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  1. PlayStation 4 / Online Solo Match / Classic Casual / 0 bots Brew: Quick Revive / Cola: Dying Wish / Soda: Victorious Tortoise / Tonic: Winter's Wail Special: Death Machine / Equipment: Wraith Fire Anywhere But Here / Equip-mint / Shock Pops / Temporal Gift An interesting glitch happened today... I was playing BOTD and I started camping in the Gondola on the Upper Gondola Platform next to the 3rd Floor Cell Blocks. I noticed near round 26 that the Warden's signature spawn sounds played, but no Warden spawned. It happened 3 or 4 more times every few rounds until round 43 when I stopped playing. Seems like a glitch where the Warden doesn't spawn! Anyone else experience this before? Is it a known glitch or maybe something new... I hope T.A. doesn't read this and fix it! For once, it's a GOOD glitch!! XD
  2. (PS4, BO4, Zombies, Casual, Solo) I am trying to complete the challenge for PHD Slider explosion kills. I get dozens and dozens per game, with PHD in my modifier slot, but when I check my challenge progress after games it says I only got 5 or 10 more kills... sometimes it says I got NO more kills!! Any advice on this? My strategy is I use insta kills and temporal gift togther and get about 3 slide explosions per power up. Could it be that when insta kill is on, the kills don't count?? Frustrating, but any way thanks for reading
  3. (PS4, BO4) I usually play on casual unless i'm doing EE, then I play on normal. Frag: wow, they can make crawlers?? i figured that was removed, unlike in the old games. maybe equipment is weaker on higher difficulties? Acid: same deal as frags, one hit kill on casual Clay: i like em. only problem is i'll forget where i place them and i'll run through one with a train and it will backfire on me Wraith: easily my favorite. fast and deadly. great for reviving teammates (throw one at their downed body and it is basically a shield while you are reviving them) and they are great shields while being swarmed at the box or PAP! my only complaint is that it seems like TA nerfed them. they used to be instant kill, now it takes a second or two to get it done Sentry: hate it. slow to recharge, slow to deploy, limited rotating horizontal field of view. limited deploy areas. and it only lasts a very short while! my highest round on casual is 69, but to be honest i haven't tested specifically they longeivity of any equipment damage. all i can say is that i usually run with Wraiths and they have never let me down!
  4. (Playstation 4, Black Ops 4, Zombies) I SWEAR I remember a specific "option" or "mode" in BO4 Zombies that allowed me to toggle on or off "late game" joins. It was ranked vs. unranked, or something to that effect. It said something like "scores won't be posted to leaderboards but friends can join mid-game" Now I can't seem to find it anymore! Any ideas? Did TA take away this feature or am I crazy?
  5. I'm not sure if my complaint was fixed, it might just be some kind of bug that TA overlooked. Also wondering if the attachments and camo are still equipped but the weapon is locked, do I get to level the weapon up or not? I've never signed up for reddit. Can I view their reddit patch notes without siging up?
  6. (Black Ops 4, PlayStation 4, Zombies) I've had BO4 since the start of January 2019. I've always disliked this: I prestige, then the game unequips all camos and attachments from all weapons! (i understand that prestiging locks all weapons, and that is fine. i don't understand why the game unequips all camos and attachments) Over the past week or so, I've noticed that ALL weapons (permanently unlocked or not) seem to maintain their camos and attachments, even after prestiging. AND before they are officially unlocked again by leveling up. In otherwords, when I prestige and scroll through my armory at level 1, all my weapons are locked but they still show attachments and camos equipped on their image. In addition, when I am playing at level 1 and I use the box, I am pulling locked box and wall weapons that still have attachments and camos! One more thing I dislike: I level up during a Zombies game, unlocking a new weapon. I can't level the new gun up until my next Zombies game! Maybe they changed this as well. Has anyone tested this? Treyarch is constantly adding new things and changing old things. Do they have an official place online or in-game where they explain these changes? (i.e. when I start up MineCraft PS4 I am greeted instantly by a "patch notes" type screen explaining all new changes to the game) Thanks in advance, everyone!
