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  1. Gumballs

    What universe did they announce that in? unless I'm reading this wrong, ours.
  2. Gumballs

    Didn't they say zombies was getting a story AND multiplayer mode? What if the perks machines are MP exclusive? Meanwhile, Story Mode uses the gumball machines. Story mode could just be objective based and not necessarily round based. So you're given more health compared to MP so you don't need something like Jug and why random powerups are available instead. Maybe perks are actually progression based. The first couple objectives are relatively easy, making perks not really a necessity. The later objectives might require perks, but you should have already unlocked them so you can equip them. Has anyone considered that Shadows of Evil might not actually be like the Zombie mode we're used to? Seeing that the campaign is 4 player co-op, why not Zombies as well? The Giant and all DLC after that might be the Survival mode we know and love.
  3. The Flesh

    Maybe the Flesh and Stu can hear Richtofen because they ate zombie flesh? It would make sense. Becoming one with the zombies.