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  1. ballbearing32

    Welp there goes my excitement....

    The contract has nothing to do with superiority and which is the better console. Or who pays what and who pays nothing. Microsoft obviously had more money to spend on the contract than Sony. Activision are money greedy bastards who clearly don't care about there fan base. I chose PS3 because of the exclusive games, not because I thought it was better than Xbox. Live has been down, not because of being hacked, but because of full servers or something like that years ago. If anything, PS3 has better security now with the hacking, because they would've done everything to protect it now. Also, PC users get them the same time as us. PC is superior in nearly every concept, so you can't explain that. It's odd that Microsoft won't release them a month earlier for PC though. In other news, at least we get a month or so of normal Tranzit and Zombies before they add those new rewardable perks, and alter the AI. Hey sorry, i wasnt trying to say either console is better. My brother owns a PS3 and i still play the h3ll out of that thing. Its just that i believe that since xbox users pay for the service, they should get at least a little perks. Microsoft is using the money that they get from xbox live and in turn, use it on xbox live. Where sony isnt going to throw large ammounts of profits from tv's or other devices to something that they dont charge for. Again, sorry if i was implying that xbox is the superior console.
  2. ballbearing32

    Welp there goes my excitement....

    I know what you are saying but there isnt any reason to be so mean about it. I mean there is a reason that everybody that has xbox live, pays for the service. Microsoft can use the membership fees to get exclusive stuff for xbox. Plus they are able to keep their servers running smoothly when compared to PS3. If i remember correctly, PS3 users had to wait a little after BO2 release to get Nuketown zombies due to servers being down. Also xbox live never has any issues of being down for long periods of time(PS network being hacked). So ill im saying is you get what you paid for. You cant expect to have everything the same when there is another group of people paying for online when you get to play for free. Im not trying to be mean or anything, but i dont get why there is so many complaints about this when PS3 users are paying nothing.
  3. ballbearing32

    Zombie buffs?

    I think it will kind of be like gun game. When u kill a zombie you get a better gun, maybe if u can get a streak, you get a perk or something. But everytime you kill a zombie, all of the zombies become stronger and faster. But im not sure about the guns switching because the only gun i saw was the olympia. But i think it would make it nice and even gameplay.
  4. ballbearing32

    What do you think?

    IT WAS AMAZING!!!! I even have to smoke a cigarette every time that I see it! One thing that Im so excited about is that it gives me the feelings of the nacht and verruckt days where we first started on our favorite drug we all called nazi zombies. It seems like it is going to have that crazy, scary, almost insane feeling all over again. Cant wait till the game is released, but at least the trailer is coming out the 26th, which will be a good little fix for all of us who are addicted 8-)

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