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    I haven't seen alot of people talk about this. Why is it Der Eisendrache is the only map to have the Comic Book style opening cinematic. ___________ You could say Treyarch were "Lazy" on this one, however I find that hard to believe. Mainly for the fact both "The Giant" and "Shadows" were animated followed by "Zetsubou" and most recently "Gorod Krovi". I personally believe the reason being, is that's the only map to have a direct reference to the "Children" being there. I also think, that being the "First" DLC map and Dempseys Memory being "Last" wasn't done by mistake. _________ I'm curious to know what you guys/gals opinion on this is.
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    I'd probably contact Activision Support on this one. Kinda sounds like the game doesn't think you actually bought the DLC, since those who have a secondary account, can't access the DLC gum on it.
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    Welcome to the site! In Origins, we opened a portal to Agartha, not the Aether. However, it was most likely a portal THROUGH the Aether to Agartha. The Apothicons were constantly trying to reenter creation, which we learned from the Kronorium. What I believe he meant by "shit really went tits up" is the bleeding of the universes and dimensions into one another. This bleeding made a bunch of universes that were very similar to begin with go through a chain reaction of sh!t that ends up with massive errors in what it was supposed to be (for example dragons in Stalingrad).