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Wonder Weapon Bracket Round 2

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Here is the starting bracket for round 2:



Here are the rules for voting:


First, I will provide a list with matchups, for example:


1. Electric Cherry vs Deadshot Daiquiri


You would make your choice by replying with your pick and a reason why, something like:


1. Electric Cherry: It's shockingly good.


Focus on the design, history, and relevance of the wonder weapon as opposed to just damage.


Next Friday I will tally votes and advance winners to the next round.


Here are the match-ups:



1. Void Bow vs Apothicon Servant


2. GKZ-45 Mk3 vs 31-79 JGb215 (What is this, a cipher?!?)


3. Ray Gun Mk II (Including Alpha Omega variants) vs Wunderwaffe DG-2


4. Ray Gun vs Paralyzer


5. Wolf Bow vs Wave Gun/Zap Guns


6. Wunderwaffe DG-Sharfshutze vs KT-4


7. Primordial Gauntlets vs Staff of Ice


8. Alistair's Folly vs Thundergun


Stimmen oder sterben!

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Apothicon Servant - Very little competition here. I very much like the Void bow, but it's power and effectiveness are lost fairly quickly, the Apothicon Servant on the other hand, whilst having a lower ammo capacity, has the potential to kill far more in an AoE.


31-79 JGb215 - Might be the Shangri-la bias coming out, but this gun is genuinely so useful when trapped in a corner, dealing with hordes, etc. I'd say that in terms of raw power, the JGb matches the GKZ-45 MkIII, but because of the time required for the dual paring black hole to activate, the JGb might get you out of a pinch quicker.


Wunderwaffe DG-2 - Even if this gun were not a fan favourite, I would like to say I'd still put it here. In a game with near infinite scaling health, infinite damage makes sure you've always got a consistent damage output. It only loses out to the Mk II when it comes to ammo (This is discounting the experimental prototype Raygun Mk II models found in Alpha Omega).


Paralyzer - As iconic as the Raygun is, in three of its four incarnations, the splash damage has served as more of a hindrance then a blessing. Combine this with it's relatively poor damage falloff and it simply cannot stand up to the sheer utility of the Paralyzer.


Wave Gun/Zap Guns - The Wolf Bow was a personal favourite of mine and it's effect was quite unique, however, again, it can't hold a candle to the utility and frankly disgusting damage output that this unique weapon has to offer. When the main wave gun has exhausted it's ammo supply, the Zap Guns can be used to stun and kill oncoming zombies, ensuring you'll survive if you're careful with your ammo.


Wunderwaffe DG-Sharfshutze - This one is barely a contest. Whilst both weapons require a specific utilisation to be effectively used, it's my view that the DG-1 wins out due to it's unparalleled ability to clear hordes... If you can land the all important headshot.


Primordial Gauntlets - I would easily take one of the hands over the Staff of Ice, however Ull's arrow, maybe not. I'm only inclined to choose the gauntlets as all four are available hear, otherwise it would be a win for the Ice staff.


Alistair's Folly/Chaos Theory/Alistair's Annihilator - Exactly as I said in my last post, the fully upgraded folly is quite possibly the most powerful wonder-weapon ever seen in Treyarch's Zombies, because of its 3/4 chance to shoot an AoE instakill and it's ridiculously high ammo reserve, the Thundergun on the other hand begins to stop killing at a relatively low round.


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1. I don’t enjoy OP Wonder Weapons like I used to. That said - Apothicon Servant’s pretty much the better option, either way.


2. For ease: Ray Gun Mark III, baby.


3. No! You won’t make me choose! You won’t ma- Ray Gun Mark II. I’m sorry, no choice needed. The Wunderwaffe had its time.


4. Paralyzer is a fun time. I think “versatile” doesn’t really give it justice.


5. I’m inclined to say the Wolf Bow. It holds a special place in my heart, as it’s story and acquisition are more captivating.


The Wave Gun’s great, elicits similar emotion, but... just not the same.


6. KT-4, personally - seeing that I never get that version of the Wunderwaffe, that is probably an incredibly biased decision.