  7. I'm curious, how do you know this? Did Treyarch announce that or did you do some testing?
  8. (Black Ops 4, Zombies, PS4) I've noticed a scary trend in gaming over the last decade... First time I noticed this trend was when I couldn't play the Battlefield (3 or 4, can't remember) SINGLE PLAYER campaign because I wasn't connected to EA servers... Unfortunetly, it seems Activision has followed the trend. I really wish we could play zombies single player while offline and still earn and unlock things, and progress in levels. I can't imagine any reason why the game can't, at the very least, store our progress from offline games to be uploaded later when we connect! I got the game a few months after launch, so it seems I was spared the worst of the bugs and glitches. (i've only ever "blue screened" once since buying the game on Christmas) but I fear what may eventually happen: I am in round 65, i've maxed out many weapons and gotten thousands of headshots...suddenly I see: "Internet Connection Lost" some potential issue with Activision, PSN, or simply my own WIFI or electricity! What happens then? Do I just lose my hours of work from my current game?? This has not happened so far, but I chalk that up to "lucky me..."
  9. genius! I'll try this split screen idea. i think laser sight 2 keeps the hipfire crosshair from expanding, even while moving
  10. (PS4, Black Ops 4, Zombies) *UPDATE 3* I did not contact Treyarch about update 2, but it seems to have been fixed. My permanent unlock weapons are functioning completely normally again! *UPDATE 2* My permanent unlock weapons are not gaining level experience... my VAPR is stuck halfway through lvl 5 and my AUGER is stuck just before level 2... sigh... *UPDATE 1* I had no response from treyarch, but my weapons are unlocked again! yay! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *ORIGINAL POST* I've done some digging and found a post on Reddit ( https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/comments/ar2qi5/i_just_lost_all_my_permanent_unlock_token_in/ ) apparently this is happening to a few people. Anyone know if / how I can contact Treyarch to ask for help? Has anything like this happened to you before? And if so, was it resolved? A resolution to this, in my opinion, would be Treyarch either unlocking the weapons or giving me the same amount of tokens back to re-unlock them myself! Thanks in advance, to everyone!
  11. (Game stats for this post: PS4, Black Ops 4, Blood of the Dead, Casual) I'm noticing that when I kill any hell hound, I gain some points (+10, +30, etc) but I also lose 50 points for each kill. It appears next to the other scores but instead of yellow or green coloring, it's red. I have no clue why this is happening or how to prevent it. Not a big deal, but i'm curious if anyone else has noticed this or has an explanation? Thanks in advance!
  12. Good point on the edit, but i'm not aware of the greyed-out items. Can you give me an example so I can go try it and see what you mean?
  13. (Game Stats for this topic: Black Ops 4 Zombies on PS4) I have a quiry that I don't quite know how to phrase, but here goes: Hades v1 -Laser Sight -Laser Sight 2 -Steady Grip Hades v2 -Cross Bar Hades v3 -Laser Sight -Laser Sight 2 -Steady Grip -Cross Bar My question is this: which Hades from this list is best in terms of hip-fire accuracy? I'm wondering if the cross bar cancels out the other attachments effects? If the cross bar does cancel out the other items, stacking them all together would be wasting 2 - 3 attachment slots. If they all stack together, it could be worth using them all at once. I tried to test this in-game and I really didn't notice much of a difference, but I only tested it once and I'm not that great at these tests to begin with. Has anyone tested or researched this at all? Thanks to everyone, in advance!
  14. I'm playing Blackout on PS4. I've never played PUBG, but i've watched lots of footage online. It seems that when you are in close proximity to other players in game, your microphones become communicative. Is this also the case in Blackout? Specifically i'm asking about Solo mode. It's important to know if it is, because this can be a game changer if an enemy is muted and I am not. They would know I was nearby as a sort of "early warning" sign... My current mic/headset does not have the ability to mute itself. My only option for doing so would be to join my own private PSN party chat each time I wanted to play the game with my mic/headset, which is often! Having earbuds in is crucial to hearing enemy movements, so I definetly want to keep playing with the mic/headset on... Thanks for the info, everyone.

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