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  1. AnonymousChef

    Crossbow in the Code...not in the Egg

    Guys, I've worked with coding before and the whole thing about weapon "hits" being false means that they shouldn't/do not need to be used is not what that means. The (weapon)_hit == false is indicatory that the (weapon)_hit is what's called a flag. A flag is basically like a little switch for a lightbulb. In this case, the lightswitch is when the (weapon) "hits" the gersch. The lightbulb is the (weapon)_hit. So that portion of the code is simply making sure that in the code, the lightbulb (weapon)_hit for that gersch device is switched off. If anyone has had any experience with coding (even something as simple as like a TI calculator its just setting a flag variable to false. When the gersch is hit by the (weapon) then the flag will be set to: (weapon)_hit == true. That rules out that the code saying all those (weapon) hits being "== false" does not mean that you either definitely need or definitely do not need those weapons. I'm taking a look into the interesting part of the code that seems to be referring to the damage counters and the apparent difference between the "ann_egg" and the "gersch_egg".
  2. AnonymousChef

    GKNova6 Zombies / Single Player Connection

    Agreed. First of all, see this (sorry it's the cached version, I'm at school for awhile and they block EVERYTHING) --> http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Nova-6 Nova 6 is most likely the centerpoint of the entire campaign. Zombies probably will have some sort of connection to Nova6, but the actual Nova6 is most likely just a weaponized and gasified chemical nerve agent (again, see above). Remember earlier in GKNova6 documents where there are references to multiple chemical nerve agents (Tabun, Sarin, Soman) with random references around the internet with other potential nerve agents that may have been created. Maybe a prototype or an earlier/later version of GKNova6 resulted in people becoming zombies? The level WMD (the leaked snow level in CODBO) is also apparently to locate the manufacturing plant for it in Russia (hence the russian lettering on the GKNova6 website videos regarding zombies). I would bet that the GKNova6 in the campaign is a different version of a Nova project that lead to zombies (i.e. the Nova that makes zombies is Nova 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, etc.)
  3. AnonymousChef

    We need your ideas for zombie shirts!

    How's this? (Kinda modified your idea for the sake of saving as much money as possible) http://www.customink.com/designs/codz4/ ... -_-button1
  4. AnonymousChef

    We need your ideas for zombie shirts!

    Hey! I've had some experience designing custom shirts for people/presents/etc. I've drafted up one here: http://www.customink.com/designs/codz3/ ... -_-button1 Message me directly or quote this post with an idea and I'll design it! (btw, i kinda have to put the sponsor logo on the shirt, it saves 50 cents per unit)
  5. AnonymousChef

    47093- EBOLA.

    Reposting this from one of my earlier posts...
  6. AnonymousChef


    HOLY SH**!!! I looked into the whole Ebola virus thread, and decided to dig as far as I could. After scanning around a bit, I found a piece on Wikipedia that mentions offhandedly that Ebola is considered a Class A Biological Weapon! So I looked into any history of Ebola being developed and/or used as a biological weapon. While it has never officially been used, I found this: http://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/intro/bio_ebola.htm This article at the very end says plainly that in the Soviet-era, Ebola was being tested in aerosolization and for use as a biological weapon! GKNOVA6 has to be these tests! Also, other certain articles discuss the Soviet capture of documentation from Unit 731 (will explain in a bit) in 1945 (wow, perfect time period???). Unit 731 was part of the Imperial Japanese Army which covertly tested biological weapons (the exact ones were never known). Among being purposefully subjected to deadly viruses, these soldiers underwent testing from things such as: removing and relocating limbs, purposefully damaging their bodies, and putting them in pressure chambers to see how long it would take to die (new GKNOVA6 image anyone?). The Soviets captured a lot of documentation from them that could very well describe these "black" tests. I will keep digging! (sry if this has been posted before)
  7. AnonymousChef

    Phone Number found!!! Linked to GKNOVA6?!?

