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  1. Jackyboy1384

    Acension Evidence in 'Five'

    Nonono, you have Treyarch mistaken with Activision. Activision are the ones who don't give a flying monkey about their customers. Treyarch are making a very decent and complex story, but I'm assuming due to what you said that you barely know who Dr. Maxis even was.
  2. Jackyboy1384

    Dempsey hinting at secret?

    Maybe Dempsey really needed to go? It's amazing he didn't 'go' while being chased around Shi No Numa and Der Riese by zombies!
  3. Jackyboy1384

    How Far Have you Gotten?

    So far I haven't made it to Round 1. These last 10 days can NOT go quickly enough :facepalm:
  4. Jackyboy1384


    NO PPSH-41! :(
  5. Jackyboy1384

    Possibly a very cool finding?

    Does that look like he was being a DICK? It didn't to me. It looked like he was just informing this guy that this had already been posted and was telling him to use the search feature in future to avoid this happening again.
  6. Jackyboy1384

    Highest Round on Dead Ops Arcade?

    :evil: :evil: :evil: Round 39 :oops: I was on solo and I was on round 39, and I waited too long before using my last nuke- the zombies hit me while the nuke was falling I swear to god I will beat that Silverback soon.
  7. Jackyboy1384

    IGN's crappy review

    Oh cool, so Uncharted 2 got a score of 10.5 Well, it deserves it anyway. Don't know why it didn't get a 10 when there was almost no criticism for it at all. But I'm getting off-topic. Oh wait, I don't have any on-topic stuff to say. :roll:
  8. Jackyboy1384

    Screaming in speed cola room... eek! NOW WITH VIDEO

    I think I'm seeing a pattern here... :roll: Good idea though, problem is that we would need a REALLY skilled team to pull this off. I think there's still a BIG secret in Kino that we haven't uncovered yet, and probably won't once Ascension is released. You saw what happened with SNN, there were a few secrets we didn't notice because we were too busy sniffing around Der Riese ravenous for new easter eggs, Come on we're CoDz, we need to make sure it doesn't happen again :facepalm:
  9. Jackyboy1384


    NICE find, great work mate You deserve a medal! BTW, to embed a video just add the random code after the ?v= bit, example, for that video you would put 8aFbbss9mN0 in between the youtube symbol thingys: 8aFbbss9mN0 Unfortunately we still don't know if D-BLOCK was telling us the truth or not. His story sounds a lot more well thought out and believable than this one did, but now that this is proven fake (and we will probably never hear from this guy again) it makes it sound a whole lot less likely that D-BLOCK was telling the truth.
  10. Jackyboy1384

    Highest Round on Dead Ops Arcade?

    Got to round 34 on Solo for the first time this morning. Getting closer and closer to the Cosmic Silverback but damn, those hellhound/wolf things are difficult! Though to be fair, I only died because I pressed 'Speed Boost' instead of 'Nuke' in panic :facepalm:
  11. Jackyboy1384


    Im pretty sure that in one of his reply posts he said that he had trouble getting the photos up on here from his phone. So with you saying that he said he got in there twice i never saw him say anything like that in any of his posts. I don't actually remember reading anything about his phone, but maybe I just missed it, I dunno :| And what I meant was that, if he'd gotten into the map and not taken photos (which I thought he originally hadn't, hence "EDITED with photos"), then he'd have noticed that no one believed him and that they wanted photos, meaning he'd have to get back into the map to get them. you get me? :idea:
  12. Jackyboy1384

    weird glitch about cosmic silverback

    No proof? Then as far as I'm concerned, this is fake. If this was actually possible, then the codes for the Cosmic Silverback would be in the game's coding and some hacker would have found them by now. Don't believe everything your friends tell you.
  13. Jackyboy1384


    I don't believe this at all. It looks like there's a Python in this guy's hand, but anyone could photoshop one in. And there's just one thing I noticed. Sorry if it sounds like I'm trying to be a smartass here, but: If you "edited this thread" with pics, then how come you didn't just put the pics up straight away? If you had them, why did you wait and see if we believed you BEFORE posting them? I think this was a modded map or something, as you would have waited to see if we believed you before going to get photos. If you were telling the truth, you'd have pics up like instantly. Doesn't take muich to transfer a pic from a phone to a computer. You obviously played on a modded map that looked exactly like a zombie map, otherwise you'd have never been able to get into it twice to get the pics, which, had you been able to do, you would have posted a walkthrough on HOW. I call fake.
  14. Jackyboy1384

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    That was my first thought, but after trying numerous passwords, I had a thought; Treyarch could reveal something new about these characters through their passwords, which we will find after hacking the server, so maybe that's why we aren't making progress. So what your saying is, that Sophia's password, for example, could be something we don't know about currently? Like the name of her dad, or something? Yeah, that's probably what they've done with Sophia, seeing as I've tried all the possible passwords relevant to her character to no avail and she has little information regarding her character other than that she is Maxis' secretary and she seems to be "unnecessarily attached" to Maxis. With Peter however, I don't think this is the case. We've been told enough about him to at least have a good chance of knowing his password, somehow. Maybe we should go through the classic SNN radio transmission to Peter and see if we can pick anything out.
  15. Jackyboy1384

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    I think the best way to go about this (at least until we find some clues about passwords) is to try and get into the accounts of the more minor characters. Characters like Peter and Sophia. We don't know much about them so there's a lot less stuff Treyarch could use as their passwords. Eventually, someone will find a clue and get into the server but until then we just have to keep guessing.

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