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  1. (Game Stats for this topic: Black Ops 4 Zombies on PS4) I have a quiry that I don't quite know how to phrase, but here goes: Hades v1 -Laser Sight -Laser Sight 2 -Steady Grip Hades v2 -Cross Bar Hades v3 -Laser Sight -Laser Sight 2 -Steady Grip -Cross Bar My question is this: which Hades from this list is best in terms of hip-fire accuracy? I'm wondering if the cross bar cancels out the other attachments effects? If the cross bar does cancel out the other items, stacking them all together would be wasting 2 - 3 attachment slots. If they all stack together, it could be worth using them all at once. I tried to test this in-game and I really didn't notice much of a difference, but I only tested it once and I'm not that great at these tests to begin with. Has anyone tested or researched this at all? Thanks to everyone, in advance!
  2. twistedsith

    VOIP in Blackout...

    I'm playing Blackout on PS4. I've never played PUBG, but i've watched lots of footage online. It seems that when you are in close proximity to other players in game, your microphones become communicative. Is this also the case in Blackout? Specifically i'm asking about Solo mode. It's important to know if it is, because this can be a game changer if an enemy is muted and I am not. They would know I was nearby as a sort of "early warning" sign... My current mic/headset does not have the ability to mute itself. My only option for doing so would be to join my own private PSN party chat each time I wanted to play the game with my mic/headset, which is often! Having earbuds in is crucial to hearing enemy movements, so I definetly want to keep playing with the mic/headset on... Thanks for the info, everyone.
  3. twistedsith

    IX Public Matchmaking Issues...

    Wow that's a lot of interesting ideas to try! I don't have any idea how this tech stuff works, but i'll try it anyway. Maybe it will help. Did your readings say anything about if this is specific to the IX map, or all maps on PS4?
  4. twistedsith

    IX Public Matchmaking Issues...

    Thanks! I'm playing on PS4. It's been happening pretty consistantly, ever since I bought the game about 3 weeks ago
  5. twistedsith

    IX Public Matchmaking Issues...

    Hi! I'm new here. It's cool that there is a site for the community. I've played for a long time and figured it's time to get involved! Anyone besides me have issues joining online games? Specifically in IX, since it's the only map i've played online. *i'm playing on PlayStation 4 It seems to take several minutes to find other players, if any are even found at all. Sometimes, the game takes me back to the main menu, meaning the "MP/Blackout/Zombies" screen. Could this simply be not many people are playing IX online right now? Thanks for any input.

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