    Actually if you google it without "I'm feeling lucky", it comes up with a link about halfway down for the same general NASA site, but with a disc-burning instruction built into whatever file the link is to. Does someone with a disc-burner and a spare disc want to try and burn it and see what they come up with? Link Below: http://starbrite.jpl.nasa.gov/prod?obje ... PE+%3D+RAW
  8. AnonymousChef

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    Btw, quick note. In the documents, there are a lot of classifications (black-outs). I believe that those letters are callsigns for certain people, and each black-out has a letter next to it. Maybe the classifications were made by those people, and this gives us a clue as to who we might be dealing with. So far there are 5 total letters: A, C, D, G, and H. My first thought was maybe those are certain people in the FDR Administration or the JCOS (there are 9 total, 1 DoS and 8 "Chiefs" each with their separate "component")
  9. AnonymousChef

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    Wtf...Jessica Chobot on IGN Daily Fix mentioned off-handedly and near the end of the most recent COD:BO piece that there will be time-travel. Is she really serious? They (as in the IGN editors) showed the quick cutscene of the SOGs (maybe?) jumping off that cliff behind her mentioning the time travel. Thoughts?
  10. AnonymousChef

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    Hey guys, not to be a put-down here, but please keep this on topic. I'd recommend reviewing the entire topic before adding suggestions, ideas, etc. just so we're not backtracking over things that we already know. Thanks! Moving on to ideas, does anyone think there's a connection between the CIA booklet pages and the numbers on the pencil? Maybe the numbers (and/or x's) indicate line, page, word, numbers, etc.?
  11. AnonymousChef

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    What's interesting is this: "After a series of operations, in which Republic of Vietnam (RVN or South Vietnam) commandos were captured after insertion into North Vietnam, SOG shifted the emphasis of its activities to maritime operations. A small fleet of fast patrol boats was acquired for use in the landing of small action teams and the offshore bombardment of small DRV military facilities (such as radar installations), with the pace of these operations doubling between June and July 1964." DEFINITE link to the trailer (remember the brief clip of being in a small whaler-type craft surrounded by Vietnamese villages?) That rifle is the M91/38 carbine, the same one that Lee Harvey Oswald used to assassinate John F. Kennedy. If you look at the photo in price32's post, in the upper-left hand corner, you can clearly see the name John _______, referring to JFK. What's the significance? I don't know... *EDIT* Yes, this is most likely a Black Ops mission (SOG direct reference in the Wiki)
  12. AnonymousChef

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    Carbon, check the CIA diary again, are there any letters that are bold? Also, does that page look like every other page in the book? About the dollar bill, is it folded in any particular configuration? Was the bottom of the dollar bill over a certain line in the book? Let me know ASAP, I think there might be something important in there...
  13. AnonymousChef

