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  1. What Is Your Highest Round On Der Riese?

    31 both by myself and with one other.
  2. So what're y'all gonna do in the meantime?

    A combination of Reach, and Nazi zombies depending on what I'm in the mood for, however come the 8th it'll be pretty much all Nazi Zombies all day until I debark my home for my midnight release of Black Ops :D

    Not sure if this means anything or not, but does anyone else notice on the site itself that the screen jumps up slightly towards the ceiling, it's probably meaningless but maybe worth mentioning.
  4. GKNova6 Zombies / Single Player Connection

    Is it possible that GK in Black Ops could mean Government Knowledge, I know that German Knowledge makes sense too, but it was just a random thought that popped into my head after reading this.
  5. SPLIT-SCREEN Online

    Finally, split screen online, I miss being able to take a friend on w/me like I could w/ CoD 3... I had a blast back in those days...
  6. Whats ur Favorite upgraded Gun?

    I'm gonna go w/what everyone is saying here and say the Reaper, though The Penetrator is a close second for me... that gun got me through quite a few waves when they bunched all together...
  7. I. Hate. QUITTERS.

    The quitters are a large part of the reason I don't search for NZ games anymore I just play it by myself, better off that way anyway I guess...