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  1. Received Black Ops just now: Legit

    Moody, people are already queing!!!! I won't get home till 7 at the earliest I don't stand a chance!! Well excited. Concerned about connection issues though, I used to have loads of problems with WAW dropping out or having poor connections, I'm hoping that will all be fixed now!
  2. Black Ops Theme Song

    So we need something that's going to span several decades and not be stereotypical Vietnam? Gotta be queen and fat bottom girls
  3. More info from Woodys Gamertag

    wrong, less is rarely more, MORE IS MORE!! e.g. I think we'd all agree that customisable killstreaks is an awesome idea, just the fact that they contribute to the next one ruins it, these things should be corrected NOT removed. SP Vs Jugg - it just needs to be tinkered with, dial down the amount of effect each of them has so that they are a less noticable impact and people will soon start choosing other more strategic perks, the problem with them is that they are so powerful you have to have them or get pwned. I know how to resolve this, remove perks, remove killstreaks and remove xp and character progression. No more boosting, no more mismatches, no more moaning. In fact, remove online. Done. Sorted. *rant over
  4. Henry is a hoax

    I reckon the opposite, set 2 or 3 volunteers with real time and motivation (alphasnake?) on him to do some proper research and ask some serious questions and let the rest of people focus on other things and chill out like you say. If there is something to it then the guys research can confirm and can get everyone involved (and take serious credit), if not then they are doing everyone a massive favour as I am sure everyone will appreciate! I only get half an hour or so a day to look on here so it's so frustrating to see 10 threads with various info and clips (several repeated on different threads) and not have time to look into it all. Some/all of it is bollox and a complete waste of my time and some is true, how do I know. Gah!!!
  5. Henry is a hoax

    Can we afford to write it off yet? We've proved that it could be done by a non-industry professional but that doesn't mean anything. It smells a bit funny but that doesn't mean anything, (GKNOVA6 did too at times). I think it is a hoax but until we can prove it is or isn't I think we need to still investigate. We could do with creating a few What We Know teams, 1 for Henry Langham, 1 for Carbons documents and one for new posts and new information. Use some of the vets from before and create hit teams to try and verify new info and call out hoaxers. I'm not volunteering, I don't have the time to do it justice, I just think this is the only way. Final point, we need to the admins to come down hard on hoaxes. Normally I would say give em a chance but people are spending a lot of time, effort and probably money to investigate these things. The first couple I could understand but people are taking advantage of the obsession we are developing on this forum. People on the wind up should be called out, shot down and barred. Have their IP address blocked. No questions asked now, if we can prove it's a hoax, you're barred. *rant over*
  6. We need your ideas for zombie shirts!

    A pic of a legless zombie and a quote of something like; "hey I made a pet" or "dogs are for wimps"" a pic of a hellhound with a quote of "zombies are for wimps". lol team zombies or team dogs A picture of a zombie coming through the boards on a window but in the style of jack nicholson from the shining and the statement saying "Here's zombies"
  7. Do you still play?

    MW2 = Join friends game in progress WAW = Nope you have to join up and then go in MW2 = Squad system where 100% squad joins game WAW = squad system where people randomly drop out and you have to start again MW2 = quick join to squads WAW = constant re-trying to join squads Maybe it's a flaw in europe but I have real issues with WAW squad and friends system. MW2, You can invite people to your squad in mid game, unless I am mistaken?!?! Granted my connection isn't always great (sucks when it rains :?: ) but normally 3/4 bars. When I talk about connectivity and lag I guess I am talking about game connection generally, not hit detection and stab-lag. I'm not saying MW2 is perfect, sometimes host lag still affects and we switch and sometimes that fails but not that often. I reckon 2 or 3 out 5 zombie games end up with someone lagging out or connection being lost and we have to start again. drive me mental. I'm not picking a fight with you over MW2, I know you hate it and a lot of the reasons I agree with but I think there are elements of it that can definitely be learnt from.
  8. the question marks on the map

    ahhhhhhhhh. Sorry, to re-emphasise that statement: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! *facepalm* That does explain everything me thinks, of course Der Reise is based mainly off nightfire and the extra staircase is a legacy from that. Alphasnake, thank you, you have filled a small hole in my life which was forever bothering me and I am going to give you Brains every day this week to say thank you. Much appreciated. Now if you could just solve the question marks, the Country boards, the clock, the lighthouse and anything else we have missed I would much appreciate it thanks
  9. the question marks on the map