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    Alright, now that I'm home from school, I can type this out fully. The following is what I believe might be the backstory according to the gold mine of clues we have in front of us. I would love any corrections or additions, so please help out (or if you want, totally deny) with this story! Let's start at the beginning (a very good place to start ). What I mean by the beginning is the beginning of the SOG operations in the Cold War, around that time period. The SOGs were known to be a covert operations group under the United States Military, and were better reputed to have this mysterious air around them. The thought was generally that the SOGs performed "unorthodox" actions that in no way were sanctioned by the U.S. Government. They were supposedly involved in many secret, and sometimes ludicrous-sounding operations. Anyway, enough backstory. One of the more shady areas of the SOG (shady as it was), was chemical warfare, and the usage of chemicals to achieve certain militaristic goals. For one, the most famous chemical warfare was nerve gas research. Nerve gases were known to affect people even in the most microscopic of doses, and could lead to hallucination, injury, and even instantaneous death. One of the more mythical research projects was MKULTRA, or the usage of said nerve gases to induce hypnosis. Now, there are multiple theories as to what they mean by "hypnosis", but generally it means it is a trigger for a hypnotic state, whether it contained a pre-programmed action so to speak or a potential action. In the MKULTRA project, one particular nerve gas series stood out, the GK series. These included Tabun, Sarin, Soman, and supposedly a fourth one, that never was used (the name slips my mind). The MKULTRA project was supposedly used with SOGs to induce hypnosis (a well-known example being the Bay of Pigs invasion, where certain refugees from Cuba were either going to be or were hypnotized to assassinate Fidel Castro as an "insider" job. Many of this information is still classified, and there is much speculation as to how much exactly is true. Now is where we start on the path of the GKNOVA6 idea. Starting with the name, GK has two major ties as it seems. One is with a group of people, or a company; potentially even a covert governmental subdivision (most likely German [see later ideas]). The other is that it is the nerve gas series. In the documents provided from the "Live Drop" attache case given to Carbonfibah, there are quite a few mentions of batches of something prepared, including references to chemical warfare Technical Manuals (TM 3-125) and chemical hypnosis. Nova so far does not really have one specific meaning, however in conjunction with some evidence (as I will show later), Nova is potentially the "ultimate" GK compound, the "ultimate" nerve gas. The number 6 is confusing, as it may allude to the number of batches of chemicals total that could work, or the number of test subjects, or the current batch that they are testing. Random interesting facts from the trailers: - In the first trailer: "We need to bring him back". This phrase jumped out at me, because with the rest of the potential story, this could have a significant meaning. What if the man that appears to be being tortured is an ex-SOG member? Often these chemical hypnoses would involve a total amnesia when the operatives would "wake up". What if whoever appears to be torturing this person needs something important that only the SOG-"version" of the person could provide? Anyway I will discuss this later... -In the first trailer: Near the end of the trailer, the room gets brighter and brighter, while the person's heart rate appears to speed up and the room becomes blurry. These effects could be from one of two things: Hallucinogenic drugs (GK series) or electric voltage. The hallucinogenic drug connection would be obvious, but seeing as how there are things like the instruments being bloodied after one sequence, and the "Bring him back" being at the end of the trailer, not the beginning, maybe the people torturing him are trying different methods to induce the hypnosis on the operative. -In the second trailer: "What if everything you knew about history was a lie?" (along those lines). This could be another reference to the chemical-hypnosis amnesia post-hypnotic state? If these SOG operatives were commanded to forget everything they did under the hypnosis, maybe they did perform some rumored "unethical" actions and simply did not "remember" any of them? Now here's my version of what's happening... The storyline is that the SOGs were put under the influence of GK Nova, an uber-powerful nerve gas, that was either the trigger or the inducer for the hypnosis. The only way for the operative to "become" a totally covert SOG was to be influenced by GK Nova, nothing else. Let's say that these SOGs did perform these "unethical" actions, and simply forgot about it as they came out of their hypnosis. These SOGs could have done anything, they could know specific secret military maneuvers, know complex governmental secrets, and obviously know about these actions that could never be legal. Let's advance a bit to GK. Let's say hypothetically that GK (the company or whatever) gets ahold of the fact that the SOGs are hypnotized, not simply trained to be that way (meaning their actions, etc.). They however don't know anything about how it works, until they stumble upon some kind of rumor that the hypnoses are drug-influenced. However, GK (most likely German as they make references to German locations, the "documents" have been translated, etc.) does not know which drug induces the hypnosis. Let's say they get a crazy scheme (maybe) that they could use it on their own operatives, or even develop it to use as a weapon against their enemies. For years, they search, even after most of the fighting has died down. The SOGs went anonymous, and forgot everything they knew about their actions, only thinking that nothing really happened. Advance 40 or so years, to around present time, maybe in the future. Let's say the company GK resurfaces, with new findings, that maybe it was the GK series of nerve gases that induced the hypnosis (maybe the GK people just knew Tabun, Sarin, and Soman and decided to name the grouping after themselves...), but they knew it was a different kind, but they knew the basic chemical structure. What if they had an ex-SOG, and wanted something from him (military secrets, governmental knowledge, etc.), and knew that by putting them in the hypnosis, they could get all of the information? Now GK is working to find the nerve gas, potentially they are working for the government, who might be sanctioning it secretly to use the SOGs themselves, or use the new chemical, Project Nova, against their enemies to dominate the world (or whatever they want to do :twisted: ). Now something went wrong, obviously, because things started getting out, and rather rapidly. Obviously, the GK people were not exactly happy, and began counter-attacks against the leak of information. Someone has been slipping information on purpose to the outside world (the original USB-drive), leading the outside world (us) on a long trail of clues, that the GK people would not easily be able to find. (According to the new emails) Now, they have begun Project Leak, a diversion attempt meant to "dilute" the incoming information with other false trails, ones that would eventually lead the GK group to eliminate the leak (hence the list of names, including one dead Giovanni). So now the GK company is attempting to restore this SOG with Project Nova. Maybe Nova 6 is the sixth batch, and one that might be the actual chemical originally used to hypnotize the SOGs. These SOGs could potentially know everything about the United States Military, secret or not, and use it against us. All the while, the leak is providing us with information as fast as they can, in attempts to reveal the GK group to us, to either stop them or give the United States enough evidence to take them down. It's a race against time...(insert dramatic music here) Everything I've said is based off of what has been provided, with only some long-ish bridges of connection being made. Feel free to DM me if you have anything you want to add...
  14. AnonymousChef

