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I was watching videos last night and came across a GlitchingQueen video that showed some interesting developments.  It has been confirmed that Avenge Sevenfold has a song for a zombies montage trailer that nobody has seen as of yet.  Well, Gamestop managers have seen it, but we have yet to get a sniff.  In it, it heavily highlighted the maps IX, BOTD, and Voyage.  Classified is in it as well but is brief.  The music playing in the background was the new AX7 song.  This is no surprise because it was the same conference that AX7 performed at years earlier.  There is also a new Card Game available as well as other merchandise available.  What was really cool was there were zombies running the isles and tripping and falling just as they do in the games.  Their eyes were YELLOW and glowed, which I thought was a nice touch.  I wonder if that has story implications or not.  I would imagine the tight lipped staff at Treyarch are about to drop an information bomb on the community.  There is only short of 40 days till the game becomes available.  It is due for some Intel and I think this week is the week.  

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I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a new trailer within the week with some Classified info. It is the map we know the least about and the one I am most excited to play. Also it is good to hear about the A7X song! Let’s hope Kevin Sherwood, Elena, Malukah, and Clarke all return for music as well.


You can also find info on the upcoming Zombies Risk Board Game they showed off: http://usaopoly.com/games/risk-call-duty-zombies

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Yeah I'll get my hopes up for this week. I am craving new gameplay scenes. A7X being back is nice even though I don't really like their music outside of killing zombies. (Please don't shoot me for that. :P)

One month and ten days. I can not wait. ':-) I am also hoping there will be some footage of the customization options which will go along with the trailer. As in not in the trailer but just in another showcase. You know what I mean, right?

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Hopefully we don't get the old AX7 bait and switch like we got in Black Ops I.


As much as a want some more content to be released, I'm just as hopeful that they reserve some surprises for launch. I don't want everything to be spoiled before I even download the game. 

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