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    Once again, all credits for writing this down to @Lizizadolphin. And once again, a mysterious story is found in the audio logs. Here you go: "Red Riding Hood" (the corpse, not the head), possibly:
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    You bagged that when you joiined I'll have a look.
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    @anonymous Found an interesting Meuchler/Nerthus connection. Nerthus is a part of a cluster of goddesses who, depending on the region/belief system, were either all the same or closely related. Namely Nerthus, Frigga, Holda, Bertha, and Perchta were all goddesses of the earth and fertility. One of the functions of the goddess of the earth was to take-up the dead and watch over them. Specifically named are the souls of children who are unborn. What if the meuchlers are saying “mutter” because they are inhabited by the souls of unborn children who look to Nerthus as their mother. Bellow are quotes from two different sources about this theory.