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  1. Future Zombies Treyarch Hints from DICE Chat

    This makes me feel like old times all over again Haven't been on here in probably 3 years .. I've returned home again!
  2. Zombie Suggestions

    All I want to do is return to Der Riese ...
  3. I'm back.. after many months of not checking CODZ (for shame..) and I can say I'm well and truly lost.. anyone link me to a thread explaining everything?
  4. NEW Gknova6 Update! 12-23-10

    Well it appears the majority are using this thread! =)
  5. NEW Gknova6 Update! 12-23-10

    France? Are you stupid? Da Vinci was from Italy not France, he was born there. So that makes no sense Louvre in Paris! :facepalm:
  6. NEW Gknova6 Update! 12-23-10

    There is indeed an after image that appears briefly.. But this is very interesting.. after that sequence ends.. if you hit enter it brings up the ol' GKNOVA6 video..
  7. Der Riese Server Exploration

    Hey, back after being away for weeks! Yeah you can plug a USB keyboard in for the PS3 too No further progress on cracking this then?
  8. So, who was this cosmicsilverback?????

    oops wrong thing..
  9. So, who was this cosmicsilverback?????

    Upon typing this code into the terminal.. Decode LMD... etc "My minions will defeat you!"
  10. carbonova6

    Some pre-black ops training! Please do more carbono!
  11. carbonova6

    I know Phillips, I didnt originally see this second page! But that's for Fieldmarshall who asked!
  12. carbonova6

    Fieldmarshall, so far. Credit goes to fairstrike "Use a Group to uncover iLL BiLL's conspiracy." - A group, a google group? - Then he provided the clue of the song "The Revolution will be classified" - The google group for the old transmissions was called 'alt.conspiracy' http://groups.google.com/group/alt.conspiracy/topics - Clicking the top one, Carbon's post on 2nd November http://groups.google.com/group/alt.cons ... e07c1fb68# - Picking out the capital letters in the text = caesar - There are 13 lines - Using the rot13 (rotate by 13 places) on the code at the bottom - Gur cnffjbeq vf PYNFFVSVRQ - The password is CLASSIFIED
  13. hi im new here :3

    Hey there pal! You joined at a good time as before long this will be the 'go-to' site for zombies! 1. Look up at the top of the page. 2. Click User Control Panel. 3. Under options at the left hand side, click 'Profile'. 4. Edit Avatar is profile picture and Edit Sig is there too!
  14. WANTED: A New CoDz Moderator

  15. Halloween Playdate - PS3 Only!

    Sure EST and CST guys unite!