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[LEAK] About Max Ammo's in BO4

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As we know, we have all been there...




Well my fellow CODZ brothers & sisters, no longer shall we need to scream at our buddies in game or the random kid that has no clue to wait until you reload as Treyarch have now fixed this problem. Yup, thats right! Now when picking up a max ammo in BO4 Zombies, it refills your current clip aswell as the rest of you ammo! I know, pretty awesome right? Personally I am super happy with this as it means when I now get an ammo drop, I can just pick it up without reloading or the need to worry about reloading while training a bunch of zombies.


What is your thoughts on this little add on?

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I think it's pretty neat actually. WW2 zombies did this as well and I liked it, And after all the drops name is "Max ammo" and not "Max stock ammo". Probably will make the game flow slightly better since you don't have to worry about reloading in order to get the most out of the power up.

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