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  1. I mostly play BO4 zombies, I have played BO3 zombies however I haven't really appreciated zombies until BO4. The Choas storyline is whatever, but the Aether storyline is the best. I prefer the Choas maps though, however, the story in my opinion, is dull.
  2. This post is old, but I actually think these costumes should be added. At least some of them.
  3. This actually sounds pretty cool, I might have to try it.
  4. I think they just want to focus more on the Aether story at the moment. Chaos seems like it has potential, and I don't think the story will end yet. It may return in BO5, if there is a BO5. However, there are theories that the Choas and Aether story have a connection so it could be stopping for that reason. I don't think they would discontinue Choas, as there was just a Choas map released. But, I haven't played zombies for very long, so i'm not an expert.
  5. This is what I like about Treyarch, always adding Easter Eggs.
  6. You can see Reddit posts even without signing up, you can also look on twitter.
  7. I don't think attachments should stay on the weapon. When you prestige in multiplayer you aren't able to use the gun, and that means you can't use attachments. Why should it be different? I agree with equiping camos though, if I buy cod points and get a MasterCraft camo, I can't even use it unless I spend a prestige token.
  8. They will probably have Chaos be in another CoD if they discontinue it now.
  9. Considering this is a year old, I guess I won't buy it.
  10. I honestly have no idea. So I can't be of assistance.
  11. I kind of got bored of it. The amount of campers is annoying, but theres camping in most fps.

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