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Favorite launch window?


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You know what I mean, right? As in what was your favorite couple of weeks after a zombies game has been launched?

My spleen has been full of nostalgia ever since beating Kingdom Hearts for the first time almost 15 years ago. I always try to keep that one JFK qoute in mind, but the struggle is real. That is why I ask you to join me on this little nostalgia trip. :) 


Whatever, my favorite launch weeks for a Treyarch game have to be with BO3. Not just because I enjoyed Shadows of Evil and the Giant so much, but because of the coop campaign as well. Back then I was still stuck in a school (Verrückt (missuslade)) which was also quite far away from home and that meant I had to live there and I didn't want to bring the PS4 with me, cause I was too scared of it breaking while traveling, so I could only play from Friday afternoon til Sunday afternoon, which especially is a pain when you had to wait for 3 years for the first time to kill some zombies in new enviroments.


Thing is, it was also the first time I could actually play with my IRL zombies buddy online. We played together before on the PS3 via splitscreen, which was also tons of fun, but being able to play together online was like a whole new world. haha Ironically we decided to try out the campaign first and we actually enjoyed that as well and Dead Ops Arcade of course.


It was one of those times when I, thanks to videogames, just completely forget about the rest of the world at least for three days in a week. I dunno BO3 on launch just had the most fun package.


I'd rank the starting time of the games like this:


1. BO3

2. BO1 (I could finally play zombies myself for the first time.)

3. BO4 (150 health is best health)

4. BO2 (My first special edition of any game ever and I even got it a day early.)


Share your opinions as well.


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I only experienced the BO4 start (hopped into CoDZ just before Der Eisendrache). Butl Black Ops I had GKnova6 and those hints send to famous community members. While I wasnt in the community back then, I think this was the coolest uphyping ever.


I really liked the WWII thing as well, as I started theorizing about that story based on merely two released pictures (a painting and a portrait of Frederick II).

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An interesting question. I find whenever a new game was coming out after BO1, I would spend months obsessing over any details released, getting myself pumped up for the launch map, ready to go all out. But then the game comes out, I play a couple of games sporadically, watching the community solve Easter Eggs, and then I'd step away for a couple of weeks before coming back when DLC 1 starts getting teased, and then I ride it out until the end. So the launch window is usually the time where I play the least, perhaps because I overhype and get all my enjoyment at the idea of the game instead of the actual game? In any case, Black Ops 1 was the only game I didn't have that with because I bought it on a whim to play with friends, only slowly realizing what Zombies contained as the DLCs began to roll out, so I think I had the best experience the whole way through.


In BO2 I was megahyped, but after a few games of TranZit and Nuketown I just let the community sort those maps out while I played MP with my friends. In BO3 I was also ecstatic, getting all the juicy goodness out of The Giant and being thoroughly confused by Shadows of Evil, before moving on until Der Eisendrache brought me back in. In BO4 I really enjoyed IX and Classified at launch, and barely even touched Blood of the Dead or Voyage of Despair for months, only really getting into the game at the second Operation.


I may have gone overboard passing through memory lane, but, hey I enjoyed it.

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Black Ops 1. I didn't own a console back then but my mate and I used to play Der Riese on W@W every day and we were so hyped for the release of BO1. I'd got a bit bored of zombies by the time BO2 came out so wasn't really excited, and BO2 for me was a let-down anyway so I wasn't hyped about BO3. Also didn't really enjoy most of the main BO3 maps so didn't hold out very high hopes for BO4 either, was hyped about the FIVE remake but was still a bit concerned it was gonna be shit. I just felt like BO1 couldn't be bad the way zombies was at the end of W@W season.

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On 11/28/2019 at 5:18 AM, RadZakpak said:

In BO2 I was megahyped, but after a few games of TranZit and Nuketown I just let the community sort those maps out while I played MP with my friends.


On 12/4/2019 at 1:11 AM, ZombiesAteMyPizza! said:

I'd got a bit bored of zombies by the time BO2 came out so wasn't really excited, and BO2 for me was a let-down

Oh you cruel, cruel men.

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