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    Alright, I'm just going to post this as quick as I can. I think I may have an explanation for all of this. Let's take the possibility that GK is both a "company" and a reference to the GK nerve-chemicals. If Tabun, Sarin, and Soman are nerve gases (that were hypothetically used in the Cold War as a hypnotism inducer), maybe GK Nova is the "ultimate" nerve gas. Better yet, let's use it as a nerve gas that made whoever is in that chair in both the website and the first trailer an SOG operative (or at least ex-SOG). Let's say that GK is trying to get an SOG operative to either recall their memories or turn back into an SOG operative for their use (maybe they're Russian). Let's say that these SOGs were hypnotized with the nerve-chemical codenamed GK Nova. It says in the documents that they have trials, and are looking for a formula (see emails). Maybe they are looking for the formula for GK Nova by testing it...Anyone see where I'm going with this? More to come...
  15. AnonymousChef

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    I don't know about you guys, but from reading all of the documents and looking at some of the chemicals mentioned, I can't help but think that GK corporation is (or was) attempting to create a chemical that could send anyone into a hypnotic trance (or at least trigger a hypnotic suggestion). If you notice in some of the documents, they mention testing batches of chemicals on people, including chemicals that are nerve gases and "antidotes" for said nerve gases. Also, more importantly, they mention at certain times in the document that hypnotic suggestions could be triggered by a phrase or chemical. In some of the documents, it can be gathered that whoever these new people are that are trying to intercept this case (see the parts in Carbonfibah's original post where XO says not to let the "package" fall into the wrong hands), because they are trying to find the formula for the chemical. If GK were the original people to discover such a formula of a chemical that would cause an automatic hypnotic trance or would trigger any 'suggestion', then these new people might be trying to get ahold of the chemical. They would be planting this information to try and throw us off the true intention (also see the phone conversation transcripts), which would be the forged documents from awhile ago. If we take the case that "Nova" is the new chemical that GK uses to induce hypnosis, what if the person on http://www.gknova6.com was someone under the influence of "Nova" (as we may call it), and all of the transmissions were brainwashing transmissions, meant to instill certain things in their mind. As for other things in the case, the handbook and dollar, as well as the radiation pamphlet, still confuse me. Maybe the pamphlet is alluding to that Nova is potentially radioactive, I don't know. THIS IS SO ADDICTING! :shock: *EDIT* Remember in the trailer: "We need to bring him back". What if that means they need to bring him out of a hypnotic trance? Or better yet, if they need to bring "him" (memories as an SOG) back, as usually anyone under a hypnotic trance was forced to have amnesia after the incident. What if the man (most likely) in a chair on the gknova6 website was put under a trance by the Nova chemical, told what to do as and how to be an SOG, went through the entire conflict performing "unorthodox actions" (as the group SOG implies), then had amnesia, and finally went back to the "doctors" (having no memory) to have said memories recalled? *EDIT* That would also explain why in the second trailer they talk about history being totally different than what was remembered, because HE HAD AMNESIA FROM THE HYPNOTISM! The SOGs could have done everything that the history textbooks said nobody did, and it never would have been recorded because some of those things were thought to be "unethical". Then Treyarch could play off of the whole "alternative history" thing without having to seem unrealistic. I feel like we're so close!

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