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Hey all! I'm trying to suss out the values of grenades and I would welcome any help. I've been doing some testing, but I'm usually dead before 40 on normal, so I don't know the staying power of some of these equipment. I'm also not in love with bo4 zombies, so I'm not doing as many tests or games as I normally would.


Frag: What round will it start making crawlers? What round does it stop making crawlers? I really have not used this much and would welcome any knowledge of them.


Wraith Fire: This seems to be the community favorite. 2 uses, it lasts a while, but by 20-something it is weakening zombies more than killing them. But Instakill + WF is always a win. A solid choice. Equip Mint can combo with it.


Sentry Gun: 1 use, slow recharge. First impression is that it is poo. However, when using it while grouping them up, I quickly hit 100 kills with it, then 250, then 500. So this thing is actually a sleeper beast. Mid 30s, it clears the room. It only lasts 10-15 seconds and is a pain to run ahead of the train and set down, but once using it is mastered, this kicks more ass than it seems. What round does it become junk? Does it start making crawlers or anything stupid like that?


Acid Grenade: 3 uses, very slow recharge. I thought these might be a hidden gem, but mostly they stick to zombies that I did not intend to hit, and damage me and my shield. The recharge is so slow that I'll just toss 2, then throw 1 whenever I have 2. Even Equip Mint can't save this in my opinion. Am I missing some great potential? Is it good in high rounds?


I'll take facts or opinions. Please and thanks. Happy gaming!

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Phew...round 40 sounds high to me. My top rounds dont hardly get beyond round 30.


I don't own BO4 so I cannot answer your questions. I'll post my own opinions about other grenades in the CoDZ series, however, and I would like to hear yours and other people's as well, if you would like to.


One thing you must know is that I am absolutely no tactican/stategist.


Frag grenade: the Classic. I use it to create crawlers, and throw them into tight hallways when filled with packs of zombies. Kinda the usual thing.


S-mine: Very usefull! I buy them in the classic maps and plant them in the ground to create several 'escape routes' for when I get stuck on my training route.


Monkey bomb: Most of the time I forget I own these wonderweapon after obtaining them from the Magic Box. If I remember in time, however, it is a very helpfull tool.


Matryoshka doll: I absolutely love the idea behind this: A nationality-related special weapon only obtainable in one specific map: Ascension. The same would go for the Sickle, though that one can be found in Call of the Dead as well. The practical usage of the Matryoshka, however, isn't that great. Many times I manage it to commit unintended suicide with it. Still, a nice addition of Treyarch.


Gersch device: Kinda the same with what I typed at 'Monkey bomb'.


Q.E.D.: The funniest grenade in my opinion. And the most dangerous one... Many times I use this grenade I still discover new capabilities of it...many times causing my own death.


EMP grenade: Or better known as the troll grenade in Grief. Don't use it alot in TranZit/survival mode, though I like it for not being overpowered. Quite the contradictionary, actually.


Time bomb: The concept is good, though most times I use it I travel too much to the past so I don't really feel like continuing the game anymore. It really fits with the map, however.

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Hey anonymous, in bo4 they buffed grenades to be useful longer, which was one of the few upsides to bo4.


Time bomb, I used this camping in the Buried courthouse. Every time you get a Max Ammo, just throw a new one. This way, you only go back a round or two, but you'll have all your perks and guns and whatnot.


S mine? I'm drawing a blank. Did you mean Claymore?


EMP gives you some box time, or revive time without killing the last zombie. It was worthy enough.

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9 hours ago, 83457 said:

S mine? I'm drawing a blank. Did you mean Claymore?

He means the bouncing betties.


Okay so I haven't tried them out in a hot minute, so maybe they've been nerved, but the wraith fires kill beyoned 40. Other than that I have only really played around with the claymores. Recently I tried my luck with acid nades, but I don't like those at all.

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On 2/19/2019 at 3:07 AM, Lenne said:



Okay so I haven't tried them out in a hot minute, so maybe they've been nerfed, but the wraith fires kill beyond 40. 

About mid twenties they just burn for a bit and then go out (on normal difficulty). Nerfed maybe.

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(PS4, BO4)


I usually play on casual unless i'm doing EE, then I play on normal.


Frag: wow, they can make crawlers?? i figured that was removed, unlike in the old games. maybe equipment is weaker on higher difficulties?


Acid: same deal as frags, one hit kill on casual


Clay: i like em. only problem is i'll forget where i place them and i'll run through one with a train and it will backfire on me


Wraith: easily my favorite. fast and deadly. great for reviving teammates (throw one at their downed body and it is basically a shield while you are reviving them) and they are great shields while being swarmed at the box or PAP! my only complaint is that it seems like TA nerfed them. they used to be instant kill, now it takes a second or two to get it done


Sentry: hate it. slow to recharge, slow to deploy, limited rotating horizontal field of view. limited deploy areas. and it only lasts a very short while!


my highest round on casual is 69, but to be honest i haven't tested specifically they longeivity of any equipment damage. all i can say is that i usually run with Wraiths and they have never let me down!

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