    I'd forgotten about this, it drove me mad for ages. So if you number them from top to bottom as such; 1 2 3 4 1 is just the corner of a room 2 is the room with quick revive, near a spawn point 3 is a spawn point in the little room 4 is near 2 spawn points, overlooking the courtyard you can't get to and near the stairs which don't exist (near juggernaut) Maybe you need to get each of the characters to stand at them and do *something*. Did we ever resolve the mystery about the staircase that didn't exist and the second level to Der Reise which somehow gets unlocked? Was that all bullshit or was there something to it? Didn't we get a clue that the answer was right in front of us?
  10. Reveal Trailer Live-GKNova6 logo found

    The Cuba Project (AKA operation mogoose) was the Kennedy authorised attempt to assasinate Castro and get Cuba in revolt; http://www2.cddc.vt.edu/marxists/history/cuba/subject/cia/mongoose/c-project.htm

    woooooah, takes you back to the screen the guys hacked, where you can see all the TV's and the zombie hands. You can play the transmissions through still but you can see all the screens, not had a chance to analyse what changes across all the screens yet. Very cool. Edit - Once you tune the TV the new button plays a repeated symbol over and over which looks like a K overlayed over a G (GK?!?!).

    The spy plane? I can see the link between that and all the other cold war stuff, my assumption was that maybe it was being used to beam radio waves into people's heads to brainwash them or something. Not sure how it fits with the passwords tho
  13. Do you still play?

    been playing over the last week or so as been getting a bit bored with MW2 (hit level 70 can't be arsed to prestige). Noticed a few things; Zombies is way more enjoyable and rewarding than MW2 multiplayer MW2 friends hook-up system is light years ahead, I miss it when I play WAW WAW connectivity sucks major ass - I spent most of today with people dropping out of games, games lagging, failing to find games. ALMOST enough to put you off. MW2 plays pretty much perfectly, why can't WAW??? Can normally get into a Zombies game ok, it's just whether it stays running with all 4 people. Nothing more frustrating than working up to level 20 and people start lagging and dropping out. Treyarch, if you read this, PLEASE sort it out for the next game
  14. Transmission 3 on GKNOVA6 is up!

    I think "algorithmic" is related to "High-Frequency Trading" (http://www.google.fr/search?sourceid=na ... +frequency). So I guess that it means the frequencies found in the Marie Curie code must not be high so we must divide them. And the MOD says 100 leading us to Uranium and Plutonium. As for the cipher, the quote from Kryptos suggests to use the keyed Vigenere Cipher (or Quagmire III) according to the previous transmissions: http://rumkin.com/tools/cipher/vigenere-keyed.php I'm pretty sure that linking algorithm and frequency shouldn't lead to algorithmic trading. Its to do with stock Market investing and I don't see how it could be linked to cold war zombies or this mystery. I work in a bank that does this trading and I don't see any connection.
  15. Transmission 3 on GKNOVA6 is up!

    Further info, so the Film 12 monkeys with bruce willis (space and time travel and general weirdness), was based on a 1960's art house film La Jetee by Chris Marker (source: http://everything2.com/title/La+Jetee). The original film was a series of stills that fade into each other with an anonymous author telling the story. SOUND FAMILIAR? I can't get the film La Jetee to play on my pc at worker because I only have IE6 and nothing supports it (GAH!!) but I can see it is on youtube if anyone can play it and see. have a look and let me know.