a look,u see capsules with zombies there, i think the crawlers come in this way,but,on five they stay on air conditioning,and kino fthey stay on the roof, i thing they like to stay in dark place,and what bothers them, they attack, like an animal protecting they "home"
  9. So dont make sence , when hell hounds come, has a devil voice saying fecht me their soul's,so samantha helps the heroes and want their soul's ?????!!!!!!
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