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  1. just unlocked ring of fire. i'll check it out, thanks
  2. i finally found a decent way to defeat Megaton and his stalwart companions... i use the knife as a starting weapon, save all my points until round 10, turn on PAP and upgrade the knife as much as possible. i spam the fuck out of him and his friends. the knife was doing 8000 per swipe so they all died in 2-3 hits
  3. i noticed this change back in BO4... i remember because in games prior, i would shoot zombies legs many times before finally knifing to get easy points early. in BO4 they changed it to basically every gun gives the same total of points with the only variance being for knife kills and melee kills
  4. am i crazy or is cold war zombies WAY harder than BO4? i am lucky to get to round 15, it's only happened once or twice out of maybe 50 games... the rad daddy is OP AF! and when he splits it doesn't get any easier... after round 10 the zombies seem to do WAY more damage and are WAY faster... i feel like i can't outrun them, even with stamin-up... if i stop running away and turn to shoot, even while backing up, i am flooded with death... basically i die almost immediately after round 11 starts or when rad dad shows up... exfiltration is also insanely challenging... seems like it can only be done with a WW?... anyone else having this much trouble? i miss the good old days in BO4 when i could play on easy and have a nice 30+ round casual, fun game...
  5. PlayStation 4 / Online Solo Match / Classic Casual / 0 bots Brew: Quick Revive / Cola: Dying Wish / Soda: Victorious Tortoise / Tonic: Winter's Wail Special: Death Machine / Equipment: Wraith Fire Anywhere But Here / Equip-mint / Shock Pops / Temporal Gift An interesting glitch happened today... I was playing BOTD and I started camping in the Gondola on the Upper Gondola Platform next to the 3rd Floor Cell Blocks. I noticed near round 26 that the Warden's signature spawn sounds played, but no Warden spawned. It happened 3 or 4 more times every few rounds until round 43 when I stopped playing. Seems like a glitch where the Warden doesn't spawn! Anyone else experience this before? Is it a known glitch or maybe something new... I hope T.A. doesn't read this and fix it! For once, it's a GOOD glitch!! XD
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