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  1. Robash

    Is there a boss round

    Think differently guys, as they said this will be different... My guess is that george is with us from round 1... Till we manage to kill him or de-zombify him with the new wonder weopon ... Yes that's right, George is treyarchs own "camping preventer" always following you making you move! Call of the dead - no camping, no circle collections:)
  2. Robash

    How Far Have you Gotten?

    Epic map... Easiest so far with all the possibilities Round 29 Started with 4, was down to 2 by 26, damn quitters Never have this problem on ps3 Hit me up if you want a pro on your team Gamertag -Alpha2four Psn - robashley420
  3. Robash

    Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    22 online with 1 other person.. My trusted allie Could of .. and will get further P.s Single player is easy... That's why it doesn't touch leaderboards!
  4. Robash

    Halloween Playdate - PS3 Only!

    CoDz Username- Robash PSN Username- Robashley420 Time Zone-GMT
  5. Robash

    WANTED: A New CoDz Moderator

    I am interested in the position... Don't want to step on any toes... or go toe to toe with some of the vets for that matter! I'm 23 and patrol the forums every few hours on my iPhone and then on my laptop in the evenings.. I feel I am mature and and can resist the corruption of power the position will bring.. Feel free PM me a few questions if you wish for more information but i do fit the criteria perfectly Also... A uk based mod would be helpful for all those infringments that occur whilst your sleeping Edit : there is a lot of people interested I smell a competition
  6. Robash

    CoDz Clan for Xbox360, PC, and Playstation 3

    Good idea my friend... But.. Pretty sure if this is going down carbon will want to organise it and be " leader of leaders" Seeing as he owns codz! I'm not sucking ass.. Merely stating fact I'm with shoreyo... His thread is suffice... Most are friends on their respective system and willingly represent "the codz clan" Although.. I do like the sound of the clan being registered on gamesbattles and a website? Sounds good... But again .. Chuck carbon a PM see what he thinks
  7. Robash


    Agreed Anyone else think we have seen the mp map that will be used for the firs zombie map? You no the one... ?
  8. What info have you obtained? they cant believe their luck that your all still hooked, maybe a rich fanboy or summit wanting to make a name for himself ... Boxxie anyone? you even no yourself it's fake... are you going to put this on your C.V? And ddanso, dont flame... Your approach will not help anything.. Maybe be do need an adult discussion exchanging info and theories ... Finnally putting this crap to rest
  9. Wasn't this bullcrap put to rest way back? Maybe when he called carbon a cunt? I agree with maxi that discussion of him is only fueling this sadact, but, what the henry fanboys don't understand is from day one codz has only tried to prevent the pain the hoax will cause in the long run... Your little hearts are gonna brake when you discover you wasted your summer holidays with this crap. •called carbon a cunt when carbon called him out •Multiple crappy low budget videos ( using YouTube !) •Making you all leave codz to go else where cause he knew we busted him •Crap cheap websites updated more frequently than it rains in England ! •Overload of spam / multiple accounts and posts! Oh I could go on , but everything has been said before.... This guy is fake, get over it and resume your life's, all we have tried from day one is to prove if he is real... Or fake... That took less than 48hours and then somehow some fanboys still believed and moved somewhere else so they could be blagged in private.... You have not been involved is some amazing marketing campaign , merely been rick-rolled beyond embarrassment ! How do people still believe this crap? Is it any wonder all the believers are under 20? We are just trying to help you out, prevent the heartbreak you will have once you realized you have in need wasted your time and effort on this crap! Sorry if I'm ranting... I tried to resist posting... Really did... But I can not believe people are still following this crap?
  10. Robash

    Request userbars for your signatures

    Yeah "stop flaming" please Big bold red letters centred.. Thanks Also... I had a robash420... Which seemed to not work so I deleted it... Could I get a replacement? Robash ukzombie colour dead snow style... You know the one! Nice one
  11. Robash


    I call BS Following suit... A) a month early? That one mean potentially lots of "gameshop" workers will get to play the game first? B)even if he gets a copy the store will have x amount of stock locked away... I'm sure manager will check there is still x amount each day... If not .. sacky sacky! C) you can't have secrets on the Internet !
  12. Robash

    More To Solve On Der Riese

    I assume it was added after by the original picture poster on the old site
  13. Robash

    More To Solve On Der Riese

    This is one of the raw images of when you're inside the teleporter It is one of lesser known picture files The above link is very good and contains all of the known picture files in der reise
  14. I'm pretty certain you can not organise "events" on codz unless you are admin or a mod That's what the team mate finder section is for.... For users to organise matches and playdate sessions
  15. Robash

    More To Solve On Der Riese

    "Embrace the trinity" Always thought that this ment linking the 3 teleporters and then you can return to the mainframe through the sky (teleport) I'm sure I have tried to activate the flytrap more than once... Has anyone seen / done this? Like the idea of 20monkey bombs in the furnace... That relates to previous theories in the other thread about "having a party in the garage" Also like the idea of activating the flytrap 3 times... If possible ... Sure I've tried! Has anyone successfully shot the floating objects ? Maybe a DG 3 blast will do something?

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