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Character Bracket Round 4

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We've lost many so far, but there are more trials ahead. Stay strong.



If you're new, how does it work, you ask? Let's say for example our contestants are:


1. Who's Who vs Tombstone


You would make your choice by replying with your pick and a reason why, something like:


1. Tombstone because REST IN PIECES, DOWN FOR THE COUNT.


Your reasoning can be anything from personality, development, comedy, voice performance, or just how they look!


At the end of the week I will tally votes and advance winners to the next round.




Here are this week's contestants:


1. Edward Richtofen (Ultimis) vs Ludvig Maxis (Original Timeline) (THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN)


2. Takeo Masaki (Primis) vs The Shadowman (My dreams are haunted by a man in shadow. I fear this vision may be a portent of our destruction.)


After this round is over, there will be a final round between the two winners, and a runner-up between the two losers. 




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1. Edward Richtofen. Easily. One of my favorite characters across all media. "Mein life, is practically a Shakespearean tragedy... "


2. All jokes aside, the buck stops here for Shadowfuck. Takeo has been one of my favorites since his Primis incarnation's introduction. His journey is one of my favorites, and there is so much beneath the surface we just can't see.

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1: Black Ops 2 the round. Gotta go with Ultimis Richtofen, the one who started it all with his machinations.



2: Well, Shadowman getting this far is a funny one, but sorry, Primis Takeo is the best character.

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Richtofen and Takeo win.


Shadowman geting so far has completely mindfucked me. Y'all are silly.

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1. Obviously Primis Richtofen.

EDIT: Wow I can’t believe he lost. Ultimis, I mean.

2. Contrarian beliefs beckon me to vote Shadowman, but... Primis Takeo had such a good arc.

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1. Richthofen because he managed it to put his bald 'n beardy boss in the teleporter along with a dog. Must be a fun moment for him, and I adore him for that. Also, he was the first modern man who made contact with aliens, without even saying it to someone.


2. Shadowman. A man haunting Rad in his dreams is a man to my heart. Just a genuine and honest man in what he does and he's good in what he does, just being the bad fucker nobody likes while dressing like a gentleman at the same time. His octopus brother Davy Jones can learn alot from him. Also Shaddy's 'Universe Devouerer' > the Kraken.

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The winners of this round are:


1. Edward Richtofen (Ultimis) (5) vs Ludvig Maxis (Original Timeline) (0)


2. Takeo Masaki (Primis) (4) vs The Shadowman (1)


Final showdown imminent.

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