7. Gauntlets are just... so fun. The acquisition, the use.


8. Alistair’s Folly might be one of the better things out of Chaos.

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1: AS. Although I dislike brainless wonder weapons, the Servant has an awesome design while the Void Bow is basically just the bow with some purple effects on top.



2. JGB. I think the JGB strikes a great balance of being effective but still requiring some skill. It also has an awesome effect and is used in the EE.


3. The Mark IIs are some of my absolute favorites. They're quite varied and also satisfying to use. The wunderwaffe is a classic, and has some of the best lore ever behind it, but the Mark IIs are just awesome.



4. Paralyzer. The paralyzer is one of the most innovative WWs ever. Forgoing barriers is a grand time.



5. Wolf bow- The Wolf Bow is quite a fun weapon with a great story behind it. Just a good doggo being loyal to his master.


6. Wunderwaffe. The scharfeschutze is up at the top for me. This gun takes legitimate skill to use- but in the right hands it's deadly.



7. The gauntlets are probably my favorite of the "4 elementals". They really feel like you're summoning the power of the gods from your hand. They are very ammo limited, though they feel great to use. Ull's Arrow is pretty OP but I'll take the gauntlets over it.



8. Folly. The thundergun is a classic, and there's not much that can beat the satisfaction of watching zombies get blown away. But watching them thrown into the air, get shrunk, and melted is also pretty good. Also all in one gun.

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1. Void Bow: I like the upgrade quest and think it's an overall interesting weapon to use. Apothicon got overused with being brought back on Rev, and I'm kind of over it now. It's neat and ridiculously good but Void bow is cooler in retrospect.


2. GKZ-45 Mk3: Maybe it's controversial but personally I find the GKZ much more interesting in design and usability. The JGb is unique, I'll give it that, but we know next to nothing about it. The GKZ is really two different weapons, and like the Wave Gun, I'm a sucker for stuff like that. Also probably my favorite reload animation of any weapon when you look closely.


3. The Mk2s: While I find the original Mk2 to be very eh, the special ones in Alpha Omega raise it up significantly. I mean, just the fact an official Treyarch map lets you dual-wield a Ray Gun of any kind already puts these high up for me. Sorry, Eddie, but the Wunderwaffe is old news.


4. Paralyzer: For one reason: Fun potential. Also speedrunning and utility potential. Okay that's three reasons.


5. Wave Guns/Zap GunsDING!


6. Wunderwaffe DG-Scharfshutze: I hate to rag on my boy the KT-4, because I love its various uses outside of killing. But when it comes to killing I find it kind of awkward and inconsistent. The Scharfshutze is an absolute death machine in the right hands from any distance.


7. Primordial Gauntlets: Honestly, Staff of Ice is my least favorite even if it is statistically the most effective. The gauntlets on the other hand are crazy fun to use and simple to create.


8. Alistair's Folly: I really had a tough time with this one, because I love them both equally in the design department. I have nostalgia for the Thundergun but I don't want that to cloud my judgement. So I thought to myself, what would I rather be using right now if I were playing zombies? Probably the Folly, because of the variety in what it does. The Thundergun in that respect is very one-note.



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On 1/6/2020 at 9:02 PM, RadZakpak said:

Stimmen oder sterben!

You are my man. 


1. Apothicon Servant


2. 31-79 JGb215 (Giggled at your cipher comment.)


3. Ray Gun Mk II 


4. Ray Gun


5. Wolf Bow


6. Wunderwaffe DG-Sharfshutze 


7. Staff of Ice


8. Thundergun

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Apologies, things got a little off-schedule there, but here are the results for this round: 


1. Void Bow (1) vs Apothicon Servant (4)


2. GKZ-45 Mk3 (2) vs 31-79 JGb215 (3)


3. Ray Gun Mk2s (4) vs Wunderwaffe DG-2 (1) (Genuinely surprised by this one)


4. Ray Gun (1) vs Paralyzer (4)


5. Wolf Bow (3) vs Wave Gun/Zap Guns (2) (You are all traitors to the Emperor)


6. Wunderwaffe DG-Sharfshutze (4) vs KT-4 (1)


7. Primordial Gauntlets (4) vs Staff of Ice (1)


8. Alistair's Folly (4) vs Thundergun (1) (Surprised again)

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