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How do you like the multiplayer?

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Greetings friends I hope your day is going well.

Seeing as we have a thread for feedback on zombies and Blackout, there should be one for the mp as well. 

How do you like the maps, the modes, the guns, the perks, the equipment etc is @NaBrZHunter finally turning pro this season? (he'd deserve it)

All these questions and more are there to be answered. So let us know



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Truth be told I don't see myself playing mp that much, at least on my own, cause the last time I was good at mp was MW2. That is because zombies finally came into my life with BO1 and last stand being such a pain in the ass on BO1 I took the invitation from Zielinski and never looked back.

I did try a couple of matches with bots earlier today and my aim was terrible, did they turn auto aim off for everything now or what? Or maybe it is my stupid sensitivity... I dunno. Now this is a bit of a not so popular opinion: I like the fact that they gave us Slums, Summit and Firing Range, I know a lot of people view that as lazy, but I rather play on good old maps, than bad new ones.


I will try to get some games in next week.

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Hehe. Me. Pro. A man and his dream. ☺️ lol


My two cents are inbound this weekend! Hitting the grind on Multiplayer tonight!!!

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(Just a quick update.)


So I played a couple of games today and I went positive in all of them and even almost dropped a 30 bomb. You know what helped? Dropping from 14 to 10 sens. haha I can definitely see myself playing this more now. 

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I too have played few matches and at first it seemed a bit dull but after I jumped in to my favorite game mode domination the game started to flow better for me. Hoping that supply drops won't ruin it 🙂

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