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Hi everyone!

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Saw you on the Discord yesterday already! Man I'm glad you made the choice to join us because you sound like a super nice person. Nice to know you have read some theories here already, and that you are acquinted with the story. If you have any theory yourself, feel free to write a post of course 🙂 Welkom!

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7 hours ago, Lenne said:

Heya welcome to the site and enjoy your stay, yell at me if you have any questions about the forums. : )

Who is your favorite character in the Treyarch Zombies mode?

Man this one threw me off, didn't see it coming. I would have to go with Primis Nikolai, especially during Black Ops 4, it was almost a shock to me see him become to leader of Primis, and actually bear the pain in his heart to do what had to be done.

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