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Upcoming map speculations


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I don’t want to be that guy who already starts to speculate about the next maps not even one month after this game’s release, but well, it’s what we do. Speculating about new maps. In this thread, I’d like to ask you about your personal hopes and speculations for upcoming DLC maps. Please exclude spoilers from this thread.


In the intro cinematic of Die Maschine, we see Weaver sitting behind a desk with monitors, featuring maps of Morasko, the Ural mountain range, Berlin and Vietnam. As Morasko has already proven to be one of the locations, I assume the other locations may be home to similar ‘dimensional anomalities’ or aethereal ‘incursion zones’.



The Ural Site

Perhaps the location that is the most prominently hinted: Not only on Weaver’s PC we see a map of Russia’s largest mountain range, but the Ural is also mentioned in a cipher found in Die Maschine.




“Initial survey of Ural site verifies it is by far the largest incursion zone yet recorded. We must assume Requiem will detect it via satellite and deploy fire teams, regardless of sovereign borders. Recommend continuing operations while monitoring Requiem communications. With your support I will ensure any new gains remain in soviet hands.” ~ solved by @RichKiller and Coldstone




Two things in particular are striking from this piece of intel: The first thing being that this site is explecitly said to be the 'largest zone yet recorded' make it sound that this concerns a really massive map, much bigger than any thus far. Secondly, it is said that Requiem send multiple weaponed teams to the site, and as a response on this, so will the Omega Group. One big map with multiple opposing teams, that sounds like the perfect ingredients to make a Battle Royale. Will we get a new Warzone map, this time set in '80s Urals? If it would be a battle royale, simply some mountains, forests and a shady laboratory of some sorts, probably wouldn't be enough. If I had to guess, this map will take place in a populated city in the Ural, now abandoned due to evacuation of the Dark Aethereal treat. Now besides several cities and towns, the Ural mountains in the Soviet days were home to several so-called 'closed cities', secret cities devoted to a scientific or military purpose. I think such city would perfectly fit in a map that would bring together the Zombies story and Warzone.




Being one of the more popularized supposedly upcoming maps, Vietnam would be this game’s “jungle map”. I feel like maps set around the equator -Shi no Numa, Shangri-La and Zetsubou- have a unique ambiance, very distinct from any other map. Given the appearance of Vietnam, with all it’s models and textures that comes along with it, a Vietnam map seems more than likely. Especially when you consider a map of Vietnam appearing on one of the computers on Weaver’s desk.


Vietnam has a sheer number of geographical anomalies such as coves and caves, as well as multiple climate zones including everything from grassy plains to dense tropical rainforests. The developers really could go anywhere with a Vietnam map. @Intelligence Quotienthad the idea that every Dark Aether map could have a structure in it resembling an old World at War/Black Ops map. Die Maschine features, logically, Nacht der Untoten. Vietnam’s tropical atmosphere would really fit with the fly-infested swamps of Shi no Numa.



The map of Berlin is also seen on Weaver’s PC monitor, implying that Germany’s capitol also struggled with a dimensional anomality, and we may go there at some moment. I’ve heard several members speculating that this may be a map based on Black Ops 1’s ‘Kino der Toten’. We do see models of the Berlin Wall, alongside the very same watchtower we can see in Kino, so maybe? Apart from this, though I haven’t played the Campaign I thought I heard that in one level, the player enters a building with similar textures to the theatre in Kino. Someone should confirm this because I’m not sure, but it could be additional evidence for Kino being another map?




A map perhaps lesser expected, as the country isn’t involved in the Campaign nor had a prominent role on the global theatre of the Cold War. In one of her radio transmissions, Maxis mentions that she is doing something on a churchyard in Romania. With weapons…



Maxis: I'm... in the field. Not an actual field -- that would be silly. It's a churchyard in Romania. Don't worry, there are not vampires. Even if there were, I have garlic. And weapons.

 Now this comes in very randomly, to me at least, from where I conclude that this may have some importance. What is Sam doing there? Why does she have weapons? I have to admit, for a long time already I am craving for a map that is set on a graveyard, with the undead digging themselves from their coffins and coming out of the soil. As IQ had the idea that if Die Maschine has the bunker of Nacht in it, a potential Vietnam map has parts of Shi no Numa in it, the Berlin map may feature Kino, this ‘Romania’ map may have parts of Verrückt in it. Would be really fitting for this creepy ambiance. I self would be really interested in a map set on the Romanian countryside, which is unexplored territory for any Zombies mode thus far.


Machu Picchu

High in the Peruvian Andes, this ancient Inca stronghold reminds us of the South American culture before Columbus’ arrival.


In a radio found in Die Maschine, one woman named Alice mentions she was touring ancient sites in Peru when she suddenly got stuck in the Dark Aether. This means that the location she was, some ancient temple complex, became an incursion zone after the activation of the Cyclotron as well. IQ mentioned that if we’d get a map in Peru, we may see some features of Shangri-La returning.




Alice: I hope someone out there can hear this. I'm not quite certain this device even works.

Alice: You see, I'm a historian. I was touring ancient sites in Peru when it all went dark. Suddenly, I'm in this... jigsaw landscape...

Alice: This hodgepodge of creatures and artifacts... like a collision of cultures and eras.

Alice: I've seen medieval structures alongside twenty-first century buildings. I've seen ancient, storybook creatures and mechanical monsters straight from a science fiction novel.

Alice: And the thought I cannot seem to shake now is that the universe has a dumping ground for things that go bump in the night.

Alice: Others I've encountered assume this is Hell. But it's worse. It's the dustbin of history. It's the rubbish dump of time.

Alice: When the universe is through with you... this is your final stop.


 Not only does she mention the site in Peru, but she also says to see medieval structures, 21st century buildings, ancient ‘storybook’ creatures and mechanical monsters. The latter reminds me of the Origins robots, which may have been stuck in the Dark Aether in a similar way as the Pack-a-Punch and the monkeybomb. I wonder, though, what the other locations refer to.




Anyway, that's all for me. I'm curious to your ideas, hopes and speculations. Oh and @clueless, do the pictures work? 😛

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We HAVE to get a Peru map. Between Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines ALONE there's so much potential for a supernatural experience with a Peru map, not even getting into the Dark Aether side of the map! As soon as Alice started talking my head was going in so many directions thinking of what could happen in this kind of map. Nazca Lines being drawn out from ancients who managed to traverse the other side, the land itself being a boss arena against one of the Hulking Summoners as you seal it away. The Dark Aether side showing larger scale remnants of the Aether including those hulking Keepers we see in AO/TdT cutscenes (ancient, storybook creatures). The Incan history and mythology which can go so many directions that would all fit well (and also fit well in Chaos)! I can't get too excited because I fear I'll have my hopes too high for this kind of map but there's SO much potential with Peru for both the physical side's history of metaphysical and supernatural stories and twisting them in the Dark Aether. 


Edit: Also yes, the pictures work 😛 

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It's worth pointing out that Wittenau is not only in Berlin, but in the modern day is opposite a theatre. Given we've already had Nacht, I think Verruckt is just as possible. Extending this even further, the Empire of Japan in the 1940s spanned all the way to Vietnam - we still have no location for The Rising Sun facility, only that it was in Japanese Territory

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